Marshmallow bunny

Marshmallow bunny

As I wrote in a previous post I have been wanting to make some cute marshmallow bunny treats for years now. I have seen them on Martha and how difficult could they be?. Well let me tell you this I only managed to make three and this one was one of the best. Very tricky to pipe. Can you see that it is a bunny anyway? I know the face is missing, but I did not want to make royal icing for just one bunny face 😉


So with a piping bag filled with marshmallow and lots of pink colored sugar what should I do? Choose the easy way;-) so I just made a lot of marshmallow “blobs” coated with pink sugar. Easy, sweet and yummy!

Happy Caking



  1. I think your bunny is great! I made these a long time ago when the recipe came out in the magazine and boy was it a pain! I reheated the marshmallow when it cooled too fast. And the face really makes the whole thing! But I have never made them again!

  2. The cake maker: Yes if you can get the latest magazine from Squires Kitchen (cakes & sugarcraft) there are a beautiful display with teacup and saucer. and you can find one in the Confetti Cakes book aswell.

    Lyndsay: Yes they would. If only they were easy to pipe…

  3. The lone bunny is so cute – just like the one of Martha’s page… I did wonder if the mm would be difficult and stick to pipe… am still dying to try it even if I just make blobs too! I also thought that it might make a really cool icing for a cake! piped mm all around! instead of buttercream of ganache! Off the topic have you ever attempted sugar paste teacup and saucer? I have been seaching for instuctions or even a pic but can find nothing… and what with mother’s day comming up here in S.A. I think it could be something to find out about!

  4. Becky: Ohh I made some pipeable marshmallow, not mmf for decorating cakes with;-)

    Well I always have a bag og mm but I must say that I like to make mmf the day before im going to use it. I think it gets a bit “gooey wooey” if I store it to long. But a month should be ok.

    Im sure they were fine 😀

  5. Hi Louise, this looks like to much work LOL,,,wanted to share my method for marshmallow bunnies ( or chicks or whatever). I take a plastic candy mold, and spray it with Pam,,and then put colored sugar in it to coat it. You want to dump all the excess out, the the cooking spray will make the sugar stick to the mold. Pour the hot marshmallow into the mold, and then cover the backs with more sugar and let them set over night. Unmold them the next day.this is great for Easter with pastel sugars, or xmas. Whatever occassion you need, just get the appropriate mold. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  6. Hello!
    I have just found you when I was searching another thing and you already are an inspiration for me! thanks for existing and share with us so much sweet ideas and work!

    and I love your little sweet bunny! So cute!

    Congratulations for your excellent work and just keep fill our lives with it!

  7. I can easily see the bunny!!! (But then I’ve had real bunnies for years 🙂 You got it completely right. Even the blobs look very fluffy and tempting.
    I’m trying to figure out how you even got marshmallow into a piping bag.

    I keep meaning to ask you: do you have marshmallow fondant always available in your house? You always have such cute projects involving fondant. Do you make it fresh every time or make it once and store it? How long does it stay good?

    For Easter, I made your brownies with the fondant daffodils, and I used fondant I had stored for about a month. It still tasted good, and there was nothing growing in it..!!! Plus, we’re all still alive after eating it. Mine were pretty, but they were nowhere near as pretty as yours!!!

  8. LOL! thank you for looking at my lonely bunny 🙂

    In the direction on MS they wrote to complete one bunny at a time. But the mm slightly went more and more goey so it was so hard to pipe nicely.

    I diped my finger in water to get rid of of the piping points.

  9. Oh my god now I gotta try making those I love making marshmallows!! And you can defintly tell it looks like a bunny but like you said just with no face!! Oh its my turn now to try maybe with a different color sanding sugar some purple maybe?? Good job they really do look cute!!

  10. You are so brave! After making SMBC, I can only imagine how sticky that was to work with! Did you have to stick your finger in cornstarch to get rid of the piping points? I agree they would be adorable on top of cupcakes! I’m glad you tried it, and were the sacrificial marshmallow maker for all of us. Thanks Louise!

  11. OHHHHH! When life gives you pink blobs, make pink smores with white chocolate! MMMMM! of course I don’t know how much of the pink would stay pink after being toasted…….~Tamara

  12. I’m sorry you had some difficulties, but the “one” does look like a bunny and the blobs were attactive in the pink sugar!

  13. Hi Louise

    I wonder if you had of piped the bodies first then gone back and did a bit more would you have turned out more. Given the marshmallow time to set a little before piping more. I have seen them there too but have not made them yet but maybe soom as I have a little girl who doesn’t like cake but loves PINK marshmallow.

  14. louise,
    no i don’t see a bunny, but at least you’ve had a lot of lovely marsmallows…..
    maybe you can roast them on the barbeque, or isn’t spring yet in denmark….
    gr paula.

  15. Well, thanks for trying them out for us! At least then we’ll know how difficult they are and NOT try them! Lol! I like your “blob” better though, they are so cute! I love the pink! =:)

    ~Miss Rachel~

  16. This looks like too much work. I like your blobs but would have called them ‘bunny tails’ instead! Looks yummy though.

  17. Louise, I can definately tell that is a cute little bunny! It’s amazing how much harder some things are than they appear to the eye, lol! I love your attempt and the fact that you have those cute pink leftover “gumdrops” for decorating spring cupcakes-when life gives you lemons, make lemonade–or when Martha’s bunnies don’t turn out quite right-make beautiful pink sugar blobs! Great effort and good for you!

  18. Louise,
    I wanted to make those bunnies to. I kinda thought they may not be that easy. I’ve made marshmallows and they are so yummy. Well , your bunny is real cute, even without his face. 🙂

  19. So cute, I hade actually saved the bunny marshmellow bunny from Last month, happy you tried for us all and now you can tell us how to make it! lol:-o

  20. Touche – this is exactly what I would do. People are more impressed with the effort, than the end result – and even your end result is fantastic. Give yourself a pat on the back!


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