My trip to the cake show

Thursday the 8th of November went I on a five day trip to Birmingham UK to see the Cake Craft & Decorating Show with some of my danish cake friends. But there was also time for regular shopping!!

I always like to see if I can find cake things in the shops and I must say this year was my luck. Not only have I found myself a new collecting: mugs decorated with cakes and cupcakes.

I searched every department stores for mugs and I found whole four different mugs!! So now I have five “cake mugs” to my tea and coffee. But I also found lots of other cake things like a super cute pink cake stand and some sweet cake ornaments. I will post about those later.

Saturday and sunday was most of the time spend at the NEC. The cake show is amazing there is lots of stalls with all sorts of equipment, colours, cake tins, cake boards and loads more. There is workshops and demonstrations and then there is the competition classes with lots of beautiful crafted cakes and figurines.

I was so lucky to meet Lorraine Mckay aka aine2. she won gold for a great novelty cake and silver for single figurine entry of a sweet girl. I also meet Kathryn aka KiwiCakes on flickr at the show. Some of my cake friends from Finland and Sweden were there too. It was really nice to meet so many cake people. I can not show you photos from inside of the show due to restrictions sorry!

But on the photo you can see some of the nice stuff I was able to buy there: paste colours, lustre dusts, books, cutters, embossers, cookie cutters.

Do I need to tell that I came home with a very heavy suitcase??

Happy Caking!



  1. Great stuff!

    Who is the author for “A Cake For A Celebration”? I am trying to find it but cannot (I am in the states).

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. Hello all:

    Yes It is easy to buy to much great stuff in Birmingham esp. If you at the show. But you can find quite much kitchenware in the regular shops as well.

    And in their book shop you can find many cake books.

    Amy: I was so glad to find that cupcake book. I have already tried the vanilla and I too think that it is one of the best of many I have tried so far. I cant wait to try some of the rest…

  3. Crabapple Bakery Book! My favourite cookbook. Louise – enjoy! The Vanilla Cupcakes are my red-hot favourite right now, although I made Lady Tarryn’s Wedding Cakes on the weekend, and they are pretty good…

    It’s lovely to see an Australian book make it’s way overseas!


  4. wow..what a nice collection..i have just started collecting drop by my new cake blog.hope i can learn something from you..


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