Pirate cakes


We were invited to a party where the theme was pirates. So, I decided to make two pirate cakes to bring along. I have used the Wilton’s sports ball pan for the “heads” and placed them on a 10″ round cake. Inside was a chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream. The cakes was covered with Satin Ice rolled fondant.

Pirate girl
As I did have some problems with the Satin Ice fondant. Bubbly surface when rolling out and very very soft to handle. I would be happy if I could get some tricks on how you guys out there handle the fondant. I really love the smell and taste of it, so I would like to give it another try. The kids at the party was thrilled about the cakes and did of course not notice any flaws.

Happy Caking!



  1. Really cute cakes! Your cakes are real works of art! I made a pirate cake for my brother recently which I decorated with sweets, it was a flat one though. Using that icing to cover a round cake does look really hard.

  2. I agree Satin Ice is very soft. I recently purchased The Mat, which helps a lot rolling out Satin Ice and Wilton fondant, for which you can use a coupon at AC Moore or Michaels, but if you finish the fondant covering one or two days before the cake is due and when it dries, if your cake board bends while lifting, it cracks, so I have to finish the cake the day it is due.


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