gum paste butterflies

I really like the black cutters from Patchwork Cutters. Especially the set: Butterfly, Ladybird & Bee. The set do come with instructions on how to use the cutters but I have found my own way to work with the cutters. I find my way a lot more easy, even if it seems time consuming at first….

Let me show you how I do it!

This is what I use:
Butterfly, Ladybird & Bee set from Patchwork Cutters
Gum paste (white or colored in the colors that you like)
Non stick work board
Rolling pin
Cornstarch for dusting your work board
Cardstock paper (to make small drying racks)
Exacto knife (scalpel)
Cutting board (when working with the exacto knife)
Plastic wrap
Paper towel
Lustre dust
soft brush

Note: Remember that the exacto knife is very sharp, so be careful when working with it!

Step 1:
Take the cardstock paper and fold it down the middle. Then fold each side back again and you now have a “V” shaped rack for the butterflies.
Gum paste butterflies

Step 2:
Take your gum paste, knead and roll it out on a little cornstarch. It should be about 1-2mm thick. Take the cutters that you want to use and emboss the gum paste.
Embossing gum paste

Step 3:
Transfer the embossed piece of gum paste to the cutting board. Cut out all the butterflies roughly with the exacto knife and place a piece of plastic wrap on top.
Gum paste butterflies

Step 4:
Take out 1 butterfly at a time and cut it out with the pointy tip of the exacto knife. Always cut from “A to B” instead of doing the cutting in one go. The more times you do it, the faster you get. Just don’t cut your fingers!
Gum paste butterflies

Step 5:
Take up the butterfly and smooth out any rough edges with your fingers.
Gum paste butterflies

Step 6:
Gently bend the butterfly and place it in the “V” rack. Continuing making more butterflies if needed or if you just want to stock a little on your cake decorating supply.
Gum paste butterfly

Step 7:
If you like, you can give the butterflies a little color with some lustre dusts and a soft brush. Do this before you place the butterfly in the “V” rack.
Gum paste butterfly

Let the butterflies dry for a couple of days before gently packing them in airtight boxes with some paper towel between the layers.

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Happy Caking!