Cake with fall leaves

Autumn cake

I have made this fall inspired cake for a reception I went to. The leaves were painted with powdered food colors mixed with clear alcohol in beautiful fall colors. I also made some red berries and some very simply brown mice to adorn the cake. All decorations are made in gum paste.

Last time I made a cake with this design was 6 years agoe for my 30th Birthday. Back then the cake looked like this:

2 tier Fall cake

I have another Birthday Cake (my own) comming up very soon and this will also be decorated with a touch of fall I think.

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise! Love your cake blog. Im just starting to play with modeling fondant figures, but am having trouble keeping such a smooth surface, like your mice have. I tend to get cracks or wrinkles. Any tips to help?


  2. Louise, could you send us a tutorial on the cake, what the recipe was. How to make all those leaves, mice etc. What tools to make etc. I’m new at this and wouldn’t know how to do this cake, but would love to do it for my husbands employees, maybe I will get some orders 🙂

    • Anna, I won’t promise because I have so many to do’s on my list that still needs to be done. But I will write it down for later use.

  3. Very cute! I love the little mice, and I really like the blackberries on the original cake. Those had to take some time – did you roll each individual little ball to make the berries?


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