Small gum paste roses

I just wanted to show you a little sneak peek of my next cake project. I will be using these small gum paste roses for a very special Valentine’s cake this year. But you will have to wait to see the final result.

For those who have asked about a tutorial please see this rose tutorial.

Happy Caking!



  1. unglaublich so perfect!! Vielen Dank für deine TUTORIALS sind grossartig und du bist eine unglaubliche inspiration für mich, hier(switzerland) gibts nicht so viele cakedesigner wie in USA. Thanks a lot


  2. I am so excited and can’t wait to see your cake! I haven’t tried working with fondant or gum paste as of yet but after this, I cannot wait to try it.

  3. Louise, I love your site! Cake Journal is the best, and I (like everyone else :)) really appreciate all the tutorials and your generous sharing. The rose tutorial is well written and easy to follow. Thank you!!! 🙂

  4. To all of you who asked on how to make the small roses, can I tell that I have added a link to a old rose tutorial. The first 4 steps is what you need to make. The size of the roses is determined by the size of rose petal cutter that you use. I have used the two smallest cutters that I have. I made these on cocktail sticks. I will remove the roses when I am using them.

    Jenie: Have you tried ?

    Kristal: I tell that they can be eaten but they are proberly to hard to bite into. We dont eat the decoration much here.

    Alessandra: They taste like sugar, but they are not nice to eat though.

    Serina Wilson: It could be because of the mmf “working” overnight.

    Kelly cullinane: You can make them on cocktail sticks but to place them on CC just place in the frosting or “glue” them on with a little melted choc or royal icing if its on fondant.

  5. Louise,
    These are just stunning!!! I have made roses from your tutorial before and they turned out ok…Yours are much better. I was wondering, could I make them on cocktail sticks and then just stick them in cupcakes or how would you make them not on wires. I would really appreciate your advice, thanks again:)

  6. Louise am so delighted to have found your blog. Your cake creations are just amazing and looking forward to doing some of your tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your skills! xxx

  7. Hi Louise, Looking forward to see the final result. The roses are so lovely. Waiting for you to teach how to do the petals evenly.

  8. Hi Louise: I tried your marshmallow fondant and was very happy with the result. I also used the butterfly patchwork embosser on it. It looked beautiful but then the next day, I discovered that the impression was kind of faded. Did I do something wrong? I thought I embossed the butterfly design very well — it looked good the first time except the next day.

    Your roses look beautiful and can’t wait to see your cake. I love your website. I learn so much from it.

  9. I would love to see a tutorial on how to make the small gum paste roses. when you put these on a cake do you tell the client that they are not good for eating?

  10. Hi Louise,
    I would love to make samll roses like that but I can’t find the thylose powder to make gum paste or the cutter for the rose here in Canada. Do you know a good online store?

    Thank you!

  11. Louise those are beautiful. I’ve always wanted to try cake decorating, and thanks to you I might end up giving it a try (when baby girl is a bit older).

  12. So cute and beautifully made. I too would love to see how these are made as they look so much more realistic than ribbon roses! Please show us….!

  13. Louise, they are sooo pretty! Any chance you will be showing us how to make these? The only roses I know how to make are made on wires, but I’d love to know how to make these little roses that you quite often see on cupcakes…I’m sure they’re not made on wires!


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