Strawberry shaped cookies

Inspired by the latest cupcakes I wanted to try and make some strawberry cookies. I made a paper template in two sizes. (I regret now that I did not add a little stem to the berry templates but I will do that the next time I make strawberry cookies)

I decorated the cookies with royal icing made with meringue powder. The first time ever that I try and make royal icing this way. It was really easy to make, only I’m not so sure that I like the taste of it…?

I made two tones of pink color and piped white dots in the wet icing to make the “seeds”. I added the green icing on the next day. I also made a little sweet cookie favor bag, to go with the strawberry cookies.

Happy Caking!



  1. Louise,Loving all here πŸ™‚ Well, Quick Question: I’m with a doubt, can you help me? When to use: rolled fondant, and when to use: gum paste? Thanks

    • For covering cakes, cupcakes and cookies you use rolled fondant. If you want to make flowers, figurines and so you use gum paste.

      At some points you can also use rolled fondant for small simple flowers.

  2. So, I guess you liked the taste of the Meringue-icing… Do you have a receipe op that?

    Kind regards,
    Thalia Koknel
    The Netherlands

  3. Adorable! You could still pipe on a little sideways stem, or add a little stem-shaped piece of candy. They are enchanting no matter what!


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