Cupcakes decorated with gum paste strawberries

We are eating a lot of delicious strawberries at the moment. So I thought that a little cupcake with strawberries would be in place. A classic vanilla cupcake filled with a little strawberry jam and a fluffy spread of white meringue frosting on top. I used an apple core to remove some of the cupcake before filling with the jam. The sweet pink strawberries and white flowers are made out of gum paste.

You can find a tutorial on how to make the gum paste strawberries and recipes for both meringue frosting and classic vanilla cupcakes here:

Gum paste strawberries
Classic vanilla cupcakes
White meringue frosting

Happy Caking!



  1. Minnie says

    Hi Louise,

    I’m new at this fondant decoration and I found your page amazing source for me to learn and practice myself (I do believe in self-taught) I wasnt successful at making gum paste last time,it was a bit dried and I didn’t have enough tools to work on, so I just ordered a few but still a bit lost at first as I dont know what to do and have no idea what to make, and google brought you to me :). Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration for me and also thank you for the terrific job.

  2. Andrea k says

    Hi, where can I buy gum paste? I love baking so I would love to try to make some nice decorations…thanks. Andrea

  3. says

    I love these cupcakes. They look so delicious. If you are looking for a good recipe for gumpaste try the Eggwhite gumpaste on www. The Gum Tex is a Wilton product you can buy at most cake decorating stores. It is similar to CMC but they can not be used interchangeably.

    • Louise says

      I have not tried GumTex since I have always used CMC. But I will try it next time I go shopping for more supplies.

  4. Paola says

    Lovely,lovely,lovely!!!! Here in northen Italy is very hot in these days your cupcakes look very refreshing! Paola

    • Louise says

      Paola: we only got rain rain rain and more rain the last days πŸ™ I so long to come back to Italy.

  5. Ryan Carr says

    They look delicious! Must have a look at how you made those gumpaste strawberries (I really want to venture into cake decorating!)

    Thanks for sharing :O)

  6. ximena says

    Hi,I love all the things you do,I need a receip of gum paste,because I have one that doen’t work.Thak you

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