How to make cupcake paper toppers

cupcake paper topper

A while agoe, I made some cupcake paper toppers and as promised here is a little tutorial on how to make them. Visit your craftstore, to find all sorts of paper punches, embellishments, ribbons and scrapbooking paper to make unique cupcake paper toppers to decorate your cupcakes. I have only used circle and scallops punches, but you can of course use almost all sorts of paper punches for this project.

This is what I use:
Paper punches, my blue scallop punch are 2″. Use the size you find right for your cupcakes.
Craft glue stick
Hot glue gun
Scrapbooking/craft paper
Pair of scissors
Cookie/lollypop sticks (wood or paper)
Crepe paper
Needle & cotton thread
3D adhesive foam squares
Embellishments: Scrapbooking brads, beads, paper scraps ect.

Step 1:

Take some craft paper and cut out two paper circles, with the paper punches. I like, that one of them are a little smaller. Glue them together with a craft glue stick.

Step 2:

Now glue the cookie stick on the back, using a hot glue gun (be carefull with the hot glue gun) Your cupcake paper topper is now ready to be embellished.

Here are some exambles, on how you could decorate your cupcake paper toppers!

Example 1:

Here I have used scrapbooking brads. Make a small hole in the middle of the paper circle and keep the brads in place with a little dot of craft glue on the back.

Example 2:

Crepe paper ruffles, adorn these cupcake paper toppers. Cut a strip of crepe paper and make a simple stitch through the crepe paper. Pull and the strip will make pretty ruffles. Form the ruffles into a rosette and keep it in place with a few stitches. You may need to trim it a little afterwards with your scissors.

Example 3:

Here I have used a small cut out paper decoration and attached it with 3D adhesive foam squares.

Step 6:

All the cupcake paper toppers need now are some pretty ribbon, tied into a little bow. You can keep the bow in place, with a little dot of craft glue, just under the knot. Your stylish home made cupcake paper toppers are now ready to be used.

Note: Remember that the cupcake paper toppers are NOT toys for small children!!

Happy Caking!



  1. Hej Louise
    Tusind tak for skøn inspiration, din hjemmeside/blog er helt fantastisk, og jeg følger ivrigt med:). Jeg har selv prøvet de her toppers af nu, og det er bare super hyggeligt at sidde med:). Jeg har linket tilbage til din side:)

  2. Love the toppers, I’m inspired! I want to make my own, but need to buy the paper punches. What size were the ones you used here? Thanks!

  3. I love this site Louise and visit all the time.. Big thatnk for sharing all these wonderful tips.. Just a quick question what size is the scalloped circle you use here please.
    Thanks again

  4. Very cute! Sometimes I make similar things, I even found some ready made that match the paper cups… I think that it is a great idea when the topping is already very sweet and I don’t feel like adding extra sugar flowers or decorations 🙂

  5. Thankyou Louise for your tutorial,i always look forward to seeing them,I hope you have settled in nicely in your new home,sara

  6. These look really effective and pretty and yet so simple to make. I’m thinking I can make these with sugar/flower paste so that it’s all edible.

  7. Hi Louise, i love your blog, all the things you do are so beautiful. I bake too, and your site is so inspiring. I’m thinking about create my own blog… Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I LOVE cupcake toppers! I make mine as well, and they’re so fun to make. Especially because you can always change them and make new ones easily. They’re so easy! I’ve got a few fun ones I’m planning on making. Just need to get around to it!


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