Cake board with rolled fondant
I have made a quick tutorial, on how you can cover a cake board with rolled fondant and finish it with a satin ribbon. If you like, you can dress up your cake board by using embossing tools on the fondant. This is a sweet idea to use, if you are making a cake stand with rolled fondant covered cake boards.

Tip! You can save rolled fondant left overs (clean and without any crumbs and buttercream of course) when you have covered a cake and use them instead of using new fresh rolled fondant for the cake boards.

cake board
This is what I have used:
Cake board
Rolled fondant
Piping gel
Flat pastry brush
Rolling pin
Cornstarch (for dusting)
Metal pin (for popping air bubbles)
Fondant cake smoother
Small sharp knife (not showing on the photo)
Double sided tape
Satin ribbon (12mm)
Embossing tools

Step 1:
Brush the cake board with piping gel and roll out the fondant to a 3-4mm thickness. You should roll out the fondant so that its about 1/2″ wider than the cake boards size.
cake board
Step 2:
Place the fondant over the cake board, Use the fondant cake smoother to get it nice and smooth. If there are small air bubbles use the metal pin to “pop” them.
cake board
Step 3:
Hold the cake board in one hand and cut off any excess fondant. Just follow the edge of the cake board while you cut. Gently smooth the rough edge with your fingers. Use embossing tools now before the fondant dry. Set aside the cake board and let the fondant dry for a couple of days.
cake board
cake board
Step 4:
Attach the double sided tape around the edge of the cake board. Then the ribbon.
cake board
This is how it looks when you use embossing tools on the cake board.
cake board

Happy Caking!