Writing on my first ebook

I am really excited about this because I have decided to try and write my first ebook. Many of you have said that I should write a book, and I must admit a real book would be fantastic. But since it is my first time “writing” I have thought of just starting off with an ebook to see if this turns out good or bad.

So I am already piled up with notes everywhere and many thoughts runs through my head at the moment. I have decided to place my energy on where my strenght is and that is to make tutorials. Everytime I post a new tutorial I get so many encouraging comments on how well detailed they are so I must be doing the right thing?

To keep it simple the first ebook will be about Easter treats and decorations. So it will not be a cookbook with recipes but more about how to make sweet decorations the CakeJournal way. I am already working on the sweetest Easter bunny cookie bouquet with a very cute bunny template and you will find inspiration on how to present the treats for gifts aswell.

I hope that this sounds good? and that you are all just as excited as I am. I will do my best to keep track with email, comments and posts on CakeJournal beside my writing on my very first ebook 🙂

Happy Caking



  1. I’ve just stumbled across your site on a Google search and love it already! I’ve just started out on my cake decorating journey and your talent is such an inspiration! I’ve added your RSS feed to my iGoogle reader so I don’t miss a post. Good luck with your first e-Book and thank you so much for sharing your work with us all 🙂

    Lou x

  2. Louise,
    I have only just discovered your site and the joy of cake decorating. You are very talented and such a great help! Thank you so much for sharing! I have you saved in my favourites and will not doubt be a regular on your site and on the list for buying your ebook 🙂 all the best with it.

  3. Thank you all so much you are really the best:-) This is what is so amazing with blogging and all the friends I have out there in cyber space.


  4. Louise,
    that it a great idea!!! as you can all your fans, including me are desperate to getr that ebook. Good luck with so much work. I can only imagine how good it will turn out, you are an inspiration to all of us and your work in beautifull! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Louise, it wonderful that you are writing an ebook. Finally there is going to be a compilation of your creations.

    I am happy it’s an e-book cos i am frm malaysia and it will be easier for me to gain access to it frm here. Just can’t wait!!

  6. Hi Louise

    I absolutely love your work and also reading your tutorials. You are an absolute genius!! Just can’t wait to read your e-book. I am sure it will be fantastic. GOOD LUCK……

  7. Hi,
    Oh, so happy to hear about your decision to start the e-book. I’m so excited. I’m from the island of Guam – I love your work and appreciate all that you do.

  8. That’s really exciting news – I’m happy to hear it’s an e-book as I’m over in London so it’s good to know I’ll definitely be able to get hold of a copy.

    I think you’re going to have to write fast though in order to get it out in time for Easter? Have you thought about maybe including some other holidays too to make it applicable all year round?

    Either way, I’m sure it will be fantastic and I very much look forward to reading it!

    Best wishes,


  9. Dear Louise,

    a book from you is really good idea and e-book from you is a great idea! I follow your blog from Turkey, a really enjoy your creation and you are really an artist!!

    I can’t wait! Thank you very much!


  10. Hey! Glad to hear that you’ll be writing an ebook. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a copy I’m from Manila, Philippines and I love checking your blog from time to time to get inspirations because your instructions and creations are utterly amazing.

    Good luck!

  11. I’m not sure what an “e-book” is, but it seems you’ve been kinda doing that for a long time already! You will be very successful, and I can’t wait to read it!
    Just in case you don’t already have enough to do, you ought to do you-tube videos! I’d buy/subscribe to any of them…and I’d volunteer to be a proof-reader or proof-taster 🙂 Good luck!!!!

  12. Wow… im speechless 😀

    This just makes me so happy. Thank you all so much. I will make sure to keep you updated..

    Hugs from me, to you.

  13. WOW, you must have known that I was trying to make goodies for my coworkers for all the holidays. I know you will have some great ideas in your book for me to try out, so i am very excited! I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  14. Kære Louis
    Alletiders ide, hvis du laver den som salg, så tror jeg at du også kan få en del danske kunder hvis du har lyst til at lave den på dansk, jeg elsker dine ideer og er tit inde og kigge på din side for inspiration.
    V.H. Yvonne

  15. Hi Louise

    I’ve been your fan for so long and you’re my inspiration. If you’re done with your e-book I will the first to grab it! 😉

    Good luck!

  16. Thanks awesome…I’ve been looking at your site for a littlbe bit now and its really great!
    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  17. Louise,

    I can’t wait for the e-book! I have prayed for this for so long, and I’m glad you are the one who heard the prayers! You are so very talented and detailed in every way. If you need help, please just ask.


  18. Just write the ebook the way you explain “how to’s” to us and you’ll have a huge success on your hands. Everybody will rush to get it! You are a great teacher!!!!

  19. Louise,

    I can’t wait, your work is always flawless. It makes me aspire to heavenly creations like yours.

    To a fabulous New Year of writing!!!

  20. Well done L !!!!! Write that book. Your tutorials are fantastic, photos and everything just the best.

    Greetings from SUNNY Southern Spain! 🙂


  21. Oooh, good luck with that! I’ve seen your recent entries and they have been pretty amazing. I hope you keep updating and enjoy writing your e-book!

  22. How exciting! I can’t wait – I love your work and the instructions are always impeccable along with the finished product. Congrats!

  23. hi louise!

    i’ve always admired your handiwork, you truly are talented. keep up the good work & yes I’m as excited as you are on you ebook..btw, i bought confetti cakes book after reading your book review on it & i love the book, pretty designs & delicious recipes..thanks for the book review..

    your fan from the philippines! 🙂


  24. congratulations!!! i hope we sill be able to see your step by step creations and the finished product!!!! i love your site. keep up the good work, dawn

  25. What great news! I’m also writing a book called “Cupcake Interrupted” and am so excited for you! Your tutorials are so “user friendly” and workable! I’m sure your e-book will be a smashing success!!! 🙂

  26. Hi Louise,

    I am so excited for you! You do have wonderful tutorials, and I can’t wait to see what your e-book is all about! Good luck with everything!

    Sandee – Cake Thoughts

  27. Dear Louise

    I am so happy to read that you are writing an e-book.. maybe you can sell it and I will be the first one on your list.. hehehe.. btw.. i am from malaysia.. and I really love your creations.. they are marvellous.. and your tutorial, it really helps a lot. I really admire all your decorations.

    Please email me if you decide to sell your e-book.. thank you.


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