Modeling Chocolate Magic Lauren Kitchens

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Today I’m sharing another Craftsy Class Review with you and this time it’s Modeling Chocolate Magic with Lauren Kitchens!

I have to tell you – I’m so excited about everything I learned in this class!  I was first introduced to using modeling chocolate the Clean & Simple Cake Design Craftsy class and I’ve been playing with it here and there ever since.

But now, after taking this modeling chocolate class, I’m more inspired than ever to use it on a regular basis in my cake decorating adventures.

First up – to give you an idea of what the class is about overall, here’s a description from Craftsy:

Join award-winning cake decorator Lauren Kitchens, and use modeling chocolate to easily create elaborate designs that would be unmanageable or even impossible to make from fondant. As Lauren guides you through the two-tiered Sea Creature cake, you’ll quickly sculpt amazing modeling chocolate embellishments, such as octopus tentacles, that would be a fondant nightmare! See how modeling chocolate makes it simple to extend your designs in gravity-defying ways while you create the enchanting Wizard’s Hat cake. Plus, use modeling chocolate to produce the illusion of depth as you make the lifelike Vintage Luggage cake with an enclosure filled with colorful modeling chocolate clothing. Turn your inspiration into marvelous cake creations with modeling chocolate!

In the first lesson, Lauren breaks it down to the physics of using modeling chocolate – emphasizing thickness and temperature and really builds a basic knowledge that you can build on to do so many different techniques for cake decorating.

She teaches how modeling chocolate is so much more versatile because it doesn’t have to dry and it doesn’t stretch. That was something I had never thought of and it makes the uses of modeling chocolate so vast!
You can make so many “instant decorations” like banners, curly q’s, bows, etc. with out ever having to wait for them to dry/harden again!

Sea Creature Cake

The next few lessons are dedicated to this Sea Creature Cake and I was amazed at how doable this cake is!

She shares how to cover an entire cake in modeling chocolate the “right” way and it’s fabulous!! I’ll definitely be wrapping a cake in modeling chocolate in the future if for no other reason than you can get amazingly sharp edges with so little effort!

In addition to that – using modeling chocolate the way Lauren instructs allows for so much movement with not nearly as much work as anticipated.

Wizard Hat Cake

The last lessons are step-by-step instructions for making this wizard hat and the luggage cake below. Before seeing this class, I would’ve been highly intimated by either of these cakes (especially the luggage!), but now that I’ve watched her do it, I realize that it’t not nearly as difficult as I anticipated.

She gives every detail you need – for texture, color, shaping, carving and more! I was also surprised that on this cake she used fondant and modeling chocolate and gave us great tips for getting the colors to match up when using different sugar products.

Luggage Cake

Learning how to do the lid on this cake was probably the  most surprising thing about this part of the class.  I always imagined that doing a cake like this required some deep secret cake decorating trick that I wasn’t aware of, but truly, it’s not difficult at all.

She talks about how this could be a completely edible cake, but for the class, she uses some non-edible materials to build parts of this cake. That might be a turn-off to some decorators, but I thought the technique was ingenious.

There’s one more short lesson near the end that talks about cake pricing! I have my own thoughts on how to charge for cakes here, but I learned a few things from Lauren about how she does pricing and she offers some great advice!

Last but not least, there’s a bonus section to this class that breaks down all of the information you will need for making, coloring, and storing modeling chocolate! Having not used it much in my cake decorating business so far, I definitely needed this basic information to get me started! I only wish this info had been at the beginning of the class 🙂

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Happy Caking!