Do you have a sweet tooth that you just can’t satisfy? Does the thought of a monthly supply of chocolate duds, gummy bears, and so much more make your mouth water?

Then Candy Club is for you! The subscription candy service sends a selection of the yummiest candies straight to your door every month. Their team of candy experts constantly sources new products, so there’s always a tasty new treat for you to try.

candy club review

Here’s everything you need to know about Candy Club.

What Is Candy Club and How Does It Work?

Candy Club is one of many subscription candy services.

The popularity of such services has skyrocketed in recent years and created immense competition. Despite the competition, Candy Club constantly manages to come near the top.

Sign up for the service, and you receive a big box of candy each month. The box is delivered straight to the door of your home or office.

Your monthly box comes with three types of candy. Candy Club throws in a small amount of an additional candy as an extra treat.

You can either build your box by selecting your favorite candies or have the candy experts at Candy Club build the box for you.

We recommend letting the experts do the choosing. You’re guided through a brief quiz that identifies your tastes and preferences. The results allow the experts to source the best candies for you – many of which you’ve never heard of, but are sure to love!

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Examples of the most popular candies include:

  • Dorval Sour Power Mango Belts
  • Nassau Chocolate Duds
  • Promotion in Motion Sour Jack Watermelon

Options are available for those that prefer the healthiest treats. Candy Club’s “Better for You” selection includes favorites such as:

  • Sweet’s Lemonade Rings Non-GMO
  • Gustaf’s Sour Strawberry Laces
  • Gustaf’s Sour Mini Gummy Piglets

Candy Club even has the bases covered for those that prefer classic treats. Nostalgic candy options include:

  • Goetze’s Mini Cow Tales
  • Sunrise Confections Cinnamon Juju Bears
  • Ferrara Pan Atomic Fireballs

Candy Club’s goal is to not only satisfy your candy craving but to introduce you to premier candies that you’ve never tasted before, sourced from every corner of the globe.

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What Makes Candy Club Unique?

Candy Club manages to stick out from the competition with a combination of unique candies, great packaging, and excellent customer service.

The service has one of the widest selections of candy around. Better yet, it’s constantly changing as their expert team sources new products from around the globe.

Your monthly haul arrives at your door in an adorable box. Open it up, and you’re presented with a welcoming display of candy.

But it’s not just all about looks. Candy Club takes special care to ensure their packaging is insulated to retain freshness and even prevent melting during the summer months.

Finally, Candy Club is notable for their excellent customer service. Have a problem? Just call the support team, and they’ll fix it immediately.

The customer support team is particularly beneficial if you receive candies you don’t like. Just let them know, and you’ll never receive said candy again.

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Public Perception

The public perception of Candy Club is overwhelmingly positive.

The vast majority of people are more than happy with the service. However, there are a handful of complaints that must be addressed.

Here are the main pros and cons of Candy Club, according to the public:

What People Like: 

  • Easy process from start to finish
  • Fast and simple shipping
  • Great packaging
  • Delicious and varied selection
  • Fun to receive every month

What People Don’t Like: 

  • Relatively small amount of candy for the cost
  • Some candies not available to specific zip codes
  • Certain candies don’t appeal to some people

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How Candy Club Compares to Other Candy Subscription Boxes  

The fact of the matter is that Candy Club is just one of many great candy subscription boxes currently available.

Is it right for you? That depends on your personal preferences.

There are candy subscription services tailored with all types of specific tastes in mind including artisan sweets, Japanese candies, chocolates, cookies, and more.

What we like most about Candy Club, compared to other services, is the variety it offers. They have so many different types of candies available that there is something for almost everyone.

Few other candy subscription boxes have anywhere near the variety of Candy Club. The service stocks traditional candy, brand-new never-heard-of candy, candy from around the world, nostalgic candy from back in the day, and even healthier handy options.

While Candy Club might not be the best bet for those with very specific and limited candy tastes, it’s by far one of the best options for the majority of candy lovers out there.

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What We Think

We vote “yes” on Candy Club.

The exciting service has an extensive selection of sweets, treats, and candies. Choose what you want yourself or have their expert team make educated selections for you.

Our favorite part of Candy Club is that the inventory is always changing. You never know what to expect when your box arrives at your door – and that’s part of all the fun.

Candy Club is a fantastic way to discover candies you never knew existed, or just to receive your favorite standbys each month without lifting a finger.

It’s an affordable, attractive, delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth each month.

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Coupons and Deals

There are almost always a few great coupons and deals for Candy Club floating around. For a discount on your order right now, click here!

Check out RetailMeNot for a wide selection of Candy Club coupon codes. These include 50% off plus free shipping, money off your first purchase, and much more. is another great source for Candy Club deals.

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