Funfetti Recipes: Cakes, Cookies, & Cupcakes. Oh My!

I love sprinkles. Don’t they make you smile? I also love funfetti. I’m almost ashamed to say it, but one of my most favorite desserts is out-of-the-box funfetti cake. Every birthday, a funfetti cake is always my dessert request, so I usually end up with 2 cakes… one funfetti and one more gourmet.

Coming from a “foodie” family, funfetti doesn’t cut it as a solo dessert. So, 2 cakes it is. Today, funfetti and cake batter are such common elements in many sweet treats and snacks, so if boxed funfetti isn’t for you, I guarantee you’ll love these recipes!

Get baking and make someone smile with all of this sugary, sprinkle-y sweetness!

Funfetti Recipes

Funfetti Recipes

1: Kickstart your morning with these Cake Batter Pancakes! You might not even need syrup..!

2: You will love these homemade Funfetti Marshmallows. What a sweet treat for birthday parties, baby showers, and luncheons!

3: Funfetti takes on another form in this recipe for Cheesecake Cake Batter Dip. The cheesecake aspect cuts the sweetness, making this a perfect match for graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or animal crackers.

4: These homemade Funfetti Soft Pretzels are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Yum!

5: Funfetti Gooey Bars. Your kids will be sure to love these super sugary and super sweet treats… just not before bedtime!

6: This recipe for Soft Baked Funfetti Sugar Cookies is one of my all-time favorites! So soft, moist, and FULL of sprinkles!

7: I love how the sprinkles really stand out in this recipe for Cake Batter Fudge!

8: Better than box mix, these Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes are already tempting me. Delish!

9: These Funfetti Brownie Cones are too cute! I love how mini they are, and I love the addition of chocolate.


    • I love what you have going with the sprinkles. my daughter and I have always spent our best bonding time over the mixing bowl at birthdays and Christmas and the magic that those finishing touches and little extras add, can’t be denied. Such fun ideas make me run to my spatula and my mixing bowl.


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