#FondantFriday – 9/11 Memorial Cake

9-11 memorial cake
This is a very special edition of #FondantFriday as this week we memorialize the lives of those lost in the September 11 tragedy and thank all of the soldiers, policeman, and firefighters who serve our great country on a daily basis.

Make sure that you tweet and share this #FondantFriday @cakejournal if you appreciate the work of our serviceman that risks their lives for our freedom on a daily basis.

Featured Cake: 9/11 Memorial Cake
Cake Artist: Ashley Wheeler
About Ashley: I am a stay at home Mom with a little time on my hands to help make your special occasions even better with a custom cake!
Location: Rexburg, Idaho
Website: http://ashleyscakesbydesign.blogspot.com

9:11 Cake


  1. I like the cake. Just my opinion but I saw it as a way to celebrate the heroes in our fire department , police department and soldiers who everyday put their lives on the line to protect our lives and freedom. I think as much as its a tragedy what happened on 9/11, those 3000 lives lost and their families are heroes for their strength and strong will., who deserve the neverending respect. I’m Canadian and its just my opinion but I think its a good thing to try and celebrate the amazing people who are our heroes. Everyone has their own way to remember and memorialize. I love the cake. It’s beautiful. Take care everyone and God Bless.

    Laura Taylor
    Toronto, Ontario


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