#FondantFriday – Candy Crush Cake

Candy Crush Cake

For this edition of #FondantFriday we decided to feature a Candy Crush cake due to the current popularity of the game. For anyone who has ever played it before, knows that once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop.

If you like what you see or want one of these made for your birthday, make sure that you tweet about it at #FondantFriday @cakejournal

Featured Cake: Candy Crush Cake
Cake Artist: Lee Sin
About Lee: Am a retired engineer and part-time graphic designer….a mother of 3 gorgeous sons *ahem* The time has come for me to be me! I want to do the things that I really enjoy….like eating, watching K-drama…and making unique and beautiful cakes.
Website: http://www.penangweddingcakes.com
Location: Malaysia

top view of candy crush cake


  1. hello again, nevermind my earlier comment. my friend changed his mind.

    your design is really gorgeous as well as the other cakes. very detailed! love it!!

  2. hello, my friend likes your candy crush design, he asked me to make one similar to your design. is it alright for me to copy your candy crush design? i don’t want to be accused of stealing design so i’m asking your permission.


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