#FondantFriday – Sliding Snowman Cake

snowman cake
Today is black friday here in the U.S., one of the biggest shopping days for the entire year. What better way to kick off the Christmas countdown then with a sliding snowman cake.

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Cake Artist: Suzanne Jackman
Website: https://twitter.com/Suzanne_Jackman
Featured Cake: Sliding Snowman Cake
Location: Oromocto, New Brunswick

To look at more of Suzanne’s beautiful cakes, visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suzannes-Edible-Art/

sliding snowman cake


  1. What a wonderfull cake! Im fallen in love with this cake! It’s beautifull. I don’t know wich side to look at first, cos how you look at it…..it’s beautifull on all sides! It’s a masterpiece! I really, really love it! If i was your neighbour i asked you to make one for me too! Payed of course! But im sure we live to far apart, cos im from the Netherlands in Europe! I’m not easy to please, but you did today! Thank you very much! Byebye. <3. <3. <3. 😉


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