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Sometimes we need more than two hands to decorate a cake. Lucky for us, there is this new tool to get us a little bit closer. This Decorating Bag Holder is a great way to keep the counter cleaner and more organized while perfecting your desserts. Instead of spending time dealing with pastry bag spills and stickiness, you can focus on the task at hand.

The product costs $9.99, which seems like a pretty good deal for such a helpful item. I find this to be really helpful while decorating because it allows for more creativity in your cake. The ability to neatly hold your different bags makes dealing with multiple colors more accessible and frankly more fun. I hope you all grab one of these next time your (virtually or actually) browsing the decorating aisle.

One lucky reader won’t have to browse those aisles because thanks to Shop Bakers Nook, we’re giving one away!

One of you could be the lucky winner of this awesome product.

All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me what your favorite piping tip is and why.

The winner will be chosen Saturday (9/12) and the winner will be announced in this post.

Remember when you write a comment also to make sure that there is a way for me to contact you (email or blog link)

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Saturday, September 12 at 9.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp)

The winner is… #149:

149. Marsha
September 8th, 2009 10:40 pm
If I can only choose one, my favorite tip would be the round one – I don’t care what size. You can make anything with a round tip – flowers, leaves, writing, borders, swags, you name it – the round tip is the winner in my cookbook!


Happy Caking!



  1. My favorite would be any leaf tip that I have. They just always add the finishing touch to the cake. Great for making “ears” on critters, flames, adding leaf trims on the base of the cake, seaweed, pointettias and of course, filling in between flowers.

  2. Tip 21 is my favorite because I like to use it to make rosettes for borders or for small cupcake swirls. It’s also nice for tree branches and sunflower stems.

  3. I love the grass tip the best as I just love making themed cuppies ie. football, teddy picnic, chick. Or you can always use it for hair!!

  4. I love so many of them and I am just learning how to use them. Right now I love using the large open mouthed one for making swirls on cupcakes!

  5. I love creating beautiful icing flowers, so hands down the No. 104 tip is a MUST. This versatile tip is also useful for making ruffles, swags,and foliage, elevating even a mundane cake into a work of art.

  6. Wow, so many comments, well, I’ll add mine even if it may sounds superfluous:
    when decorating a white cake wear white clothing, and keep any coloured ingredient well out of the way (it seems obvious, but sometimes the bench get cluttered) as even a little speck of alien colour could get in the way…

  7. Favorite tip? That’s hard to narrow down. I love the 1M for doing gorgeous cupcakes so quickly and easily, I love the grass tip because it’s great for furry animals and hair, and I love the leaf tip because it’s great for leaves and flower petals and also for owl feathers… yes, I said owl feathers!

  8. I like the big cupcake tips, and the long tip to fill cupcakes. Also wilton #22 tip. I would love to win this decor. bag holder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I sooooooo need to get one of those holders. I always seem to spill some frosting on my counter when I am trying to load up my bag. Such a great idea. I would LOVE to have one.

  10. My favorite is #67 for leaves. I used to only use it for a few things, but discovered last year how to use it to make poinsettia petals, and decorated a bunch over Christmas.

  11. My favorite tip is the Star tip. Mainly size 12 or 14 depending on the size of my cake. It allows for versatile borders/designs for me. Ilm just in love with it. Just like I LOVE ALL THINGS CAKE, I LOVE ALL THINGS STARS, lol.

  12. My favourite is 1M, makes the most perfect swirls. Makes cupcakes look more appetising as it reminds me of the swirls of icecream that i use to have as a kid.

  13. I have so many fav’s. The ones I use the most, though, are #3 and #18. I haven’t bought one of these holders cause my husband thinks I have enough gadgets! What? How can that be?

  14. my favorite has to be the #2. I can pipe before flooding, write, do just about anything with it. I love the new holder. It looks alot nicer than the tumbler that i normally use to hold my bags.

  15. I’ve never actually owned a piping set but plan on getting one. However in the meantime, I just snip the end of a ziplock bag and I’m ready to go (:

  16. I have such a huge collection of tips, but I mostly decorate cookies so the most useful for me is the #2 tip. This bag holder seems really practical, can’t believe it took so long for someone to come up with it!

  17. I use the round tips, mostly #3 for cookie decorating. I love the new piping bag holder that Wilton has come out with! I’m getting one of as soon as I can get to the store!

  18. Good morning, my favorite tipe is Wilton tip 21, because with her we can do lovely flowers.
    Very interesting the contest, good luck to all the participants.
    light kisses from Portugal

  19. Ohhhh…la la la..My favorite tip is the #104!
    All the great flowers this tip can create! Let me share..the Rose, Daffodil, Pansy, Daisy, Primrose..I sure do love flowers and this tip is at the top of my list!
    Make it a YOU kinda day!

  20. I love the round tips, very versatile..I can even decorate a whole cake using only one tip-round tip#2 or 3. I make lace work,add some dots then write the message!!Neat and sophisticated…

  21. My all time fave tip = the grass tip. With 2 boys in my house (plus my hubby) my cuppies (and often birthday cakes) like to disguise themselves as furry monsters (the happy kind, of course) and the grass tip is extremely useful. Plus, we’re getting into the sports themed cakes and what’s a sports cake without grass?? 😀

    LOVE your site by the way!

    Meri Anne
    [email protected]

  22. I love the star tip, not for my use with it, but because I remember my mom making cakes throughout my childhood and she always used it to do her cakes!

  23. There are so many to choose from! I guess my favorite would have to be the grass tip, I have used it so many times. Other than that any round tip, because you can do so much with it. From pearls, borders, to writing words it does everything.

  24. What a genius idea! I always curse the thought of leaving my piping bags out on the counter to roll and smush and collect air bubbles, and sometimes leak. Thank you for posting!!

  25. My favorite tip in the whole wide world is Wiltons #233 I love pipping grass, hair, nests Oh! so pretty when you add a few flowers in among the grass.

  26. I think my favorite tip would be Wilton 352. I LOVE making leaves, and it seems that when I put that tip on the end of my decorating bag, it just “takes me away”; kind of like Calgon does when I take a bath.

  27. my favorite is the big tala8 its great for cupcakes, my gran gave it to me and she used it for piping mashed potatoes over 40 years ago so its well worn and loved.

  28. Love the website, I get so excited when I see your new post! You’ve taught me so much! Thankyou!!! As for favourite tip…. I love my leaf tip. For framing flowers, doing lovely seaweed for fish to poke out of, making stylish poinsettias, or just being creative with borders and ruffles, coconut trees, fish fins, butterflys… ahhh the list goes on! Such fun!!!

  29. i think my favorite right now is tip 233. i love how it can be used to make grass or even hair and spagetti! pipe it in circles and you got a nest.

  30. i loved readin the reasons for everyones favorite tips… my personal favorite would be the 1M bc of the many uses and the beautiful borders it can create my second favorite would be the 2d bc of the drop flowers , so easy and quick
    [email protected]

  31. my favorite tip is the Multi-Opening Decorating Tip 234.I like it because it can be used for loads of hair and grass.Its great to use if your doing hair in icing.

  32. I “like” the Wilton 352 — they make the best leaves…and look amazing in dark chocolate buttercream icing BUT I absolutely “LOVE” the basketweave tip – they look beautiful on cakes but I only use it to decorate cupcakes to look like pies! love the stand…nic

  33. I love cake decorating and I surely love everything about Wilton. I will check our Wilton distributor here in the Philippines to check if the pastry bag holder is already available. Thanks for the information

  34. I like my #3 tip, Great for writing, flooding on cakes and cookies, swirly designs, bold polka dots, the list is endless! When I want something finer I can’t go past my #1 🙂 I use my Nana’s old Tala nozzles, very hard to find them here in Aus!

  35. My favorite tip would have to be the star #18. It can make a quick icing job for a family dinner look great. A border along the top and bottom can cover a multitude of sins!

  36. I am in love with my new 1M tip which makes perfect cupcake frosting swirls. I also couldn’t live with my narrowest writing tip – I love the intricate detail I can make with it!

  37. My favorite piping tip is the star tip #18 because is so versatile…i can decorate a cake with been a pro and will look very beautiful.

  38. My favorite decorating tip is a #233 “grass tip”. I love how neat it is at either adding grass or hair or even fur! It can even be used for the middle of flowers. Even though this gets clogged easily (that’s why I have several of them!), it is still my favorite cake decorating tip.

  39. I think this holder would really come in handy as anytime I am decorating I have at least one of my four kids hanging on me or needing something and I am always looking for an “extra” hand! My fav tip would have to be 104 because you can do so much more than a rose 🙂

  40. My favorite tip is definitely the basket weave tip. A little patience and you’ve got a beautiful cake. I like to do the sides of the cake perfectly smooth with basket weave on top.

  41. My favorite tip is #3. I use it to outline drawings on my cakes, for writting, and outlining cookies. I would freak out if I misplace it, so I always buy extras just in case…

  42. My favorite tip is #124 petal tip. I love flowers and I use this tip to make ALL KINDS of different flowers. I make them on cupcakes, and they are always a hit where ever I take them to!

  43. My most favorite piping tip is Wilton#21 – Open star decorating tip. It’s give me the very beautiful and cute stars and borders that I love with each decoration on the cakes and cupcakes.

  44. My favorite would be the #32 because I used it 20 years ago on my wedding cake for a very different looking border and have enjoyed using it for many years since.

  45. My all time favourite : definately the nr 1 tip … cannot do any centres of my flowers without them, sometimes ‘glueing’ sugar-things together or just adding loads and loads of royal icing details to cookies.

  46. If I can only choose one, my favorite tip would be the round one – I don’t care what size. You can make anything with a round tip – flowers, leaves, writing, borders, swags, you name it – the round tip is the winner in my cookbook!


  47. Im not an expert on the tip numbers, but i liked the slanty tip that makes the buttercream roses. That was the first thing i learned to do with frosting. My mom taught me how to make roses.

  48. Like many others here, I am a big fan of the 1M tip. Before the 1M I was using #32 for icing cupcakes but never again! The 1M makes for such beautiful swirls – and not just for cupcakes, but for whipped cream topping, cake borders, and more! 🙂

  49. My favorite tips are #16,#18 & #21, cuz you can play with them to make variety of desings, that will make your cakes very elegant.

  50. My favorite is the #789 icer tip- saves lots of time and if i flip the bag and ice w/the jagged edge facing opposite the cake i get a different effect 🙂 oh and i also love the #79 they make such beautiful chrysanthimums

  51. Hi Louise!
    This IS a great tool! My fav tip is probably different than everyone else’s, but I love the ease of tip Wilton #113, which is a large leaf tip. When I don’t have time to make fondant leaves, this does the trick in a jiffy :o)

  52. I decorate more cookies than cakes so my favorite tip is #3. Its perfect for outlining cookies and for decorating the big cookies. If I could only have 1 tip for the rest of my life, it would be the #3. =)

  53. I can’t remember what the exact tip number is, but I like most of the Drop Flower Decorating Tips. Particularly the ones that don’t require a coupler. They make absolutely adorable designs on cupcakes with minimal effort!

  54. i agree with jess… i just use a drinking glass with a damp paper towel in the bottom so the tip doesn’t dry out!
    my favourite tip is probably the #2round for details

  55. Personally I like the 1M because it is to versatile and can decorate a cupcake in a snap. Love the idea of the bag holder. Reminds me of how I store my colored pencils so I can see the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  56. I use the smallest tip because I find it easier to make details with, when decorating for instance cupcakes with buttercream, the layer of cream will not be as think, as when you use a bigger tip which I find more delicious.

  57. I’m probably the only one who’s thinking this but:

    doesn’t this look like a money waster? i mean seriously? that’s a wilton product which probably runs about $15 – $20 for something that just takes up counter space while you’re working? I have something very similar to that and I made it! It’s a scrap piece of 1″ styrofoam from Home Depot that I had my landlord drill big holes in it. I rarely use it, because 1) I normally don’t have that many colors out at one time and 2) the aforementioned takes up space.

    Just my thoughts…

  58. Wow… Its definitely hard to decide, but I think right now my favorite tip is any rose tip. I’ve been making tons of borders with it lately and seem to not be able to decorate without it!

  59. People seem to be most impressed by the little things on a cake. I love using the tip that makes icing look like grass. I always get rave reviews when I use that tip.

  60. I use the 2D Wilton tip all the time for flowers and borders. I also love covering a cupcake with it because they look like hydrangeas, and it’s fast and easy.

  61. I have to agree, 1M is the best! My favorite use for it is to cover the whole cake top with rosette swirls and then add confetti sprinkles.

  62. My most used tip is 1M. It’s perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes, of course. It’s also great for filling deviled eggs and filling cream puffs and for filling tartlets and for adding whipped cream to pies and…I could go on and on. I use the 1M tip for so many things, it’s usually found in the dish drainer.

  63. I like using the star tip because it is so easy to use. I don’t need to be a professional baker to come up with a nice decoration.

  64. I definitely have to get myself one of those holders… but I might as well wait to see if I am the lucky winner;-)))

    My favourite tip is n2 Wilton, as I what I do most is cookie decorating!!!!

    By the way I am also hosting a giveaway at my blog …of some cute cookie cutters, in case anyone is interested!!!!

    Good luck to all!!


  65. Well now all the usual tips such as the piping or leaf tips are constantly in use. But then there are those days when I get to create whimsical cakes or cupcakes and my favorite piping tip is the grass tip. It has made puppies and the Cookie Monster, easter grass and “hair” and even bumpy roads. For some reason I always reach for it and something new jumps into my head. 8->

  66. For me I would say it is something so simple and easy… I love the grass tip. You can do no wrong with it. It may sound silly. But I think it is so cool. After that I like the leaf too. I love your website!!!!!
    Thanks, Mary N
    [email protected]

  67. I love some many tips i cant just choose one. Uhm, i would have to say the grass tip(not sure the number). It makes the best grass.

  68. Difficult decision…..but my favourite would be the Star Tip 21 for all the beautiful Borders. I must admit….I love the 1M too which I mostly use for cupcakes.

  69. I love to use the star tips—16 to 21 and the large 1M for ease and fast decorating. I have at least 3 each of the those so I don’t have to wash and change when alternating colors and bags.

  70. I use my #3 a lot, it seems the most versatile when piping details. I do love making royal icing flowers with the tips 101, 103, 104, 59. Tip 21 for great borders. Thanks Louise!

  71. My favorite is the small piping tip. I love to outline my cookies with it before flooding in the center icing as well as using it for small details on cupcakes.

  72. My fav tip would have to be the all the star tips…they are very vesatile and make a variety of different designs …..pretty nifty:)i use them alot ore than any other tip on my cakes and cupcakes.

  73. My favorite tip right now is #16 – just because I always turn to it to cover up or fix the one thing that went wrong with my cake 🙂

  74. My favorite tip is the small star tip. I love that it can be used to make small flowers or to pipe small stars all over a yummy sugar cookie:)

  75. I don’t have a favorite metal tip but I do have a “suggestion tip”! Fill 2 different piping bags about 1/2 full with two different colors of icing. Then snip the tips of the bags off leaving about a 3/8″ hole in each bag. Place BOTH bags into another piping bag with an adapter in place, & squeeze out BOTH colors together to crate 1/2 & 1/2 colors in one bag. You will be so pleased with the wonderful flowers you can come up with using 2-tone colors! Play with it & you will have lots of fun! I say to start with te 2 bags because that’s the easiest way to refill the 2-tone bag! Just be sure not to fill the 2-tone bag to much or you will squish the 2 colors together 1/2 way up. Just fill it to where there is enough to comfortably hold all the icing in one hand! I use a 12″ bag for the 2 individual colors & a 14″ bag for the combined colors!

  76. oh that looks very handy, esp with xmas coming and lots of cookies to ice…. my favourite tip is the grass/fur tip, im sure it has a proper name but i dont know it, i love trying to do the teddy bear like louise and finishing off cupcakes with the grass and adding little bugs/mushrooms, love it!!!!

  77. In my 18 years of being a cake decorator I have truly come to appreciate the Wilton No.6 round tip even more so in this time of the Fondant Icing.I have always adored it’s simplicity and it’s style of decorating difference. It brings out the true elegance on a cake, may it be a kiddie cupcake or a masterpiece wedding cake.:)

  78. Very dificult to say which tip I like the most. All of them I use often. I have chosen Tip 3 for favorite. Tip 3 is great for lining my cookies!

  79. I love the #67 leaf making tip.. besides making all sorts of small, curly, straight and wavy leafs, you can make long frond leaves and beautiful flowers. I use it for sunflowers, pointsettias and pointed daisies also. I also use it for making green nests on cupcakes when I put chocolate dipped peeps on them.. yummy!!

  80. Hmm, well, I’d have to say my size 16 star tip! 🙂 I can do flowers, little deco’s, fill in spaces, decorate whole cakes and so much more with just this one tip! 😀 It’s great!

  81. Oh boy my favorite tip is hands down the LARGE star. I don’e even know what number it is but I know I love using it to decorate my cupcakes everytime 🙂

  82. I actually love tips 1, 2 and 3 because I do loads of cookies. I can’t seem to do ccokies with just the 2…gota use all 3!

  83. I would have to say that my favorite tip is also the Wilton 1M tip. I can have pretty cupcake swirls with little effort. I also like Wilton tip # 86 for making ruffles.

  84. I love the 199 tip. I use it for borders, dams, and rosettes. If used slowly, with a lot of pressure, it can even be used with cupcakes.

  85. Yay, I’ve seen these and wanted one!! My favorite tip is 233, the grass tip. It is so versatile and easy to use. I make lots of people and animals so this tip is great for hair and fur.

  86. The tips I use most are round ones like the Wilton #3 for outlining and detailing cookies, but my favourite would have to be the multi-opening grass/hair tip just because it’s fun!!

  87. My newest favorite tip is the round #7! Big dots, little dots, perfect size for glueing fondant accents on. Oh and I do love the 2110 or 1M for cupcakes! 😀

  88. my favorite and most used tip so far is (probably considered an antique??) a Tala tip 2(made in England)that i use to make lace pieces to decorate the sides of cakes, for writing and especially to outline gingerbread cookies for Christmas. The Tala tips that i have are especially special because i watched my older sister decorate cakes with them when i was a little girl! Now they have been passed down to me! I wonder if anyone else own Tala tips!

  89. My favourite tip is a 1.5 writing tip – this little tip will let me write an inscription, pipe a “snail trail” at the base of a cake to conceal the join. Pipe little dots in random patterns or formal layout. Even little embroidered flowers with simple leaves. Tiny hearts, straight lines, dropped loops, cornelli work …….there must be loads more. 1 tip, 1 cake but so many possibilities.

  90. My favorite tip is the 1M tip because I use it on all my cupcakes to make a nice swirl. My other favorite tip is the grass/hair tip because I love making the cuddly teddy bear cake and using that tip to make realistic brown fur! 🙂

  91. I think my favorite tip would be Wiltons 223 because it makes doing hair or grass so easy and I decorate alot with different fondant figures so it makes it easy to pipe on hair and get it just the length you want. Thanks for all your insight that you give us.

  92. I keep eyeing up that awesome new product, but have been too cheap to indulge. thanks for a chance to win it. My all-time fave tip the Wilton’s 1M, I just love the traditional puffy gorgeous swirls it produces! Thanks L and M for the giveaway!

  93. My favorite tip is the grass tip. Love making silly Elmo’s and Cookie Monsters, welcome mats, and football fields. My hand kills afterwards, but the effect is so cool!

  94. This is so hard to choose! But my favourite would probably be Wilton star no35 just because of its simplicity and how it can just easily be used for decoration on cute cupcakes! 🙂

  95. I love the star tip because I can pipe Fleur De Lis designs, which is very important because I am from Louisiana and the Fleur de Lis is our Acadian symbol.

  96. I love my star tip no 21 from wilton. It make nice different borders style, from shell shape,reverse shell,rosette, rope style and sometimes use it for big curve on the side of cake. I find that I almost this tip most of the time for my cake decoration.

  97. I like the star tips 16 to 21. There are just so many designes you can make with it and in my opinion it makes the cake look elegant.

  98. My favorite tip is the basketweave tip because I can make a cake look fancy quite easily with that tip. Second would have to be the grass/hair tip.

  99. My favorite piping tip would probably be a star tip #18 or #16, they’re so versatile for borders of all kinds, shells, reverse shells, swirls, and my favorite rope border.

  100. My all-round favorite tip? Hm.. I think I like a parchment cone, because I can cut out different shapes to pipe!. But wilton 1m is would be my favorite proper tip, because besides make roses and swirls, I also use it to pop a quick flower on a cuppie, those that I make for ppl who don’t want too much icing.

  101. The one I use most often is a regular piping tip with a rather large “star”. The tip makes beautiful swirls on my cupcakes, which I then decorate in different styles à la Louise.


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