Modern Piping craftsy class

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If any of you follow me over at Rose Bakes, then I know you’ve heard me say how buttercream cakes are not my thing. And honestly, it’s not the buttercream that scares me so much as it is the piping that goes along with so many buttercream cakes!

But recently I’ve seen a big trend going back toward buttercream cakes and piping so I decided that for my next Craftsy class, I wanted to take this Modern Piping Class from Joshua John Russell.

If you’d like to get a sense for the style of Joshua John Russell, he also offers the Free Craftsy Class: Modern Buttercream which I highly recommend! It’s a mini course, but it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Modern Piping Cake 1

Okay – let’s talk about Modern Piping! Here’s a description from Craftsy…

Atlanta cake artist and 15-time Food Network challenger Joshua John Russell has single-handedly made piped cake decor cool. Get over your fear of the pastry bag and discover Joshua’s signature techniques for perfectly piped details, from ornate monograms to sculpted cake jewelry and gilded accents. You’ll learn how to make royal icing and pipe sophisticated designs for wedding cakes or any occasion cake that calls for elegance and panache. Building skills one step at a time with style and humor, Joshua will help you boost your confidence and become a cake piping pro.

This class is loaded with great basic information for anyone who wants to learn about piping on cakes! In the first couple of lessons, he thoroughly covers all the tools you’ll need to get started with piping and also some great recipes and tips to give you a great foundation for completing this type of cake.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a cake project and realizing you don’t have a particular tool or piece of equipment that you need to do a technique, right? But you don’t have to worry about that if you take note of the tools Joshua lists in the beginning of the class!

Modern Piping cake 2

After all of the basics are covered, Joshua goes on to share technique after technique that will enable you to create beautiful, intricately piped cakes!

In fact, he goes over every detail you’ll need to create three fantastic designs… including from creating jewelry pieces for your cake, painting metallics, working with flower cutters, how to freehand a design and still have it look perfect, and even using stencils and making monograms!

This class has a little bit of everything and more than two and a half hours of details!

Cake Styling

Once he finishes all three of the cakes, he even goes on to show you how to style your cakes, decorate your cake boards, and how to set up a beautiful display of cakes and other sweets. I don’t do many full dessert tables, but when I do, styling is something I definitely need help with so I loved his tips on this topic!

The bottom line is – if you want to learn about piping and have a great foundation in those skills or even if you already do piping and want to take your piping skills to the next level, this class is for you!

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Does this sound like a class you would like to take? If so, I’d encourage you to go sign up now! If you’re not sure, why not just sign up with Craftsy (it’s free!) and try one of the free mini courses first?  

Happy Caking!