Disclosure: SelfPackaging.com sent me a few of their samples for this review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. 

SelfPackaging.com is an online shop that sells cute boxes for packing your sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies and cake pops.

These boxes are great to use for packing edible gifts. You can also use them for packing party favors, and wedding favors.

When I checked out their site, I was impressed by the wide variety of boxes they have. There are many pretty colors to choose from as well as various sizes and shapes.

When my box of samples arrived, I was very happy. The colors were beautiful and vibrant. The quality was excellent… nothing tore or broke apart when I was assembling everything.

They sent me various sizes and shapes of boxes, which made packing all sorts of different treats very easy.

self packaging gift boxes

When my box arrived, it had lots of flat colorful cardboard pieces likes the ones seen in this picture below…

For a second, I thought: “Oh my god! This is going to be so hard and it will take me forever to put all of this together”… lol

But, these boxes were not difficult to assemble at all.

SelfPackaging.com offers Youtube videos with instructions that you can watch and follow along but I only glanced at them and was easily able to figure it out myself.

self packaging boxes review 15

SelfPackaging.com also sent me some accessories.

There were some vibrant cupcake liners, a yellow felt flower and some labels and a very cute ribbon with cupcake pattern.

The quality was great for all of these things.

self packaging boxes review 14

These bright pink boxes were gorgeous!

Each box could hold a different number of cupcakes.

Some could hold just 1 and some could hold 6!

self packaging boxes review 12These boxes came with clear plastic covers, which I really like because others can see what’s inside them easily.

I also kept admiring the scalloped border on all of these boxes… it made them look super elegant!

self packaging boxes review 13

This Easter bunny box was my favorite! 😀

It’s sooooo cute and perfect for packing Easter goodies.

The little rectangular boxes were great for packing small candies like gumballs and m&m’s.

Plus, I was smitten with the bright yellow color. It’s so perfect for Spring!

self packaging boxes review 3
I adore the light pink color of these boxes. It’s very pretty and romantic.

These boxes were great for packing different sizes of cookies and they also had a clear plastic cover, which was awesome!

self packaging boxes review 4
These cake pop boxes were the best!

There was a big one and a smaller one.

I haven’t used anything like this before but I am going to be ordering many of these from now onwards because they are so cool! 😀

self packaging boxes review 8

Let’s talk about the big cake pop box first…The picture below is from their website.

It can hold hold 9 pops. You place a square piece of styrofoam at the base which is hidden by the pink box.

There are holes on top of the box and you just stick the cake pops in here. Your cake pops are very secure and they don’t wobble or fall over 😀

Best of all, this comes with a clear plastic cover! So, you can cover your cake pops and keep them protected when you are taking them somewhere.

self packaging boxes review 03

They also have a smaller cake pop box without a cover.

This one holds 4 pops and looks like a sweet little popcorn container…hehe.

I think these cake pop boxes would look lovely at dessert tables.

self packaging boxes review 04
I also got some cardboard boxes.

Now, I am usually not too fond of cardboard boxes because I find them very boring and weak.

But, these ones were different… they were very firm and sturdy.

I also think that the accessories SelfPackaging.com sent me such as this yellow felt flower really enhanced the look of these cardboard boxes.

self packaging boxes review 9

Also, some of these boxes had a very cool circular pattern on the side.

I think it made them look so chic and modern… totally loved them!

self packaging boxes review 02

I also liked the shape of those bigger cardboard boxes!

They came with cupcake inserts and could easily hold 2 cupcakes in each box.

You can also remove the inserts and fill them with cookies or brownies or candies 😀

self packaging boxes review 10

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