How to make an Easter bunny topper

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My favorite animal is a bunny. Growing up, I even had one as a pet … a pretty white rabbit.  That little cutie was the inspiration behind today’s post. Obviously, my little pet bunny wasn’t blue but I would have loved to paint him blue if my mom had allowed me …hehe.

These bunny toppers can be made in any color you want and can be used to decorate cakes or cupcakes. They would also be great for decorating your Easter treats 🙂

fondant easter bunny toppers 2

This is what I used:

Light blue 50/50 (or you can use fondant but that will take longer to dry)
Pink 50/50 (or you can use fondant but that will take longer to dry)
Lollipop sticks
Melted chocolate to stick the bunny to the lollipop stick
Small cup of water
Large heart cutter (from the Wilton heart cutter set)
Large circle cutter (from the Wilton circle cutter set)
Smallest circle cutter (from the Wilton circle cutter set)
Smallest oval cutter (from the Wilton oval cutter set)
Rolling pin
Cornstarch or powdered sugar for dusting your work area
Black edible marker
Round confetti sprinkles (for the eyes)

Step 1:

Roll out the light blue fondant.  Use your large heart cutter and large circle cutter to cut out a circle piece and a heart piece.

Then, use your knife to cut the heart shape in half and smooth out the corners of the 2 pieces with your fingers. You will end up with 2 teardrop shapes. These will be the ears of your bunny.

how to make an easter bunny topper 1

Step 2:

Roll out pink fondant and use the smallest oval cutter to cut out 2 ovals.
Brush a little water on the teardrops and stick an oval on each piece.
(Only 1 ear is shown in this picture)

how to make an easter bunny topper 2

Step 3:

Use your index finger to gently flatten this pink oval.

how to make an easter bunny topper 3

Step 4:

Now, make all the little facial features…

Use the smallest circle cutter to cut out 2 small circles. Poke your toothpick randomly onto these circles so that there is some roughness and texture.

Use your fingers to make a little pink triangle for the nose.

For the eyes, take 2 confetti sprinkles in any color you want (I chose green) and use your edible marker to draw eyeballs.

how to make an easter bunny topper 4

Step 5:

Stick all the facial features onto the big circle by brushing a little water.

Stick the teardrops behind the big circle by brushing some water.

Draw the bunny’s mouth with a black edible marker.

You can add more features like a little yellow bow tie for the boy bunny and a little pink bow for the girl bunny’s ears 🙂

how to make an easter bunny topper 5

Step 6:

Allow these bunnies to dry for 5 days or until they become hard.

Then, brush some melted chocolate at the back of your bunny and stick the lollipop stick. Don’t move your bunny until the chocolate dries up (usually takes about 5-10 minutes).

You can use regular white chocolate or milk chocolate or whatever you like. My chocolate was orange colored from a previous project I was working on.

how to make an easter bunny topper 8

All that you have to do now is stick your bunny into a cake or a cupcake and enjoy!

fondant easter bunny toppers 5

In case you are interested, here are some more details of my cake:

– This is a mini round cake with the dimensions of only 3×3.
– The cake was frosted in buttercream icing and then covered with sprinkles. I was inspired by Kate Wagner’s rainbow sprinkle cake tutorial at Half Baked for this sprinkle cake design.

Happy Caking!



  1. says

    Oh my! I am so honoured to be mentioned in this gorgeous post by Abeer! Louise, to have my name on your site is just so thrilling as you were one of the first decorators I discovered who inspired my to try my own hand at caking. I am and will continue to remain a huge fan.

    Kate x

  2. says

    Beautiful Abeer, my daughter love this.

  3. says

    I just love it, both the bunnies and the cakes 🙂 I am already looking for some great Easter inspirations, so this one just came in very handy 😀 Thanks a lot!

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