The hot summer days are fast approaching and it’s getting harder and harder to stand by the sweltering oven. In the summer, I like to avoid turning on the oven as much as possible. “No bake” recipes suddenly become my favorite once the temperate outside reaches 80F degrees. And I know I’m not alone in this. When it’s hot outside, all I want is ice cream. A lot of ice cream. A banana split with fudge and a cherry on top. However, ice cream usually makes me groggy and slow. These are feelings I don’t want when the weather is so nice. I want to feel energized and satisfied.

This “banana split” recipe is wonderful for just that. The fruit is chilled and sweet and the nuts on top are crunchy and add some texture to the bites. And the chocolate hardens on the fruit perfectly! The hot days of summer won’t get you down with this awesome recipe!

Banana Split Bites


2 pieces of cut pineapple
1 banana (make sure it’s not too ripe)
6 medium sized strawberries
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Optional: crushed nuts or shredded coconut



1. Skewer the fruit with the strawberry on top, then the pineapple, and the banana last. Place on a wax papered plate or pan and stick in fridge to cool.
2. Combine the dark chocolate chips and the coconut oil and melt in the microwave. Be careful not to burn it.
3. Spread the melted chocolate onto the skewered fruit and sprinkle your optional toppings on the melted chocolate.
4. Keep refrigerated and serve chilled. Enjoy!


These banana split bites are awesome! My trusty taste testers were very impressed by this recipe! They claim that every bite is a different taste and its full of flavor and texture. The almonds on top are crunchy and the chocolate coating is sweet.

This recipe gets a 9/10! It’s easy, fast, fun and extremely delicious! Cool down on those sweltering days with this scrumptious recipe.

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Happy Baking!