Finding Dory is an animated children’s movie that is being released in theaters this month. Dory, a loveable blue tang fish, goes on an epic adventure with her friends in search of her mom and dad. Learn how to make this popular character as a fondant cake topper.


This is what I used:
Work surface
Corn starch
Rolling pin
Fondant smoother
Rolling cutter
Xacto knife
Various sculpting tools
Fondant in blue, yellow, white, black and brown
Edible markers
Not pictured:



Step 1: To make Dory’s body, roll a three-inch ball of blue fondant mixed with 30 percent gumpaste for quick drying. Set aside the rest of the blue fondant to make the fins and tail later.


Step 2: Using your hands as well as the fondant roller and smoother, shape the blue fondant ball into a flat football-like shape.


Step 3: Stand the body up to flatten the bottom. The first step of roughing in the features is to mark the mouth area with a pairing knife.


Step 4: Next use your ball tool to make indentations for the eye sockets.


Step 5: Lie the body on its side, and cut a wedge out where the mouth will go.


Step 6: Use a tool or toothpick to curve up the edges of the mouth into a smile.


Step 7: Use your fingers to pinch out the shape of the top fin and tail base.


Step 8: Use the X-acto knife to cut ridges in the top fin.


Step 9: Roll four eye balls from white gum paste (It’s good to have extra in case one gets damaged.) Set them to the side. It is important to allow the body to dry and harden overnight before you proceed. I alternated between drying it lying down and standing up so it would not become misshapen.


Step 10: After the body has hardened overnight, it’s time to proceed. Use black edible pen to line the eye sockets. Use black fondant to line the mouth opening.


Step 11: Roll out a small piece of brown fondant. Cut tiny circles with a circle cutter or the end of a small piping tip.


Step 12: Attach the brown circle with a small amount of water and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Use black edible marker to trace the outline and fill in the pupil.


Step 13: Wet the eye sockets and firmly attach two eyeballs.



Step 14: Roll two small balls of blue fondant and shape them into a wide crescent shape.


Step 15: Attach the shapes with water as the brow area.


Step 16: Roll two tiny dots of white fondant and attach them to each eye as shown.


Step 17: Use black or dark clue edible marker to add the freckles to Dory’s nose area.


Step 18: Roll a thin piece of black fondant.


Step 19: With your rolling cutter shape it to fit Dory’s side. If you have a tear-shaped cutter, use it to make the cut-out shape. If not, use an X-acto knife.


Step 20: Attach the black panel to each side of Dory’s body.


Step 21: At this point, I used edible glue to place my figurine on a base (a six-inch decorated cake board). You can also proceed to build Dory as a free-standing figurine.


Step 22: To make the side fins, prepare balls of blue, black and yellow.


Step 23: Roll out and layer these colors as shown. Roll them firmly and they will adhere together.


Step 24: Use the rolling cutter to cut out side fin shapes and then to create indentations on the edge of each fin.


Step 25: Follow the same process with black and yellow fondant to create the wide tail fin.


Step 26: Attach the side and tail fins with water and shape them to your liking.


As a final detail, I outlined the edges of the top fin with black edible marker. Feel free to add more details such as star fish, shells, coral and more. Allow the topper to dry in a cool, dark place for a week before putting it on a cake.

Happy Caking!