Chocolate mud cake
Ok! This may not be the most inspiring photo but as I wrote in my last post I am working on a purse cake project at the moment. I have already made the main decoration, a gum paste brooch, for the purse cake. So the next step was to bake the cake.

Since I want the purse cake to be without any filling. I decided to go for a rich chocolate mud cake. As you can see, my purse cake will be a “simple” round shape, so no plans for luxury designer bags this time.

When I baked the cake I was aiming for a total 3″ high (wide) cake. But the cake did not raise as much as I was hoping for. This is always a tricky part for me, when I bake mud cakes. But I am sure, that when the top/crust is cut off. It will still be OK to use for the purse cake project.

I have added the chocolate mud cake recipe to my recipes and a recipe for home made self-raising flour as well.

So now I have the gum paste brooch and the cake. I still need the cake board and the rest if the materials for this fun purse cake project.

Happy Caking!