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All my June favourites are inspired by the upcoming purse cake. You can however still use my favourites for other individual cake projects.

Cake boards: I always like to finish my cakes, when possible, with a cake board. It just really complete the look of the whole cake. I like to cover my cake boards with fondant and a pretty ribbon. Use coordinating colours and the result will be just perfect! You can see some examples here. Single cake board:

Or as a double cake board (two cake boards glued together):

Edible lustre dusts:
I used some pretty lustre dusts for the brooch. The colours are:
Pearl/SK, Iced Pine/EA, Golden Sands/EA and are from EdAble Art and Squires Kitchen.
Lustre dusts for cakes
Tylo powder:
Tylo powder for cake decoration
Maybe one of the best helpers in my toolbox. Tylo powder helps the fondant to dry fast and holds it’s shape. It is also an important ingredient for Tylo glue, the best glue to use, when I need to attach decorations on my cakes.

Happy Caking!



  1. Your cakes are amazing Louise . . superb combination of colours. my goodness, never thought petunias alone can make a such a pretty cake. hats off to you.
    I just LOVE your blog

  2. The site said I send out a comment like this. I did not. So here I am trying this again.

    What kind of ribbon do you use to put around the cake that keeps it from getting greasy.

    Also, how do you get your board round, do you make them yourself or buy them like that. It looks like real wood to me.

    There are cakes boards you can get at Wilton, or Hobby Lobby etc, but they are flimsy.


  3. Can you or anyone tell me what kind of ribbon to put around a cake board/fondant.

    Also the boards look like wood, how do you get them round and the right thickness. Do you buy them like that ?


    • The type of cake boards that I use comes from the UK. They are also know as cake drums. They are made from masonite and are cut and covered with silver/gold foil when I buy them. I use everything from satin to grosgrain ribbon. I attach it with a gluestick or doublesided tape.

  4. Hi!

    Love your cakes 🙂
    The first cake (with the flowers) Where have you bought the “veiner”. I have seen it at kagebutikken, but it is not in stock

    Kind regards


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