Sugar, a thickener like nata de coco pulp, lychee fruit, juice, or artificial flavoring are used to make lychee jelly. Commercial goods may also contain stabilizers, preservatives, and additives. Lychee fruit fragments may or may not be present in lychee jelly. In addition, numerous coconut health advantages, including fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, are included in it.

This lychee jelly is perfect throughout the summer. The flavor of lychee jelly is light and energizing, ideal for the hot summer months. Moreover,  Asia and Southeast Asia are home to the well-known fruit-bearing shrub known as the lychee. It is commonly eaten raw or used in sweets, jams, juices, and jellies. It creates a transparent, tart, and delicious jelly when lychee and sugar syrup are combined to make lychee jelly for bubble tea. This article will discuss how to make lychee jelly for bubble tea.

Ingredients for Making Lychee Jelly

Lychee: These sweet fruits can give your cool beverage a wonderful crunch. There are many different lychee types however, you should stay away from fruit that is withered or discolored. Begin at their stem and work down to their skin to peel them like an orange. Canned lychee works perfectly if you are unfamiliar with lychees or cannot find them in the shop. If you can’t find them nearby, try other yellow fruits like mangoes.

Coconut Water: The main ingredient in this dish is coconut water. Not only is it less expensive, but you also get a wider variety of flavors. If you prefer a more natural flavor, stick with unflavored, but remember to keep it chilled for that jelly-like consistency.

Agar-Agar: An excellent vegan alternative to gelatin is agar-agar. It is a seaweed that comes in 3 different forms: powder, strands, or flakes. It is preferable to utilize the powder in recipes.

Sugar: This recipe works great with plain white sugar. It melts swiftly, leaving little trace, and offers a considerable sweetness.

Instructions for Making Lychee Jelly

Step 1: First, mix the agar-agar powder with coconut water because hot liquids can cause it to dissolve.

Step 2: Once the agar-agar has dissolved, turn the heat to low and continue stirring the mixture while it is boiling. Also, stir in the sugar until all of it is incorporated.

Step 3: Change the liquid to a baking dish or another big container to ensure the food doesn’t burn and stays moist. Next, add 1 cup of coconut water to make the cooling process faster.

Step 4: To the jelly mixture, add lychee. Refrigerate it for a minimum of two hours.

Step 5: Instead, place your pan upside-down on a cooling rack.

Step 6: Cut the sides into cubes until they are jellied.

2 Ways To Make Lychee Jelly for Bubble Tea

Using Milktea Powder

Any drink can taste fantastic when made with milk tea powder. What you are going to do is before adding the powder to your chosen beverage, you must first add it to a shaker and shake it. However, artificial flavors may increase your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which is a drawback of substituting them for nutritious foods. The acquisition of milk tea powder is the first stage. Furthermore, add the specified number of scoops, water, and your shaking vessel to prepare the drink. After sealing, you would vigorously shake the container before pouring the contents into a glass. The inclusion of some more components, including tapioca, is also possible.

Using Syrup

Making simple syrup at home is straightforward when you want to retain the flavors of a fruit or herb. When you think about how many uses there are for the syrup, choosing the cheap, accessible one is worthwhile. It is very adaptable and can be used on different foods or even to help make desserts that contain ice cream.

Anyone can make lychee jelly since the process is super easy. We suggest giving it a try because it makes delightfully wonderful bubble tea! 

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