Mini cupcakes

I made these mini cupcakes the other day, when some of my family was dropping by for a cup of coffee. Chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and sugar sprinkles on top. They tasted really great. I will share the recipe for the delicious chocolate buttercream with you.

Chocolate buttercream:

100 grams soft butter
100 grams chocolate
100 grams icing sugar
4 pasteurize egg yolks (use only pasteurized egg yolks)

Carefully melt the chocolate and stir in the soft butter.
Add the pasteurized egg yolks and sift in the icing sugar and whisk by hand until smooth and no lumps appear.

Perfect for cake filling, crumb coating and cupcake swirls. If you have any questions regarding the recipe please write.

Happy Caking!



  1. Hi what do you mean by icing sugar? Powdered sugar? and how much is 100 gm as opposed to the same measurment is a cup? 

  2. Goodness! Those treats look divine. I was wondering if you could redirect me to the “homemade sprinkles” page. I clicked on it, on the Cake Bites page and there isn’t a recipe listed. I would love to know how to make them. Also, what’s with these Aussies and eggs? Lol! Unless, somehow, they can make eggs 100% safe to eat raw, we’ll continue not to. 😉 I hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Hi Louise,
    You’ve got a wonderful site here. My mouth keeps watering everytime I look at it.
    I was wondering if you could tell me a non-egg way of making the Chocolate Buttercream.
    Also, we don’t get the books/cutters/food coloring that you use in India. Would you be able to help me?

  4. Hi Louise,
    Thankyou for sharing so many wonderful tips and ideas! I’m a huge fan but I have a question that has been bugging me alot and was wondering if you might be able to help? I am making cupcakes and the last 4 batches (2 vanilla buttercake, 1 choc mudcake and 1 chocolate cake) have all sunk after coming out of the oven and then proceeded to pull away from the patty cases when cooling down. I test them before taking them out of the oven and the skewer comes out clean. I do alot of baking and dont normally have any problems but this I cant figure out. I live in a fairly humid climate, could this be a cause? I’m also using foil patty pans with a paper lining….

  5. hi louise, i was able to make this recipe over the weekend and it was GREAT! i added a few tablespoon of instant coffee (i’m a coffee lover!!!) and it was yummy. what’s best about it, the icing didn’t melt after 3 days of not putting it inside the refrigerator. i have also tried an all shortening recipe of BC and gave me the result that i wanted. i would love to share some photos of my products. let me know how do i upload it here. thanks again for being such a big help.

  6. Say: no im sorry but I dont think it can. So far I have only heard that the pure Shortning BC’s are the only ones that can hold up in very warm weather.

  7. hi louise, can this BC recipe stand even under the heat of the sun? it is terribly hot here in the philippines and i’ve been looking for an icing recipe that won’t melt in this very warm weather. can you post the recipe that is best for our weather please. you are a heaven sent, i’ve learned so much from your site.

  8. Hi Louise, i just tried out the buttercream recipe. but it seems a little runny when i tried to pipe a swirl. Do you chill it in the fridge before using it for piping? Not sure what went wrong.

  9. It must be sad not being able to use real food products over there. In Australia there is no problem with using raw eggs so go ahead & bake away!

  10. Hi, Louise,

    I just found your blog by accident today. Your cakes are gorgeous!! You have talent. After seeing your cakes, I ordered two books by Karen Davies. I hope to get good at the animal sculpting. I loved the bunnies.

    Michele in Florida

  11. I guess you could use some more butter insteed of the yolks. I dont think it will ruin it.

    I dont know how sensitive people in other countires are about using raw egg products. But here in Denmark the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration strongly advise against eating/using raw eggs there have not been warmed-up to over 75 celsius due to the risk of causing a salmonella infection. There for we use a lot of pasturized egg whites, yolks and so on. I use “normal” eggs when I bake my cakes.

    Thank you for your help Heidi.

  12. Hi Louise, these look so yummy! I have a question about a substitute for the egg yolks. We don’t get “pasteurized” yolks here in Australia.

    Is there a substitute that I could use? Maybe I could add more butter instead?

    Thankyou for sharing these gorgeous cakes with us!


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