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Welcome to my cupcake section.

In here I have placed links to everything CakeJournal has to offer on cupcakes.

You can find step by step guides about decorating cupcakes and creating other cupcake related DIY projects.

You can find recipes on all my favorite cupcakes.

You can find my gallery with lots of cupcake pictures to get inspired and get ideas for designs.

You can find an updated list on which cupcake related books that are most popular among CakeJournal’s readers.

cute illustrations of small decorated cupcakes

Step-by-step Tutorials

Cupcake decorating part 1-4 is a complete beginners guide.
Cupcake decorating part 1
Cupcake decorating part 2
Cupcake decorating part 3
Cupcake decorating part 4

Poured fondant is great on cupcakes and gives a smooth classy look.
How to cover a cupcake with poured fondant icing

Italian meringue buttercream is another great topping and it tastes amazing too.
How to make italian meringue buttercream

Colored sugar sprinkles looks just wonderful on cupcakes.
How to make colored sugar sprinkles

Your can also use beautiful paper toppers to make your cupcakes more festive.
How to make cupcake paper toppers

Need a cake stand to display you cupcakes?
How to make a cake stand

You can also find loads of tutorials on cakes, cookies, frosting and gum paste decorations in my tutorial section.

cute illustrations of small decorated cupcakes

My favorite recipes

Scrumptious cupcake recipes, that bake with good results and gives you a good base for your decorated cupcakes.

Banana cupcakes

Lemon vanilla cupcakes

Light chocolate cupcakes

You can also find other recipes on cakes, cake fillings, frostings and icings in my recipe section

cute illustrations of small decorated cupcakes

Popular books

As of Q4 2011, the most popular titels regarding cup cakes are:

#1 1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes – check it out in my US or UK book store.

#2 Cupcakes: Truly Delectable Creations for Every Day, for Special Occasions and for Sharing With Friends – check it out in my US or UK book store.

#3 500 Cupcakes: The Only Cupcake Compendium You’ll Ever Need – check it out in my US or UK book store.

You can also browse loads of other interesting cupcake books in my US book store or UK book store

cute illustrations of small decorated cupcakes

Various post on cupcakes

All my posts on cupcakes

cute illustrations of small decorated cupcakes

I hope you will enjoy all the cupcake treats.

Happy Caking!