Christmas basket cookies

I finished these beautiful Christmas basket cookies today. Now they only need to be packed into celophane bags. Then they are ready for this year small Christmas gifts to my friends. It is my favourite vanilla sugar cookies decorated with rolled fondant. At first I was planing to make them all white but then I thought a brown basket was nicer.

I have used a basket embosser from Patchwork Cutters to make the basket look and painted them with brown petal dust dissolved in clear alcohol. The flowers are made with the Petunia cutter from Tinkertech Two with the flower veiner. Some Holly leaves and loads of gold sparkle dust. I am really satisfied with the result. Now I just hope my friends thinks the same.

Happy Caking



  1. Thank you for your advice there. I have actuakky started a sugarcraft dictionary on my blog, to try and clarify these things for myself and anyone else. I’m finding your blog v educational and inspirational. Thank you again

  2. Rolled fondant is the same like Regalice/Renshaws. Aparently in the US they call it rolled fondant. I personally call it sugarpaste.

  3. They look lovely. Can I ask you what rolled fondant is? Is it the same as regallice by Supercook or Renshaws? Thank you Claire


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