apple pop cake 2

The cake that I am sharing with you today is perfect for Teacher appreciation days or even birthday parties for kids.

It’s a simple frosted cake with some sprinkles and I decorated it with some apple marshmallow pop toppers.

You can make green or yellow apples too but I thought the red ones looked the best on this cake.

To make this cake, you will need the following supplies:

Big pink marshmallows
Lollipop sticks
Corn syrup
Red sanding sugar/granulated sugar
Green Twizzlers
Mini pretzels

These are the instructions:

Step 1:
Push a lollipop stick into the base of a pink marshmallow.

apple pop cake 5

Step 2:
Brush some corn syrup all over the marshmallow.

You can add a few drops of water into a bowl of corn syrup to thin the consistency a bit. That helps with brushing it all over the marshmallow.

apple pop cake 6

Step 3:
Fill a flat plate with red sanding sugar/granulated sugar.
Start rolling the sticky marshmallow pop until the sugar granules stick to the marshmallow.

apple pop cake 7

Step 4:
Eventually, you should have something that looks like this.

apple pop cake 8

Step 5:
Dip the top of the marshmallow pop into the plate of red sugar so that it’s fully covered too.
Push this marshmallow pop into a block of foam and keep aside.

apple pop cake 9

Step 6:
Break mini pretzels into smaller pieces.

apple pop cake 10

Step 7:
Also, cut up some green Twizzlers into smaller pieces.

apple pop cake 12

Step 8:
Push the small pretzel stick and Twizzler piece on top of the marshmallow pop.


And your apple pop is done.

Make a few of these cute pops and stick them into a frosted cake.

apple pop cake 0

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone 🙂