How to make marshmallow fondant

Marshmallow fondant

Here is a little “How to” on how to make marshmallow fondant also known under the name MMF or chocolate MMF. You can use it to cover cakes. If you want to make flowers and figurines you will just have to knead in some Gum Tragacanth or Tylo powder so they dry up hard.

This is what I use:

Makes about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds

White marshmallows (16 oz)
Water (2 tbsp)
Icing sugar sifted (1 to 2 pounds)
Heatproof bowl
Food colors or cocoa powder
Flavouring optional

Note: you can of course use your kitchen mixer when mixing in the icing sugar. Just remember to grease the bowl and paddle attachment well with Crisco.

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Step 1:
Making marshmallow fondant

Put the marshmallows in a heatproof bowl and add the water. Put the bowl in the microwave oven and heat it for approx. 2 mins. until the marshmallows puff up like on the photo.

Step 2:
Marshmallow fondant

Stir the marshmallows until they get smooth. This is the time where you can add your chosen food color/cocoa powder or give it flavour.

Note: Color the mixture a bit stronger than desired. You can always make the color lighter afterwards by mixing it with white marshmallow fondant.

Making marshmallow fondant

Chocolate marshmallow fondant

Step 3:
Making marshmallow fondant
Now add the icing sugar and stir the mixture with a well greased spoon. Keep adding icing sugar until it looks like a dough. Turn out the “dough” on a greased work board and with your hands greased with Crisco start kneading the marshmallow fondant. Keep adding a little icing sugar at a time until it is not sticky anymore.

Be careful not to use all the icing sugar as to much icing sugar can makes it too dry. It is ready when it feels pliable and ready to roll. If you are not using the marshmallow fondant straight away then rub a bit of Crisco on it and wrap it in cling-film and seal it in a airthight bag.

Note: Some uses the marshmallow fondant right away but I prefer to let it rest for a day before use.

If your marshmallow fondant feels very hard you can always warm it up in the microwave for a few sec. at a time. Then it should be more pliable to work with. If it feels dry then knead in some Crisco or if it is too soft add more icing sugar. I hope you can use it.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other icings and frostings.

Happy Caking!



  1. Fantastic suggestions ! I loved the information ! Does someone know if I would be able to find a template ERM-14 document to complete ?

  2. Marshmallow are not so popular in Italy. this is why I was going crazy to find a recipe about these sweet yummy things. Thank you, I love your recipe and I’m spoiling myself with your marshmallow fondant

  3. ive been wanting to make marshmallow fondant for a while now so looking forward to trying this 😀 thank you….and a uk version of crisco is trex which can be found in most supermarkets 🙂

  4. Would you recommend adding cocoa powder to the fondant in order to make the base of a rich black fondant? I heard this was the way to get black without adding too much of the gel. I do love this recipe for all my fondant.

  5. Hi Louise! I’m thinking about making this fondant but in chocolate flavour, how much cocoa powder would I use? Thanks!

  6. I tried your recipe and everything went well until I added icing sugar sifted. It started bubbling everything! How can be possible, please help me Louise

    • I can’t remember. I just added until it had a nice brown color. Though you don’t want to use to much as it can make the mmf dry. You can aff a little brown gel food color to make it more brown.

  7. Thank you for your tutorial!!! I was wondering I had planned to cover the cake and decorate 3 days prior to party and just leave in the fridge but just read somewhere that you shouldn’t do that? What do you recommend just decorating the day before and leaving it out ? I really appreciate your time.

    Valerie Khey

    • It really depends on what type of filling. I always store my cakes in the fridge and have a small problem with condensation when the cake is out of the fridge. I always decorate the day before but add more delicate flowers and so on the day.

  8. Thanks for your recipe. But I found that when I rolled out the fondant, there are many bubbles and seems not smooth. How can I make it smoother??

    • You can try and add a little crisco. The airbubbles comes when the fondant is kneaded too much. I also struggles with many air bubbles in store bought fondant but found that it can be cut down to a mini mum if the fondant is slightly cold. Also give it a round with the fondant smoother before covering the cake can also help.

  9. Your post ve been an inspiration to me. Pleasesssss I would like you to post” how to make micky mouse cake topper. Thanks a lot

  10. This looks great. This is the first recipe that doesn’t have melted chocolate chips in it, or a stand up mixer. I’m going to give this a test this week for a cake that I’m going to make for Easter.

  11. I made this yesterday and I found it hard to stir once out of microwave because it was so sticky. And it was also hard to roll out the dough I thought I could build muscle. It kept shrinking in when I rolled it out. So when I put it on my cake and cut the edge, the edge started to shrink and looked kinda hang. Please advice.

    • Did you let it rest overnight while still slightly sticky? You should not add all the icing sugar at once. But add more on the next day. It is more flexible than regular fondant so you need to be a little more careful when trimming the cake.

  12. I made this tonight. It tasted absolutely delicious! Of course, it probably wasn’t the best to use for a first time fondant user, I think I made it the completely wrong consistency. Oh well, at least it taste good!

    • It can be tricky if youre not used to what and how fondant should feels like and behave. I can recommend to use premade and just get into working with fondant in the first place.

  13. I am planning to attempt using this icing for my kid’s next cakes. I was wondering if the fondant can be used for covering shapes. I am wanting to make Minnie Mouse ears using styrofoam balls and a bow. DO you know if fondant will work to cover ears or should I try a different material. Thanks in advance for any tips.

  14. I tried a recipe similar to this a number of years ago with some success. I make a zebra cake. Ifirst put white all over the cake let it freeze then put some black on it. if you stick in in the freezer thigh make sure to give it hours of thaw time because marshmallow freezes more than other frosting

  15. Hi I’ve only recently discovered fondant and I was wondering what you meant by icing sugar? Could this be powdered sugar?
    Sorry for the absurd question!

  16. Hi Louise, does this delicious marshmallow fondant sweat after i put them on cake in the fridge? off shelf fondant sweat & melt when i always do so. Spore iis a very humid country hence i cant place designed fondant on cakes..thanks.

    • It can start to sweat 🙁 I have seen some placing the covered cake in the refrigerator inside a large cardboard box along with a small bowl filled with baking soda. This should help keeping the moisture off the cake.

  17. Hi Louise, as the weather here was very hot and humid its only recently that i tried to make my own fondant! I couldnt make your recipe because its in ounces and what we have here is in grams, so i made 300grms marshmallow, 450gr icing sugar, 1tbsp + 1tsp water, a bit of shortening on the counter and on my hands . I must confess the taste was fabulous, but it was a bit hard to knead with the possibility to tear! As a result it was a bit difficult to color with strong colors! It was not sticky at all, on the contrary i think maybe it needed less sugar, so the next time i will not pour all the sugar at once, i will do it in portions. However, it is good for figure making. The only disadvantage is the difficulty in coloring! But the taste is greattttt. Its worth to try again! 🙂 Gigi

  18. how much will 1 batch do. Im making half a sheet cake, should I do two batches to make sure I have enough or should 1 be plenty to cover and lighty decorate?

    • With home made fondant I would not keep it longer than 2 weeks. It does get hard and hard to work with. You can freeze it if you like.

  19. So can I use parchment paper and then spread vegetable oil on top of it and then knead the fondant? And can I spread the vegetable oil on my hands too? please reply fast! My dads birthday is in day’s and I want to make him a cake with this fondant! Thanks. 🙂

    • It is much easier if you dust with a little powdered/confectioners sugar on the table and add a little vegetable oil on your hands when kneading.

  20. Thanks for the information we are going to try it and lets you later on know how it went.

    Regrads Marie-Louise

  21. I plan on trying this out later today but I need 4 different colors. Can I add the color after I make the MMF or does it have to be added to the marshmallows?

  22. Okay, I’m making roses with a gum paste/fondant mix. How much fondant do I need to make, probably, 150 flowers? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere and I’m going to be using your MMF recipe. (I like it much better than ready made.)

    • I must admit that I rarely take any notice on how much gum paste I use when making flowers and so, sorry! I just take my gum paste and start working 🙂 It is good to add some Tylo powder/gumtex to the mmf to make it more flexible and firm while drying.

    • So it is only when you cover a cake that you have problems? Does the mmf seem dry? To get it more pliable you can add some vegetable fat.

  23. Thanks Louise for your explanation ;)I didnt know that gum paste exists in mixture where you can add just water! I will try it someday. No, i didnt make MMF yet because i still have a pound or so of ready made fondant, so i thought when i am done with it i will give it a try 😉 but i tried using some shortening in my dry fondant and it worked like a miracle, it became easier to manage and stopped being sticky and its texture become silky! Wow, i need to read a lot and keep experimenting! But as the weather gets hotter and more humid i suffer from fondant sweating 🙁 all my decoration and colors melted and smeared on my cake, the minute it got out of the fridge, i felt very frustrated! However, i googled it and they said it should be transformed gradually to room temperature and this is by keeping it in a box in an AC room and after a long while out into open air! 😉 Thx Louise for your concern Mwahhh, GiGi

  24. Hi Louise! I have a question if you can help! In one of the videos in Youtube, someone added 1 tbsp of Gum Paste to 1 libra of powder sugar before mixing with the 8 oz of marshmallow, she said it gives it some elasticity! the question is: Is Gum paste a powder or paste? i know its a paste, then how would it be mixed with 1 pound of sugar before adding the marshmallow? and do you think this information is good? Thanks again, I trust your experience 🙂 GiGi 🙂

    • Personally I think that MMF is OK elastic in itself. But you can add gum past powder or Tylo for extra elasticity (making flowers and so) Normally gum paste is a paste 😉 but maybe they were using a gum paste powder mixture? The kind of mixture were you only add water? Have you made MMF??

  25. On your Star Wars cake did you use this type of fondant? Does it work/taste just as well/good as storebought fondant??? Is this easiest for a beginner?

    • No, ready made fondant. I rarely make my own fondant these days. It can be a great solution if you are a beginner. But buying fondant saves you time. It taste OK.

    • Crisco is a white vegetable shortening with no flavor. A neutral vegetable oil can be used if you can’t get Crisco.

    • I don’t have any specific measures. I just take the amount of mmf that I think that I will be needing and then I add about 1/4-1/2-1 tsp tylo.

  26. i am covering a wedding cake with fondant. i have covered smaller cakes before and they have turned out ok. however i was able to decorate and serve these smaller cakes in the same day. I understand you shouldnt put fondant covered cakes in a fridge or freezer. however i have to start decorating the cake on a thursday evening and the wedding is on a saturday. should i avoid using fillings such as cream cheese/custards/fruits/jams if i am going to have to leave it out at room temp/ or will it be ok covered with a large box in an airconditioned room or even a “turned down” cooler? how long can i decorate a cake in room temp? normally i would freeze it covered, but with fondant i just dont know?

    • If you are using a perishable filling with milk/cream that can turn sour/bad you would have to store the cake in the refrigerator even with fondant on it. If you were using a basic buttercream made from butter and powdered sugar you could store it “outside”

      Most of the times when I am making cakes (I use a mousse filling with fresh cream) I always start early Friday morning. I start with the filling and let the cake/filling set until early afternoon. In the mean time I would make my buttercream. Then I would cover the cake with buttercream and depending on the time I would either cover the cake in fondant and store it in the refrigerator until the next day where I would do the last decoration.

      When storing fondant cakes in a fridge the cake will start to sweat when you take it out to room temperature. That’s why it is good to store it in a box along with a bowl filled with baking soda. This should help to remove any moisture keeping the cake dry.

      Again some places they store their cakes in AC rooms but then they often have a non perishable filling inside. I have my cake out if it’s very hot outside for only 10-15 minutes at a time as I can feel the cake get’s soft.

  27. Hi! I really appreciate this alternative to fondant as i do not have the proper kitchen tools to make fondant. My problem is I live in the Philippines and it can get really humid (or sometimes rainy as typhoons are not unusual here). Any pointers on how do i go about making this recipe? Thank you very much

    • I can only say that you will have to try and see how it behave while working with it. It is no fun to work with fondant in any way when it’s very humid. Only an A/C can help and store your cake in a cool place inside a large cardboard box if possible. You can place a bowl with baking soda inside with the cake to absorb any moisture.

      • Thank you very much! i’ll try working on my first marhmallow fondant and will let you know how it goes. 🙂

  28. I’m about to make this to cover my daughter’s birthday cake… a rainbow cake, that will have 8 layers of cake, with Buttercream Icing between them, each layer about 1 inch tall, it will be about 12 inches tall, and 8 inches round. I’m completely new at this whole covering a cake with fondant thing, and I want to make sure I make enough! I know you doubled this recipe, but do I need to double it again? Also, I’m letting my daughter (she’s 6) decorate the sides of the cake with edible markers. Because I know she’ll be holding on to the cake while she writes on it, it was recommended that I freeze the cake before I let her write on it, so there won’t be finger dents all over it! But, I’m afraid that if I freeze it, and let her decorate it while it’s frozen, when it defrosts, and sweats, it will ruin her art? Any suggestions? I’m doing tie dye on top, and letting her design the sides, it’s our compromise 😉 Also, can I use your Royal Icing recipe to top the cake with instead of buttercream? I attached the link to the cake, just in case I’m not explaining myself well! Thank you so much! I’ve tried so many of your ideas, they’ve always turned out PERFECT!!

    • Hi Chrissy, Sorry if my reply comes late. Firstly 12″ sounds very tall to me?? It can be tricky to cover very tall cakes. As the fondant can tear and wrinkle. But of course it can be done. I have not tried to cover a very tall cake though (my cakes are about 3-4″ tall) I think that you should double the recipe for the fondant. There should be no problems, if you let it stay in the refrigerator for 15 minutes between coloring the cake. Sweeatapolita wrote the same. Whenever the cake gets a little soft place it in the refrigerator. You could also just let finger indents be a part of the charm 🙂 I would not use RI instead of buttercream as the RI dries very hard. Good luck with the cake!

  29. Hi, Louise, bn. Following your blog for que some time, I ll say they r real pieces of art!
    I am so tempted to try this mmf for my 2 tier cake 6″ n 9″. But I m concern about the super hot n humid weather I hav here, wonder the mmf will melt/ sweat?! How to tackle this problem?
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    • You may get problems with the mmf getting sticky and starting to sweat because of the hot weather. It is hard not avoid. I did however see a great trick on YouTube the other day. They placed a cardboard box, big enough for the cake to stay inside and placed a bowl with baking soda to absorb the moisture. This because it was raining. So maybe it will work if it’s hot outside???

  30. Hi thanks for the recipe
    m going to make anytype of fonadnt
    i have some question 🙂
    1)after making fondant where i have to put for 1 day in fridge or in room temp?
    2)can i put my cake in fridge after decorating with fondant for some hrs?
    3) how can i get gray color fondant?

    • You can store it both ways. Most important is that it rest, for you to see if it needs more powdered sugar. You can store your cake in the fridge only pay attention to the fact that the cake will most likely start to sweat a little when you take it out of the fridge. I always store my cakes in the fridge and are used to that the cake sweat.Usually it dries up and you can’t see it. Just don’t touch the cake while its sticky.

      For getting the gray color. You just add a little black color to some white fondant 🙂

    • Icing sugar is confectioners (powdered) sugar. MMF is the only way to go. Tastes great and is super easy to make and work with. Much cheaper than buying fondant!

  31. eh is the type of marshmallow affect the result of fondant ? because i try two times to make the fondant ….. but both turn out very sticky i did add a lots of powdered sugar but after a while when i touch it … it stick to the table and it hard to take it and make shapes … help me plz … 🙁

  32. I just made this and it turned out awesome. I used an electric mixer for the icing sugar but decided to knead the last cup in, still worked perfectly. Im letting it sit overnight now, hopefully it works good 🙂

  33. Love your instructions – they look easy to use. I am thinking of using the recipe for MMF to make little penguins for an iceberg cake. Is there anything different that I should be aware of with regard to the recipe or just go with it as published? Thanks.

    • Not really. I would advise you to add the black color when the MM is melted. If it’s not completely black when you have added the powdered sugar. Then let the MMF mature over a day or so before adding more black. If it is a little stiff. Give it few sec in the microwave to soften. Remember to be careful with hot MMF from the microwave.

  34. help…my mmf covered cake is SOOOO wet, puddles.  What can I do? It’s in airconditioned room…should i try to put something (powdered sugar) on it? Mop it with paper towel???? help!

    • What do you have underneath? If it’s something that contains fruit acid then that’s why it melts. If possible I would pull of the wet soggy mmf and cover with something new either mmf or fondant.

  35. This is my first time to make MM fondant, and i was wondering if i could substitute some of the items. For one, i don’t have Crisco, so what can i substitute it with, and also, i don’t have icing sugar lifted, so is that the same thing as regular sugar, or what? So can you please reply ASAP, because i wanted to make my MM fondant today. Thanks.

    • You can use a neutral veg.oil instead of Crisco. You should use powdered sugar/icing sugar (make sure that you sift it to get rid of any lumps) You cannot use regular sugar.

  36. Thank you so much for this lesson. But I have one question for you, can you make fondant out of store bought melted marshmallo.

  37. hi louise,
    first,thank u so much for this recipe ,i cant wait to try it out
    but i have a question which is before covering the cake with the fondant i heard that we should cover it first with butter cream or glue and such things,,,,
    is that neccesary or is it ok to just put the fondant directly on the cake??

  38. hi i have made this marshmellow recipe over and over and its great but it seems that no matters how much water i add to it its very dry and crumbly i need it and add tylose/cmc to it but when covering a large cake it rips to peices before i get a chance to get it on the cake can you help suggest a way to make it more useable

    • It sounds to me like adding too much powdered sugar? It is always good to hold back some of the PS while it is still slightly sticky. Wrap and let it rest until the next day where you can add the extra PS if needed. Adding tylo can also make it a bit dry if you are not using it for figures & flowers ect

  39. I have changed the recipe to the double MM, worked better with the conversion. But I will add that 8oz is still and option too.

  40. can you add any food coloring to this fondant?  I made this once and everyone loved it. I made blue fondant and red fondant for a spiderman cake and I added the color AFTER i kneaded the fondant. I never thought to add it while I was mixing the marshmallows!!!  WOW! 

  41. hmm well i want to make something for my mom for mothers day so i will convince her in making cupcake batter and making in it into cake and put fondant on it. any ideas for dercorations? plus how do you make fondant flowers she loves gerberdasies! Any ideas on how to do that?

  42. Thanks for the tutorial. My MMF turned off-white when the prosses of melting. Is that anything to do with the marsmallow? and there was small circle (straching)
    when I roll the fondt. Help, What shoud I do? Any suggestion
    thanking you in advance

    • My mmf is not pure white either, but it can get a little more white by kneading it. Just don’t over knead it or you will have problems with air bubbles. I’m not sure what have caused the other problem that you are talking about.

  43. Raffaella, I store all my fondant cakes in the refrigerator, I have never had that much of a problem with it. Well the only problem there is, is that the storage will most likely give you a sweating fondant. BUT it will eventually dry up. As long as you don’t touch the sweating fondant there will be no problems. Don’t cover with gum paste, bad idea.

    If you want to make a cake that don’t require anything a simple butter cream cake could be a possibility. Again, I have read that the IMBC can be stored in a airtight container for up to 3 days. So you should be able to make the cake without problems.

  44. Hi Louise, My daughter is making a wedding cake for a friend. She is using the MMF recipe( the one she found says use 16 oz of mm and 2 pounds of sugar) and as she is rolling it out it continues to crack. She is very frustrated! Can you give us any suggestions to stop cracking. Thank you so much for any help!

  45. Hi Louise, My daughter is making a wedding cake for a friend. She is using the MMF recipe( the one she found says use 16 oz of mm and 2 pounds of sugar) and as she is rolling it out it continues to crack. She is very frustrated! Can you give us any suggestions to stop cracking. Thank you so much for any help!

    • It sounds like there have been used too much powdered sugar. When making MMF it is important not to use all the PS at once. I wrap it in plastic wrap while it is still slightly sticky and wait until next day. It may or may not need more PS at that time. You can try to knead in a little Canola oil or Crisco. You can also try with some boiled cooled water. Try and take a small piece and see what works the best, before you do it to the rest of the MMF. I hope it works out.

  46. Thanks so much for the recipe and tutorial!! Wonderful! I had never made fondant before and wanted to try it out but I was very nervous since baking really isn’t my strong suit!! Made a “practice” cake for my daughter’s 3rd bday and I am really pleased with it!! This recipe is so easy! THANKS again!! Will be using this again!!

  47. I am new to this and have only put fondant over a layer of butter cream frosting. I don’t like butter cream frosting and would love to try the ganache. Do I first brush it with a sugar syrup, cover it with ganache then put the MMfondant on? What is the rule on doing the sugar syrup? Do I always do it on everything before frosting?

    • You would use the ganache the same way as buttercream. Do not use sugar syrup first. When you have ganached your cake let it “dry” then you can brush it very lightly with piping gel. Then cover with the mmf.

      Use only sugar syrup to moisten the cake layers before adding any filling

  48. Hi Louise
    I made this the other day for the first time it worked out great :))
    thankyou for the recipe .
    I will be using this more often

  49. A thin coat of jam can do but there is a chance that the fruit acid in the jam can start to “melt” the mmf. So a very thin scraped coat of buttercream is better.

  50. How much fondant does this recipe make? I am planning on making 2 8″ round cakes and layering them.
    Do I need to make a second batch for decorating?

    • This question have been asked so many times 😉 But this recipe should make enough to cover an 8″ cake + some for decoration. Of course it also depends on how high you want your cake to be and what type of decoration you need to make.

  51. Hi, I am wondering if you think I may be able to make the brim of a cowboy hat from MM fondant? I live in a small town and can not find gumpaste. I am not sure it will stay hard enough to keep the brim curved.

  52. i try to doing marshmallows fondant one’ce but its not looks perfect .i wanted to make it a pure white but it looks not white at all. what should i do to looks whiter in beautiful to see ?

  53. How do you get rid of the dusted with powdered sugar look on the rolled MMF? I used this for a friend’s cake and the finished product had some spots where you could see the powdered sugar that was on the counter during the rolling process.

  54. Hi Louise. Im in Australia and have never made any type of fondant and wanting to do it for my daughters 1st bday on a butterlfy shaped cake and number 1 cookies. I cant find crisco here so what else could i use? its also hard to find just white marshmallows so if I use a mixed bag of pink and white does it matter when i colour it? Thanks.

    • Hi im Tara im 14 and i live in Australia awell ,
      i had trouble with finding what was crisco and one day my mum and i was in coles cause i was getting the ingredience to make mmf fondant and my mum said copha ( vegetable fat ) is shortening or crisco as they call it in America. You can find it in the butter section . Hope this helps you :)) .

  55. hey Louise can i plz kno how much of vegetable oil shud i be usin f i use veg oil instead of crisco…plz giv me some advice about making mmf with veg oil if necesary…
    lookin 4ward 4 your reply a.s.p

  56. thankyou soo much for this recipe… it was much much easier that i thought it would be… i have proved my mum wrong! 🙂 thanks again

  57. hi! I was just surfin the net trying to find the best way to make a fondant cake but super yummy and soft. I want to make a baby shower cake and I need help! What is the best way to make it since there are different kinds of fondants. I have tasted marshmellow fondant and loved it. I have had rolled fondant but I think the person that made it left it out and got card and tasted ok. When you make figures, does it have to be the stuff that gets hard? I really wanna make the best tasting cake for this shower, something that no one will stop talking about….help! 🙂

  58. Im so sorry for my lacking in responding the comments, but I have 500 comments that I have been going through. But here are my answers to those of you who may need a reply.

    Tonya: You can use the mmf on top of buttercream icing.

    Anna: This recipe will make mmf to cover a 8″ round + some for decoration.

    Kat: It can get a little “rubbery” by storing it over time. But you can make it more pliable by heating it a little in the microwave (be careful) The best thing to use as a glue for mmf & fondant is either soften a little of the mmf/fondant with water to a sticky glue or you can make a tylo glue:

    Genny Solomon: It can be a little tricky to melt mmf into proper consistency but it can work. I would use simple syrup. You dont need to use cream/ganache before dippen. Brush a little syrup on instead.

    Suze: Good to hear!!

    Terri: Some fondant does tast bad. The wilton brand have had a bad taste mark on for sometime now, but aparently have they changed something because I know a lot who really likes it now. So for the most easy process I would go with a pack of readymade. But making mmf is not really that difficult and it taste great. So you could try and make mmf and then have a “back up” ready made if you find it too difficult.

    Black is a hard color to get if not using a really good black gel food color. The letters will not get rock hard, well unless if you are using tylo powder. in the fondant/mmf. Congratulation to your sister with her book. You can paint the mmf with edible food colors. For the best result let the mmf dry a bit before painting. Dilute the food color with a few drops of clear alcohol. The alcohol wont affect the mmf as it will evaporate.

    Sara: Im sure the orange mmf will be enough. But the black im not sure. What sizes of pans and will the cakes be 3″ high?

    Melissa: I have not tried it, but I think that you can. I know there have been a question/feedback about this in this thread.

    George: I think that I would make a double batch. I would then (depending on the logo size?) take 1-2 cups? of the melted mm without sugar aside for the logo and use the rest as white.

    When covering cakes with corners, you should always start with the corners and then strech/smooth out any folds in between. You can raise the cake a little but it can end up tearing the fondant.

    Amanda: This recipe will cover 1 8″ round.

    Frk.Overballe: You can melt mmf only if possible use the real fondant icing, not the type for rolling but for melting. It is much easier to work with.

    Fee: Yes you can use this for cutout and you can make them a few days in advance. Place the cut outs on a work board dusted with cornstarch.

    Wendi: Im happy to hear that it was a sucess. I would love to see your cake. You can send it to cakejournal at gmail dot com

    Sara: Im sure that the orange will be enough for decorations ect but im not sure about the black. Whate size of cake pans and will the cake be 3″ high?

    I use ameriolor gel. Remember that if you need to make black it does takes a lot of color so you may need to just color it greyish black when liquid. Then add more color over a couple of days. the colors will mature over time. It can also get very sticky when adding much color. If you have a airbrush use that.

    Toni K: 🙂

    Kelly: I use the unsweetened cocoa.

    Ashley: You can use mmf, but when it comes to figurines I prefere gumpaste it holds up the figurines better. If you need a great gumpaste use the one from the gumpaste rose tutorial I posted about lately. If you add a little more tylo powder to that gumpaste it will be just perfect!

  59. I’m making my son’s birthday cake and I want to make some figurines. Is mmf good for figurines or should I use regular fondant or gumpaste? I would like to make the figurines a couple days ahead. Is this ok and if so how should I store them?

  60. I was wondering what cocoa you used exactly. Was it an unsweetened cocoa, or a pre-sweetened one such as regular Hershey’s cocoa to make chocolate milk?

  61. I LOVE this Fondant! I have tried the Wilton brand, already made stuff and it tastes HORRIBLE! I made a piece sign cake for my cousins bday last month & the fondant was a total HIT! I’m now making a Mickey Mouse cake for my son’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow and I absolutely LOVE this stuff! Thanks so much for sharing your receipe with us all! 🙂

  62. Thanks for all the tips!
    I need to make enough black MMF to cover a 4 tier cake plus enough orange MMF for the decorations/accents (yes a halloween theme). I planned on making 7lbs of black and 2lbs of orange. Think my number are right?
    Also, I know how hard it is to get batches to match. Possible to make 3.5 the recipie to the liquid stage and add the color and then knead out in sections? Or is there a better way?

  63. Hi Louise
    I am going to try this for my sisters cake I am making it to look like the book she just published. Can I do white and then paint on color?

  64. I just wanted to say thank you! Your easy to follow instructions and MMF recipe enabled me to make a fabulous, one of a kind baby shower cake for my daughter 3 months ago! Since then, I have made a graduation cake and 2 birthday cakes. Although far from perfect, they have been huge hits among my friends and family! This was my first ever experience with cake decorating – having been inspired by all the cooking shows on TV. And I have to say, I think I found a hidden talent! Thanks to your site, I was able to realize it! I would love to submit pics of my cakes – let me know if/how I can do that.

  65. I’m making a Batman cake for my sons 3rd birthday, and I wanted to make some cut outs with this fondant. Could I make the fondant and cut outs a few days in advance? Do they travel well (we live four hours from where we are having his party)?

  66. Hi Louise
    I love your page 🙂 I was wondering, in your tutorial of how to cover cupcakes with poured fondant, you melt regular fondant. Could you melt the MMF and use in the same way?

  67. i just luckilly found this recipe and have not yet tried it. i am making a double layer 4 tier wedding cake and was wondering how much mmf i would need to make?

  68. I just stumbled upon this and have a few questions.

    I’m making a octagonal cake (hopefully 9in wide, 3in-high), and it’ll be covered in white fondant with a black logo on it.
    Several people have asked how much this recipe yields, but you dealt with it individually.. I know fondant can be ‘stretched’ to accommodate many sizes, so how much does this make and how much would you predict I make for my cake?
    Also, were you to divide the meltedMM+sugar into two bowls (larger portion to leave white and cover the cake, and a smaller portion to colour with gel and make separately for the logo), how much would you set aside for the logo?
    I wouldn’t want to make a whole other [colored] batch to use for the logo — I’d have tons left.

    And, I’ve seen people lay fondant on round cakes, any tips to tackle an octagonal cake?? I’ve heard raising the cake helps, as you can pull the fondant downward. But how can I avoid ending up with a bunch of folds?


  69. I was just stumbled onto your site and it is getting added to my favorites that is for sure! But what I am wondering is can I use Marshmallow Cream instead of melting the marshmallows? I have a jar of it left over from making homemade fudge!

  70. Hi Louise!
    I hope you can help. I have never used fondant to cover a whole cake. Been told it tastes terrible and very hard to work with then I saw yours about MMF. I am making a cake for my sister to celebrate the publishing of her first book – in the shape of a book – as a novice should I use fondant or MMF? I am going to use black fondant to cut out her name and title will they dry very hard? or should I use MMF for those too?

  71. Wow, I’ve tried heaps of fondant recipes, but this worked PERFECTLY. I found that using 650gm of icing sugar created a perfect consistency with 226gm of marshmallows. I melted Copha and used liberally – Fantatsic result! Thanks!

  72. Hi Louise,greetings from a beautiful Cape Town!
    1)To use your mmf to dip cup cakes to coat would melting be sufficient for correct consistency or would i need to add some water or perhaps a small quantity of simple syrup? Is a normal pan on low heat ok or would a double boiler be better?
    2) Would i still need to coat top of cup cake with a 1 part cream/2 part choc ganache before dipping?
    Thanx for your help.
    Regards Genny

  73. Hello! I made mmf and have been expirimenting with it, how long is it good after you make it? Also, I am making circles out of it to apply to the first layer of mmf, what is the best way to attach them? I was going to try out water but that doesnt seem like a good glue.. please let me know thank you!

  74. Hello 🙂
    I wanted to try making a fondant cake for the first time and wondered how much fondant this recipe makes? and how much you would need for a regular rectangle pan cake in either one or two layers? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

  75. I love your recipe. I just made some this past weekend it came out great except for my color for one of them. This is my go to recipe now. thank you so much for sharing this.

  76. Hi, I am about to make my first cake with this mmf. It is for my daughters first birthday, a 2 layer tinkeerbell cake I hope. Can I just decorated the mmf cake with regular icing after all my mmf is in place, for the final decorations? Thanks

  77. Andrea Kopp: I would not have any problems in using their fondant. I almost think that it is the same type that I can buy here. The pre colored are the same. You can use coconut fat as a short cut.

    Well, I have plans to start offering classes, but making cakes for a living, no. This website started out as a hobby but is more a business now.

  78. Thanks for the answer and for the link.
    I think their fondant is a little expensive and I honestly don.t like very much fondant that is not made (and packed) by a wellknown place…as Bakels for example.
    I will try the marshmallow fondant. I have been looking for Crisco everywhere in Switzerland, but cannot find it. I think coconut fat can be used in place, right ?

    One more thing, Louise you are really so talented that it makes me wonder why you don.t make cakes more often (or at least don.t show us the picts !: )
    Is it still a “hobby” for you ?
    Should not !

  79. Camila: I would add it when you find the texture and consistency ready. You may not need it at all.

    Ellie Alessandro: Im so glad to hear that 🙂

    Stephanie: A 8″ round + a little for extra decorations.

    Danielle: Thats the good thing with MMF. You can even use the colored ones aswell.

    Andrea Kopp: Do you know this online shop? You can buy premade fondant there.
    I buy my fondant, simply because it is much faster and easier to use. But if I have to make it I normally make mmf. as I cant get the homemade fondant right.

    Skits: Only happy that you can use it 🙂

  80. Oh Louise! You are a life saver.
    I am going to attempt to make a Noah’s ark for my baby boy’s first birthday and this is exactly what I was looking for!

    I will share my results in August ’10 after the party.

    You are a legend!

  81. Hi Louise,
    I would like to ask you what is is your favourite way to cover the cakes : MMF or the usual rolled fondant ?
    I live in Switzerland and as I don.t have confectioner.s sugar here, I use powder sugar mixed to corn starch to “make” confectioner.s sugar, but my God, it is so difficult to work with….
    I used to live in Norway (we met at a Masie Parrish.s workshop…) I could buy Bakels Pettinice, but here there is nothing to buy.
    Do you make your own fondant or buy it ready ?
    Do you prefer fondant or mmf ?

    Thanks again


  82. I just did my first attempt ever of marshamellow fondant, and found your recipe the easiest to use….I am attempting to make my daughter a mickey mouse clubhouse cake, so far so good, I was very impressed how easy it was to make and how great it turned out. Although I used large marshmellows and had to use white and pink ones, but with colouring it still looked awesome 🙂

  83. Louise: Thank you so much for your generosity! You saved me a lot of money in fondant prices! 😉 I have not seen a solution to a problem I encountered so here it is! As usual with fondant, you may have to roll it a couple of times because it cracks or tears. When it happened to me, I put the MMF in my Kitchen Aid and added marshmellows that had been microwaved with a tbs of wtr (step 1), and the MMF was perfect to roll again! It worked like a charm! 😉 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  84. Hello! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the recipe! My best friend is going to celebrate her birthday next weekend, and I’m going to make her a cake using MMF.
    But I have a question, when do I have to knead in the CMC? Just before the moment I’m going to use the MMF?

  85. christene: I have tried both ways and I only let it rest overnight if the fondant is very sticky and still feels like it could take more powdered sugar. By letting it rest you may not need to add any more PS the next day.

  86. I was wondering if you cuold use the fondant right away or does it need to sit in fridge first? I am making a graduations sheet cake and want to put a diploma of fondant on top of the icing. Do I need it to sit out or can I apply it right after being made? Thanks for the help…like this blog!

  87. Sabriena: You can use your mixer. But in the end you may need to take it out on the table. Just grease it well. It may be because it needs more PS. but a good thing is to wrap it and let it rest until the next day. If still sticky add more PS.

    Anonymous: Im not sure what icing mixture is?

  88. I tried to make MMF yesterday and failed badly! It was so sticky that I gave up and dumped it down the sink! I hade lots of powdered sugar but it just didnt seem to help? I would like to use my mixer if I can? what do you suggest?

  89. LOVE this recipe!! My baby brother is getting married in 2 weeks & this is what they want on the outside of their wedding cake I’m making for them! Really easy & simple! Thanks for the recipe!!

  90. Im am finshing high school and am thinking about going into culindary school for baking and pastry.I just wanted you to know that your marshmollew foudant is the first i’v ever used and has inspried me.

  91. hi there Louise!
    can i use this recipe to decorate my cookies? any change in term of consistency of the mmf? would love to try make it like a ‘flooding fondant cookies’ deco where the deco requires outline and flooding the mmf. please advise. thanks in advance!

  92. happylilone: You can try and warm it for a few secs in the microwave to get it more pliable. You do need to try it out a couple of times to get the hang of right texture ect.

  93. hey Louise, i’m just starting in fondant decorating here in Singapore.. and was trying to find something to replace the ready made fondants on the shelves.

    I’m learning the recipe ’cause i’m actually doing cupcakes for 350 guests to my wedding next year. Just tried out the recipe abt an hour ago and letting it set.

    Just a lil prob that hanging around.. when i ended off the fondant and started trying to roll it, i found it rather ‘inelastic’, v rubbery but just does stretch v well, it just breaks off. Is there something i can do abt it when i really want to start rolling and decorating with the fondant?

  94. Cristina: Sorry this comes late: But you can store it for three days if not using any delicate filling. When storing the mmf you can put it in the microwave for few secs, this will make it more pliable.

    organicsweettooth: You could also use a little cornstarch when rolling out. To prevent to much use of crisco zap it very little in the microwave to get the mmf soft and workable. I only rub the crisco on when it is made, not after.

  95. Thank you for the great tutorials! This is my new favorite site now for baking. Your cookies and cakes are beautiful! I made the fondant and have a question on rolling. Should I grease my rolling surface with Crisco? Do I need to roll it on wax paper? I’ve seen some sites recommend dusting the surface with powdered sugar but that made a big mess and got all over the fondant. I’ve had some trouble with a little sticking now and then when I roll and used more Crisco to help with it but then the roller was greasy and kept slipping making it impossible to roll. I’m also concerned about all the Crisco I have to keep adding while I’m working with the dough. Does it affect the taste? I had to add it when I colored and kneaded my fondant, and each time I take it out of the storage bag I have to add a little when kneading it. The fondant was perfect at the time I stored it, but it’s when I keep taking it out and working with it that it gets sticky again.

    My other question is, do I have to keep coating it in Crisco each time I put the fondant back into the bag for storage in the frig?

    Thank you!

  96. I am planning to do my daughter’s First Communion cake and I will try to make the MMF to cover it.
    Question: Can I make the cake three days in advance to cover and decorate it on Friday afternoon and have it ready for Saturday afternoon? If so, how should I storage the cake? I know I can make the MMF today and wrap it in plastic and put it in a Ziploc bag. But I wonder how long will I have to knead it on Friday to be able to cover the cake and how to storage the cake (only the cake)if I prepare it tomorrow. Could you help me, please?

  97. Cathy: This just make for a 6/8″ round. So I would make more to be on the safe side. You can add a little lemon juice to cut down the sweetness or other flavors that you like. It is the filling that depends if it should be refrigerated. MMF tends to sweat more if it have been in the fridge.

    I remember some who used fluff, but I have not tried it myself.

  98. I am making a two tier cake, 6 inch cake on a 10 inch cake. I am going to give this recipe a try. Will this recipe make enough fondant to cover both cakes? Do I have to add flavor? And does the cake have to be refrigerated after it is on the cake? Thanks.

  99. I have a question abut store bought fondant. How long beforehand can it be put on a cake? And then how do you store the cake?

  100. Ani: I used a PME pearl lustre spray on the whole cake. I use the regular size. We dont get mini’s here. I normally dont add any flavour, the MM vanilla flavour is enough for me.

    alicia: I have only tried the MM recipe from MS so far. They melt fast in a cup of hot cocoa 😉 I hope it works for you.

    Ellie: use a neutral oil like cornflower oil one with a “light” taste. Not like a strong olive oil taste. use 1-2 tsp. You can always use a little more on your hands.

  101. Hi, just wondering, i can’t get crisco so I’m planning on using vegetable oil but what do you mean by mild oil? will I find this in the shop? Also do you use exactly the same amount of oil as you would crisco?

  102. Hi, unfortunately we don’t have Rocky Mountain MMs available where I am.. I saw one of your reader’s comments (Anne) about making her own MM, was thinking of trying out her recipe so that I don’t have to go through the “horror” of trying to melt my MMs..

    Did you try the recipe she gave for the MM? Hope it’s good for making MMF. Just bought a candy thermometer this morning, so will try it out tomorrow 🙂

  103. Hello, i hope this is not already answered but how do i add luster dust to MMF? I love your littlest pet shop cake, how the purple shimmered, was that luster dust? Also do you use regular sized MM and how much flavor should i use? would you recommend the oils or is wiltons clear butter flavor ok? thank you so much!

  104. Ali: 🙂

    alicia: It could maybe have something to do with the mm that you have used? Some works better than others. I hope that you still want to give this another try.
    What brand did you use? I like to use large mm called Rocky Mountain. They are nice and soft and melts great.

  105. Hi Louise, love your site and thanks very much for your wonderful tutorials! I tried making the MMF today, but unfortunately it went rather terribly. Not sure what went wrong, but after melting my MM in the microwave it just became rubbery and stuck to my spoon (greased), instead of turning into liquid. Any idea why this happened? I was careful to make sure I didn’t overdo it/burn the MM – microwaved on High for a minute, and then in 30 second intervals. This happened for all 3 times I tried it and it ended up tasting like chewing gum with no yummy MM flavour at all =(

    Any thoughts on why this happened? I was really looking forward to trying this out, so am quite disappointed =(

    Much love and looking forward to more great posts from you!

  106. I have finally read through all the posts!! I found the answer to my last question 🙂 Today is cake baking day! Thanks.

  107. Thanks for the quick response. One more question – do I have to user buttercream frosting and THEN put the fondant on top? Or can the MMF go directly over the cake?

  108. Ali: Your thoughts on how to build up the cake sound ok. A sphere shaped cake would also be great if you have one of those. a firm cake is best to work with.

    To make the covering more easy I would not cover the whole cake in one go but in two parts and then assemble afterwards. You will proberly be needing to smooth the fondant with hands or a plastic smoother.
    I would use buttercream for the frosting.
    Good luck!

  109. Hello!

    I love to bake and a friend shared this site! I’m trying to make a microphone cake!! This is my first “themed” cake and I’m a newbie. I’m not sure where to start… Online it seems that I should use a cicle pan and sheet pan to make my cake. I would like to find a sphere shaped pan to give it more shape? I have a few more questions:

    1. What type of cake should I make that will allow me to cut it easily to shape the base correctly? I guess with a sheet pan – I will just cut off the sides to make a rectangle so not too much cutting. And the…circular part – maybe cut to make it smaller?? Maybe chocolate for the ball part and vanilla for the handle?? What do you think?

    2. Any tips on how to cover a cake with MMF? Keeping in mind that I have never used fondant!!

    3. Once the fondant is on the cake – it’s smooth (?? I just think wedding cake smooth when I hear fondant) so will putting designs on it be trickier? Would it be better to do some sort of icing? If so – I have one that I always use but I wouldn’t mind trying something new!!

    Thanks! Great site!


  110. Maddie: It can vary from one to another on how much icing sugar it requires. When you roll it out, do you use icing sugar or cornstarch/cornflour?

    Ethel:I would say if its really hot & humid, then all types of fondant can sweat and maybe start to melt. I have not heard about this being particular weak when it comes to hot humid weather.

  111. Hi, I was wondering if the MMF fondant can be used when the weather is hot and humid. I heard that this particular recipe will melt when on a cake. Is that true? If so, do you recommend another recipe for the hot weather?

  112. Don’t know if anybody mentioned flavoring fondant with unsweetened Kool-Aid, I made cherry fondant for a kids birthday cake. It worked really well, the fondant has enough sugar to sweeten the tart Kool-Aid powder. Just remember it will add color, 2 packets of cherry in a large batch of fondant (18 oz of marshmallow and 3lbs sugar) made a nice pink color.

  113. 321. Anonymous: Ahh, yes of course powder colour!!! What brand did you use? I have some from Crystal Colors that makes the most intense colors. I will remember that the next time 🙂

    Colleen: I like to use a firm cake/filling simply because it is much more easy to work with when preparing the cake for fondant cover. Since you use BC there is no need to place it in the refrigerator but it is helpfull to place the bc coated cake in the freezer or fridge for a few mins. before covering it with mmf. This makes it more easy to work with the mmf on the cake. Your planning sound right. Just remember that you may need to gently warm the mmf in the microwave for a few sec (carefull you dont get burned on the mmf)

  114. HI There! So excited I found your recipe for mmf! I am making a 3 tier cake for a baby shower and everything I’ve read says to use a dense cake so that it will hold up to the weight of the fondant and decorations. Any suggestions for a cake recipe? Also…if I’m just using buttercream as a filling do I need to refrigerate the cake after decorating. I plan on baking and making the mmf 2 days before the shower and assembling the day before. Thanks for all you help!! 🙂

  115. Thankyou for ur reply 🙂 i ended up buying red and black powder colour and it worked beautifully. Thank for sharing ur advice with us all 🙂

  116. honeygerce: Never use lard, it would not taste good. If you cant get a vegetable shortning, just use a neutral vegetable oil instead.

    Michelle: dark colors like red and black are hard to make. Most gel colors have an extra red gel color. use that and start to color your mmf while the mixture is still liquid (before the icing sugar) add color until its very pink add the icing sugar. Make the mmf and then let it rest for 1-2 days for the color to mature. Then you can knead in more red color if it needs it. Just be aware that using a lot of color can affect the workabliaty of your mmf. So when you need dark colors I would recomend to buy it ready made. It is a time saver 😉

    Anonymous: Thank you for the story and mention about toasting the mmf 🙂

  117. Hi Louise:
    I have been using your MMF for a year or so, and everyone asks where I buy it. When I tell them the recipe (and also how it costs less than $8 compared to $23), they are amazed.

    I am actually writing to tell you how yummy the MMF is when you toast it!

    The last cake I made was for a friend who loves Smores. So I used a dark chocolate cake (1 layer 9×13) set on top of a graham cracker crumb base (used small amount of gooey marshmellow to get them to stick together). Covered with a crumb coat of butter cream and of course topped with the MMF. I then took a kitchen torch and browned/toasted the MMF.

    I finished it off with some chocolate shavings and MMF flowers. It was a HUGE hit!

  118. Hi there.. i use this fondant allllll the time and find it so easy to use and work with. Just wish i knew about it years ago haha my only question is no matter what i do i cannot make the icing “red” my red simply wont work 🙁 any tips? (i have tried usng both plain white marshmellows aswell)

  119. gerce from the philippines..i love your site…in our place we do not have crisco solid vegetable shortening…the only available is lard..can i use it as a substitute to crisco?

  120. Megan: It could be because of that. You need to get the MM mixture all smooth and lump free.

    vicky: Im not sure that I understand your question?

    Anna: I would more add powdered icing sugar

  121. I read the instructions wrong from another site and added 4 extra tbspn of water so the fondant will not harden. should i add more powdered sugar or marshmallows?

  122. Hi…. ur website iss sooo fantastic. just a short question, when i do the figurine, what should i use to paste the hand, ear etc? thx a lot yaa

  123. LOVE this fondant, very easy to make, but I have a question. After I made it there were bits of what seems like gelatin in it and it wasnt smooth. Any thoughts? Maybe I didnt melt the marshmallows enough?

  124. Michelle: Tylose is always needed when making figurines ect. and you kan with no problems add it to the mmf. You can use gel colors for coloring. FOr the darker colors, you could mix black with cocoa powder. It can make it a bit dry and hard to work with though. Put in the colors when the mixture is liquid. Try not to obtain a very dark color when mixing as it is better to add a little more after the icing sugar.

    For the chocolate ganache I go with 1 part of cream and 2 parts of dark chocolate. It depends on what filling you are using in your cake if it needs to be in the fridge or not.

    Danielle: I use corn starch when rolling out.

    Wendy Bennett: I would make a brown mmf with a mix of cocoa powder and brown gel colors. Then when its dark brown knead in the black gel color. You will have the chocolate taste though. Also with dark colors the mmf can be hard to work with so make it the day before you use it or on the day.

  125. Your site is great!!!!

    Quick question… I have made MMF before and I really like it. When you make it do you ‘flour’ your surface with icing sugar or corn starch when you are rolling it out? I use icing sugar, but I was wondering if corn starch is better. Thanks!!

  126. Sorry, I have another question: do you have a recipe for chocolate ganache to cover the cake? Do you have to store a cake covered with chocolate ganache in the fridge?

  127. Hi Louise

    I just found your blog and am so inspired to try the MMF for my son’s birthday cake!

    I was just wondering – if I cover the cake with it and then want to put a figure on it, do I need to add tylose or something to the paste before covering the cake? Last year I made on with normal fondant and it was so soft that the figure fell over and tore the fondant.

    Also, can you use gel colours to colour MMF? Will it make it too sticky? I need dark colours, like black and red and yellow.


  128. Julie: I personally prefere to store it for 1 month. because it does get a little “spongy” in the end. You can also keep it well wrapped in a air thight container.

  129. I don’t think I saw the question asked, so I am sorry if it has been asked and answered. How long is the MMF good for if kept refigerated?

  130. Tooba: If you cant get Crisco then use a neutral in taste vegetable oil. I would not use the banaspati ghee. You can ad colour before or after. Ad the colour to the mmf and knead it in.

  131. Hi Louise.

    Thanks for the recipe…im gonna try it out for my daughters first birthday…just one question…crisco shortening is not available where i stay…can i use vegetable oil or banaspati ghee instead??also, if i use either of the two, won’t it give the fondant a weird taste??

    also, can i colour the fondant after kneading it??if so, how?


  132. Nadia: You need to dust your table with a little cornstarch before rolling out the mmf for the cookies. Otherwise it will stick to the surface and get all wrinkly and hard to move.

    megan: you add the icing sugar after the mm is melted.

  133. hey louise
    i just tried making the fondant icing but unfortunatley i have lumps of icing sugar in my fondant am i suppose to add the sugar before or after i microwave the marshmallows ? any tips for avoiding this mistake next time? (also i tried sifting the sugar it didn’t work)
    thanks 🙂

  134. I used this recipe today for the first time and loved it!!! This is a trial run for my daughter’s birthday cake in February and I was VERY pleased with the results. I still need to master the greased spoon techniques, but other than that, I have no complaints! Thanks for sharing!

  135. Hello Louise! I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it’s absolutely wonderful! It’s everything I dreamed of stumbling upon…especially now, since I truly do need your help. I looked through your comments, as you asked, to see if my question was answered, but I couldn’t find one, so do you mind if I ask?
    Well, I told my mother-in-law that I would bake sugar cookies for my brother-in-law’s wedding to hand out to all the guests. I discovered mmf and thought it would be wonderful to try since it gives the cookie a clean and professional look, while tasting good at the same time (since rolled fondant, to me, doesn’t taste all that good!). I followed this recipe, and it is tasting almost like bubble gum (as I read one commentator above say that, I think her name was Nikki). My cookies came out fine, but when I used my cookie cutter to cut the shape and transfer it onto the cookie, it stretched completely…it is very difficult for me to transfer it onto the cookie…did I make the mmf wrong? If so, what do you think the problem is? I would so appreciate your advice as soon as possible since I must finish the cookies by Friday afternoon :(… Thank you so much for your time!

  136. Ok thank you! i just made another batch of MMF to be ready for my next cake. im truly a beginner at this but i find the results comming better now. the recent batch i made i didn’t have any problems with the bumps in it, im still having a problem getting it the right consistancy but i think its due to too much sugar now that you mentioned it in the reply. i was told that it was one 2 pound bag of sugar to every bag of MM. as i thought back i think i may have over cooked the MM by trying to make less at a time which probable resulted in burning parts of the MM creating the bumps. thanks for all the help and just in case im going to sift the sugar as a precation. Thank You!

  137. Tim: MMF tends to be a little harder to cut through than normal rolled fondant and I think that comes from the gelantine in the mm. But it can also be because to much confectioners sugar. I always hold back some of the CS or it will be to dry and hard to work with. The bits of sugar have been asked a few times before but I have never experienced it myself. Maybe it needs an extra sifting? Have you tried to make it since the curch cerimony? if so did it happen again?

  138. Hi Louise! Thank you for having this website and giving out this great advice to everyone! i enjoy reading the posts and have decided to post one myself and seek your wisdom on the matter! i just made a large mmf cake for a church dedication cerimony, this was my first time making a large batch and i foung it difficult. the fondent came out pretty hard to cut on the cake, and some of it had little bumps in it that was not air but like sugar that hardended i was wondering what i may have done wrong to create tough mmf? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

  139. Anita S.: To hold up mmf cut outs, the best way is to knead in a little bit of Tylo powder/CMC. You would still be able to eat the butterflies. Most of my flowers is made with fondant and tylo, I let the flowers or whatever dry uncovered in a cupboard for days. I then pack them in air thight boxes and even after weeks they slightly soften if placed in frosting but they will not soften too much to loose their shape.
    I have not heard of gum paste that has a flavour. Mostly gumpaste is used for flowers/figurines that is not meant to be eaten. Well thats what I use it for.

    Shelly: MMF do sweat after being refrigerated a bit more than normal fondant. I would not use cream cheese frosting and mmf or fondant for that matter. It may cause the mmf to melt. Buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache is the best three frostings to use with mmf/fondant.

    The need for refrigeration is only if you have a perihsable filling in your cake. As I mostly use mousse fillings in my cakes im pretty cool with the sweating as I always keep my cakes in the fridge. You can however reduce the sweating by keeping the cake in a cardboard box, like the ones you can get from the post office. This will take some of the moisture from the fridge. The sweating happend like everything else when hot meets cold. A fan or A/C can help to dry up a sweating cake.
    Good luck!

  140. This site is so helpful! Thank you- I am about to embark on my first try. I noticed above you told Shana and others about the sweating after refrigeration. I’m confused though- if I have a cake with cream cheese icing and I use mmf and put it in the fridge uncovered and then take it out for an hour, will it sweat? I don’t want my first try (for thanksgiving nonetheless!) to be a disaster in front of family and friends…

  141. Newbie here 🙂
    I had one question for you. Are you able to use the MMF for designs also? Like making mini roses and butterflies…you know like you would with gum paste? Or b/c of the consistancy of it, will it not hold up? If so can you advise on the best way? I’m looking to do cupcakes with cute cut out butterflies and such on them and would love to use MMF so people can enjoy the taste vs the gum paste. And if not is there a way to sweeten or flavor gum paste so that it can taste somewhat okay?

  142. wong: im pretty sure that it can turn out different depending on what type of MM you are using. I have tried 2 brands: Haribo/charmellows and the R.M ones both of them worked good for me. Sometimes it works for one and not for the other. So stick to the other brand of MM.

    Isabell: Try and see here from Städter they both have Tragant powder, CMC and Gum arabicum. They might help you on where you can get it from.

  143. thank you soo much … your page is so greate…
    the mmf is perfect… do you have any idea what i could use instead of gumtex to make the fondant harden for flowers etc. because here in germany i cant find any…
    also i made a pink fondant but after a day or two it lost alot of the color is that normal..??
    Thank you again for this toutorial…

  144. Hi Louise,
    Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

    I read this few times and also read all the comments here to make sure I fully understand before I start..

    This is my first attempt of making MMF and I made 2 batches of MMF today as I planned to make a 3D cake this coming weekend. (wish me luck as this will also be my first attempt to use MMF to cover a cake)

    The 1st batch of MMF turned out great!

    Came to the 2nd batch (I used different brand of MM), the MM turned into very thick glue form after about 1.5mins of heating times in the oven.
    I didn’t continue as it looked totally different from the first batch.
    I used the Rocky Mountain brand for the 2nd batch.

    Any idea what went wrong?

  145. Kerri: Did you let it rest over night? This can often help. Sometimes the weather humidity can affect the fondant aswell. If you get the problem again ad a little bit, only 1/2 tsp of tylo/gumtex powder. It can help it to thicken abit.

    Merabe: yep its powdered sugar 😉

  146. I tried my hand at the mmf. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t stop it from sticking I’ve used almost the whole 2ib bag of powder sugar and still can’t seem to turn it into fondant. As soon as I start to roll it out it turns to goo again. What have I done wrong?

  147. Thanks for your great recipe Louise. I’m making a two=tiered cake for my bub’s first birthday and have a couple of Qs:
    What cakes are most suitable for MMF?
    I am not planning on filling the cakes but do I need to coat them with buttercream icing before laying the MMF over the top?

  148. Sandra: You need to use a really dark cocoa powder, dont use chocolate as this can make it hard to work with. If you cant get very dark powder then you can always use a little brown food coloring in the melted mmf mixture.

    Kerri: If you only have buttercream in the cake just store it out on the counter. If it is a perishable you need to keep it in the refrigerator. This can however make the mmf starting to sweat when you take it out so remember to take it out up to 1 hour before serving. This can help it to dry up.

    deemah: Do you mean what you can use for frosting in very hot weather? As far as I know you make an all shortening frosting. I dont have a recipe for it. But im sure there are many if you search.

  149. I’m tring my hand for the first time at the mm fondant for my daughters sweet 16. So my question is if I prepare the cake the night before with the fondant on it how do I store the cake over night? Should I leave it out on the counter?

  150. When I make Chocolate mmf why is it lighter brown? I have used the choc. 1oz squares and cocoa together. What am I doing wrong. I would like a richer darker color. So is it something I am doing wrong….?

  151. Lucie: Im pretty sure that there is an answer to your question in one of the comments. I think that you should be able to cover a 8″ cake.

    Anonymous: Could you please be a little more specific? is it when its placed over the cake? or?

    Sarah: It is so easy to make. If I should put my finger on one problem wiht the mmf, then it would be the problem with the air bubbles when you roll it out.

    Wanda: Thank you

  152. Hello: Louise

    WoooooWhooooo! Finally a fondant that tastes good! I will be trying MMF for the first time this weekend. On a Wedding Cake for my nephew. I know I will need to make several batches. Like you…I also use the go by how it feels method. Thanks for all (The Awesome, and Helpful Tips)…Have A Blessed, and Wonderful Week.

  153. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am planning to try your recipe this week. I’ve used fondant in the past but never made my own, this sounds like it will taste much better than pre-made fondant!
    Thanks so much!! =]

  154. hecmary: I have no idea on what the problem could be then 🙁 Is it very humid where you live? maybe that causing the problems with the sugar? or have you tried different brands of icing sugar?

    Nicole: yes, its powdered sugar 😉

    Shanna: It can be a mix of both. Fondant/mmf covered cakes that is stored in the refrigerator will start to sweat. When I roll out I do it on a lightly corn starch dusted surface not “greased”. Try and see if it helps.

    I go by this rule if the cake have a perishable filling like cream (mousse,fresh fruit) I will always store it in the refrigerator. 1 hour before serving the cake I take it out to, here will the cake start to sweat because of the condensation between warm & cold. But 1 hour will often help the cake to dry up and the sweating is minor. If you have a buttercream filling with jam or a chocolate ganache you can store it in a cool AC room. I have read somewhere that some store a ganache cake for up to 4-5 days this way. But you need to use the freshes cream that will not expire before the cake is eaten or the ganache can go harsh.

    I hope that helped you out?

  155. Love your site! It’s a great help to those who don’t have anyone around to ask! I’ve been making fondant cakes for a few months now w/ mmf. They all turn out really really shiny. I use crisco on my rolling out surface and on my hands & I’m assuming that’s why? Or maybe because I store it in the refrigerator covered? When I see other people’s cakes, I don’t notice them being that shiny. Any suggestions? Also – do I need to store fruit filled cakes in the refrigerator, or are they alright in a cool room?

  156. Hi Louise, no I tried that too, it’s so frustating because this never happened to me before, I’ve been making fondant all weekend and still can’t figure what I’m doing wrong…Thanks so much for helping me

  157. Rebecca: You can store fondant/MMF cakes in the fridge only it will most likely start to sweet when you take it out and it comes back to room temp. But you may never wrap your cakes in plastic wrap then the fondant/MMF will start to melt.

    I store most of my cakes in the fridge.

  158. I was hoping to try out marshmallow fondant, but was wondering if you can store the cake in the fridge with the fondant on it. You told Janice that the fondant can melt so would you say it’s not smart to store fondant cover cakes in the fridge? I’m kind of weird and don’t like cake unless it’s chilled so I wanted to know before I make a mistake!

  159. hecmary: did you add all the sugar in at one time? I have not tried it but my gues would be to only add a small scoop of sugar and stir it well and when you have a very soft dough, knead the rest in.

  160. Janice: It is not good to wrap fondant/mmf cakes in saran wrap and then in the fridge as this can make it melting. Depending on what filling you are using a buttercream cake should be stored in a cool room. If you had a perishable filling store it in the fridge but uncovered. This will make the mmf/fondant start to sweat but this is what I do all the time when I make cakes as my filling contains cream.

  161. Marcy: If you want cut outs ect to hold up the shape you need to use gum tex or tylo powder, and make sure that you let it dry properly ahead of time. When you are making strong vibrant colors add the color to the liquid mixture. But be careful not to make it vibrant in one go. Colors mature over days so it is better to color it half and then add the rest after 1-2 days.

    Im not sure that I would save the fondant with too much color. I think that I would start over again. It could give you problems that you dont want to get. So make a new fresh batch.

    For the brand of colours use Americolors they are the best end of story! If you uses their black it will get black. Some also like precolor the black mmf with cocoa powder as this makes it more easy to get black. You will then get black mmf with a sent of cocoa.

  162. Thank you so very much for your tutorial. My first attempt at fondant and a 3D cake was quite a success, and everybody was very impressed, including my daughter. Once again, thanks for helping many people smile, across the globe.

  163. Hi,I’ve always followed this recipe and I love it,I stop baking for a couple of months and last saturday I tried and it had lumps of sugar I couldn’t get rid of,I tried 3 times and same problem even though I sifted the sugar every time, What am I doing wrong? can you help me please?

  164. I have never decorated a cake at all, ever. I’ve tried frosting and writing happy birthday on cakes before, but never liked how they turn out because the icing isn’t smooth and my writing isn’t the best. I have my son’s 18th birthday and my daughter’s baby shower coming up next weekend so, I decided to try to make cakes using fondant in order to save some money. Yes, I’ve been watching Cake Boss and Aces of Cakes!! I didn’t want to spend money on fondant, as that would have defeated the purpose of saving money. I used your recipe and decided to experiment with my son’s birthday cake. I opted for using two 10″ layers with a buttercream icing to make one tier. I am absolutely thrilled! It took a little experimentation to get the proper consistency and I had to roll it out three different times to get the hang of covering the cake; but, it really turned out great.

    I then decided to conquer the two tier baby shower cake. Both of these cakes turned out better than I could have imagined. I worked on them this weekend because I wanted to be sure that I would still have time to go buy cakes if they didn’t turn out. So, now my concern is how best to store these cakes so as not to end up with a disaster when presenting them. I wrapped each cake loosely in saran wrap and have stored in a fridge in our basement on a low setting (2). Is there something else I should be doing or any other tips you can suggest so they will look nice next weekend?

    Thanks for any assistance and for this site. It made this project very easy for me!!

  165. Actually, that helps a lot. Thank you. I have a new set of problems now. I have learned that MMF is great tasting and rolls thin so it is easy to coat cakes with but as far as shaping is concerned I still have not learned how to handle it. I tried to make some shaped cakes with MMF and had problems making cut outs that dry well, they also flatten on the side that they sit. Would I also use gumtex to hold up shapes for cutouts or should I do something different. Also, I tried coloring some MMF to get it to look like the vibrant colors in some of the cake decorating books and I added lots of coloring but between all the color adding and kneading the MMF became too soft and gummy. It lost all its ability to hold up and it was sticky, how do I save that piece of fondant that I have already added so much color to but that has lost its consistency? Also, what colors should I use to make good strong colors on this fondant. I tried Wilton’s colors and the black looked green on a fistful size of fondant (and I put a lot of black in it).

  166. Marcy: If you are using the inpression mat for fondant to go on a cake. It can be a bit tricky both because you want to keep the impression intact but you also want to smooth the fondant on the cake nicely without messing up the pattern. I would roll out direct on the impression mat (remember to lightly dust it with icing sugar or cornstarch. Use the mat to transfer the fondant to the cake and gently peel off the mat. I think that this is the best way to do it rather than using a rolling pin. You need to carefully smooth the fondant on to the cake with your hands.

    If you are making a bow you would need to mix in some tylo powder or gumtex try 1/2 a tsp to the mmf in the post at a time to help harden up the mmf. Otherwise if will be too soft and it wont hold up the shape.I hope this helps.

  167. Louise,

    Thanks for the great recipe! Our cake was a HIT and it does taste better than regular fondant.
    We did have to use quite a bit of Crisco when working with it to keep it from drying out.

    My finished result can be seen at:

    Thanks again for the help. Looking forward to trying some more Cake Journal recipes.

  168. Hello Louise,

    I hope you can help me. I recently made a cake with Fondxcel (spelling ?). It is suppose to be like marshmallow fondant. I was following a Wilton pattern and using a Wilton impression mat. However, when it came time to roll the fondant onto the rolling pin and roll it over the cake I found that the fondant stretched and and stuck to itself in some places. I was really disappointed with the look of the cake because you could hardly make out the impression lines and the fondant was difficult to work with, so difficult that I did not attempt to make a bow that was shown on the cake instructions. I was hoping to try my hand at making your recipe for fondant but I hesitate to do so if I will get similar results. Can you give me advice about how I can use your fondant to make bows without them falling or how to use an impression mat and still get clear results. Also if you can advise me on how to handle the fondant that would be great because the rolling pin method did not work. Note: the cake was a 3.5 inch deep 10 inch cake and the weather was not humid.

  169. Molly: when you make mmf, it is always good not to use all the powdered sugar at once. I like to save some of it for the next day. It it still fells sticky I can extra rather than it end up dry and crumble. It should feel like pliable and strechy play dough.

    Sunny: You can make the mmf now for later use like with the toppers than you mentioned. They will harden slightly but should not affect the shape. Are you planning on adding tylo/cmc to the mmf? so that the toppers will be more hard?

    For the storage of mmf covered cakes, I say that it depends on the filling. If its not a perishable filling but a BC there should not be any problems to store it for 3-4 days. Well away from direct sunlight and with cool room temp.

  170. Hi sis!
    I appreciate your site so much… it helps me a lot.
    Thanks for being so very nice in answering all of our questions.

    My son will celebrate his 7th bday on Sunday, can I make the mmf now and put just in ziploc bag and store it in a container? What about if I want to make a cake now, how long can I store it with mmf in it?

    I wanted to make a preshape mmf now, like pencils, crayons and other schools supplies… can I do it as early as now, does will affect the shape later on? I will put it on a cupcake as my cupcake topper.

    Thank you…
    More blessing for you!

  171. I just made 3 batches of mmf and have never made it before. I am wondering what it should feel/look like once enough icing sugar is added and if I can add more icing sugar to it tomorrow if needed?

  172. I need to cover an approximately 6.5 x 14 inch cake with mmf (plus one large rose), and I was wondering how many batches will I need to make??? Thanks so much, this is a great tutorial!

  173. Sandi: I would add the color when the mixture is liquid. I would use Americolors as they have some great colors and their black (and red) is the best. Just be careful not to add too much color when liquid. You then let the color (mmf) mature over 1-2 days and if needed you can add more color. Some also just make chocolate mmf and then add the black color.

    C: Since you is going to need 3 colors I would color the mmf after its been made.

  174. Hi Louise,
    I am going to be needing Black and Red fondant. I have been making MMF for a couple years now, but any time Ive colored it Ive only gone pastel. Have you had good success with dark rich colors?
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  175. hi,
    i only need to cover a small cake, so i will keep to the amounts of ingredients given here, but i need yellow fondant, black fondant and also grey fondant. when should i split the mixture and add the colourings?
    thanks for the awesome recipe 🙂

  176. heya,
    thankyou so much for this, it’s a really great recipe and I look forward to using it, but I was just wondering, what sort of size cake will this cover ?
    thanks again! 🙂

  177. Hi, I just made your fondant and it tasted and looked good. Tonight I’m making the buttercream and tomorrow I’ll be baking the cake. I’m nervous about putting the fondant itself on. Any tips on how to apply fondant on a cake? Thanks,

  178. Emma: I have not had any problem about storing it for 2-3 months but I do like to make it “fresh” batch by batch as it can be to stiff over time.

    Amanda: What kind of food coloring did you use? Try and color the mmf before you add the CS and see if it makes a difference. If it is still too moist then use more CS or you can knead in a little cornstrach this will make it a bit more “dry”

  179. thanks for this, im 14 and love cake decorating i started when i was 7 with my aunt and now im doing cakes for parties i really needed a good recipie for marshmellow fondant for this cake im makeing this weekend so thanks a bunch :]

  180. It didn’t really get dry, more like too moist. So the we would roll it out and it would stick. Everything we seemed to add made it worse.

  181. Hi Louise,

    How long is the shelf life of this fondant? Im planning on making some cookies (shortbread as they last longer than sugar cookies) with fondant about a week in advance of an event.


    PS – Wonderful site 🙂

  182. Lacie: You can use the mmf to cover dummy cakes as well as regular fondant.

    Debi: What type of filling would be in the cake? As with regular fondant it will harden up a bit. If you only have bc in the cake 3-4 days should be ok.

    Amelia: That what I experience as well. You can smoothe the mmf before covering the cake that will take some of the airbubbles. Its because of all the kneading. If you still have AB after covering you can use a pin and if you cant get the tiny “holes” away fill them with a lillte bit of bc in the same tone. That trick is used by Sharon from SugarEd.

    Anonymous: It is better to use a neutral vegetable oil instead.

    Amanda: I have not had trouble it going dry and crack but I did have trouble getting the color well blended. You can prevent it by adding the colors before the CS and if then after its made mix it with white mmf to get lighter colours.

  183. Amy: You could use brown food coloring along with the cocoa powder so that you dont have to use to much cocoa powder so that it get dry.

  184. I made this recipe and the fondant came out great. But…when I added food coloring it changed the texture and consistancy. It made it hard to roll and cracked A LOT. How do I sucessfully color the fondant to where it was the same consistancy when it was white?

  185. hi, I love the taste of MMF so much more than the fondant that comes in a box… I have just one question, can I use softened butter instead of the crisco?

  186. Hi Louise,

    I’m making another cake this weekend with mmf. I only have butter flavored shortening, just wondering if I’m going to color the mmf blue, then will it make a difference, because the butter flavored shortening is the color of butter? I didn’t know if that would effect the outcome of the color too much when adding blue, I don’t want green or something.

  187. I just made some MMF according to this recipe and am waiting for the cake to cool so I can give it a go. I’m the world’s worst cook, and it worked! Woohoo.

  188. Louise,

    How far in advance can I cover & store a cake with MMF and it still look/taste fine? I am going to create (with color flow)figures to afix with icing to the MMF covered cake and because the figures will be very time consuming I wanted to have the cake made & covered earlier. This will be the first time I have made MMF and am hoping it turns out well because this cake will be the centerpiece at a baby shower.

  189. Hello,
    can you use mmf to cover dummy cakes? will it last as long and hold up like fondant covered dummy cakes? i like to keep mine for long periods of time.

  190. Lauren: I leave my cakes out if I dont have any perishable filling in them. I only use the real butter buttercream and I keep my solid cakes out for up to 4 days. Of course out of direct sunlight and high temp.

    I store my unused mmf for up to 1 month as I like it “freshly” made

  191. quick question – you say its ok to crumb coat and fill with buttercream under the mmf and that you dont need to refrigerate that….what kind of buttercream do you use though? is it the shortening kind or the all butter kind. if you use real butter in the buttercream, is it ok to leave the mmf cake out for awhile? im a little confused.
    Also – i tried to make your mmf for the 1st time last night and it worked LOVELY. finally a good recipe! thank you!!!!

  192. Louise,
    Thank you!!! Your tutorial for MMF was easy to follow, and mine turned out perfect….which usually doesn’t happen the first time. I bought the 5 petal cutter and silicone veiner as well, and my friends could not believe that I had actually made them…lol.

  193. Louise!!
    I love this fondant!! It is amazing and actually tastes good. A fondant that actually tastes good, who would have thought?! My family was amazed. Since I’ve tried your mmf, I’ve really gotten into cake decorating, and I’m thinking about starting my own little business. Thanks for the inspiration!

  194. Cakelady: My mmf never last that long 😉 It can be kept in the freezer for up to three month, well that how long I would store it. In the fridge or in a airthight container I would not store it longer that 2 months.

    Evon: sure of course. I just showed the colored ones but you dont have to ad color on the day that you make it…. 🙂

    Anonymous: Thats the sad part when working with mmf you need to re-heat it in the microwave to make it pliable to work with. But be VERY CAREFULL the mmf can get burning hot in the microwave so you should only heat it for a few secs. at at time.

  195. I’d just like to say thanks for the super easy tutorial.
    I made fondant for the first time and it worked out well, except that the temperature when I made it was very very cold which made it really hard to work with the fondant after a while.

  196. Hi Louise,

    Could i color my white MMF the next day? cause as your instruction you put we color our MMF when it melt. So can i keep the white MMF then color it later when i want to use?

    Please advise

    thanks in advance

  197. Hi Louise, love your site and tutorials! You are an inspiration!

    Question for you: How long can MMF be stored? I ended up making a lot of MMF and have it stored in the fridge since end-March…

    Thanks in advance.

  198. good day! your website is wonderful.. 🙂 may I ask, can I use lard as a substitute for crisco? thank you.. ^_^v

  199. mel: If you have tried with gumtex to the mmf. Im not sure what then to do. Because that is the tricky part when working with a “sugardough”. I really wished that I had the answer to it.

    jay: you can color it before or after. Its just a good trick when you want to make very dark colors that you pre-color if before.

    Ana: at first my mmf did not turn out white but ivory like yours. But then the next day when I started to kneading it. It became more and more white. But if you still dont find it enough white then you can add some “white brightner” from Americolor. If it still feels sticky the next day ad small amounts of icing sugar.

    I have not had the bestest luck with melted chocolate in mmf. It cracked and was very dry. You can flavour it with chocolate if its because of the chocolate taste you want.

  200. Hey Louise..
    I forgot to ask you in the prevous post,, can you add white cocholate to MMF ???? and if so when would you do it?


  201. Hi Louise!!!
    hope this finds you well.
    Thank you so much for your website.. I will never get tired of thanking you.. My question is what technique do you use to make MMF turn out white.. is there anything I can put in it?? I have made it about six times now and so far I don’t have any issues other than it still being a little sticky and the color.. When I make it it comes out a very light kind of ivory color,, its not white,, I need to make an all white cake in two weeks and Im a little worried on this..
    Hope you can help me with this..
    Thank you so much!!!

  202. Thank you so much!

    I’ve been looking for an MMF recipe that was easily explained. Hopefully I will be able to make it correctly for my school assessment.

    I was wonder if it was possible to add food colouring after I’ve kneaded the dough as I need different colours but I’m unsure on the amounts I’ll need.

  203. hi i have been using mmf ever since coz i find it easier to make than fondant from scratch. at first it turned okay–it was still hot (summer) here in the philippines. but now that we have rainy weather most of the time, my mmf becomes sticky, soft, shiny and never hardens. i tried adding gum tex to it for my figures but results are the same. after awhile it melts. what do i need to do with it so it won’t turn sticky. i can’t even make fondant or gumpaste ribbons coz it won’t harden. i hope u can help me with this dilemma. i will definitely be very thankful…..

  204. LS: if not adding any flavouring it taste sweet of marshmallows ans vanilla. You may want to use clear flavouring if you want to use it all white.
    Not all fondant brands taste nice 😉

    Karessa: I would just wrap it well and store it in a air thight container.

  205. Hi Louise!

    I tried this mmf and it turned out beautifully!

    i melted teh marshmellows over a double boiler and found it was much easier than the microwave..

    i also mixed teh sugar in by hand.. it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  206. Hello! Thanks for the instructions! Just wondering, can I store the fondant in the fridge if i don’t plan on using it for a few days? How long can I store it for if so? Thanks!

  207. Thank you for the great instructions. I made my first ever “doll cake”…a ballerina…and covered the dress with your mm fondant which came out great the first time and was very easy to cover the cake and doll bodice with. (I did break down and use the mixer though…worked great after that). I know a number of 3-year olds who are going to be really excited in the morning, and the birthday girl already tasted some of the extra fondant and gave it her thumbs up as well. I even had enough to make a “ribbon” that went around the cake plate and ended up in a bow. Thanks so much!

  208. Thank you so much! Recently i’ve been using the shop made regular fondant and could never seem to make it look ‘perfect’ so i decided to make this stuff and it is so good! It’s so much more flexible and easy to cover a cake with. And it’s so easy to make. I love it!

  209. Hi! How does it taste, if I don’t add any flavoring. Oh, and if I do decide to add flavor, can I just use vanilla extract?
    Thanks for the recipe! My first try at fondant was a couple weeks ago – turned out cute, but tasted horrible.

  210. Amber: I would double, so that you have something to work with. For the cocoa it a bit tricky because it can make it more dry and trouble to work with. so I would for a double portion stir in about 1 cup of cocoa for a start and see how dark it gets and then add a bit more if it is very light. Also hold back some of the powder sugar for the next day if you can.

    mindy: Yes it is.

    Nicole: Once you have rolled out your mmf, smooth it with a smoother before you give it a very light dust of cornstarch. Then you carefully roll it on to your rolling pin and lift it over the cake.

    If you only use BC then you dont need to store in the fridge.

  211. Hi Louise,
    I was so excited to find this recipe. I am just learning how to decorate cakes and regular fondant is just SO expensive! This seems perfect!

    Just wondering if you have any tips for lifting it and putting it on the cake. I need to cover a 9×13 cake. Once i get it all rolled out, how the heck do i lift it over the cake?
    also, i was going to use “bettercreme” on the cake (its the only frosting the kids will eat). it will not need to be refridgerated. will this be ok?
    thanks for the tips! =)

  212. This sounds Wonderful! I have a question however. Will this recipe cover a 2 layer 8in cake? Or will I need to double? And I plan to use cocoa to give it a chocolate flavor, approximately how much should I add? I don’t want to overkill ;). Thank you so much!!

  213. Thanks for the mmf recipe! I used it and was very pleased. I am learning to work with fondant and would LOVE to see a tutorial on how to cover a cake with fondant. My first attempt did not go so well! Thanks for the great info!

  214. Can MMF be used to cover cake boards like a regular rolled fondant can? I love that look but wasn’t sure if the MMF would be too soft!


  215. Sue: Thank you for the tip on using cooking spray 🙂 And I think that you are right about ading too much IS with ´the mixer, I also like to just knead in by hand.

    Emerie: I think someone have made a comment about this, but I am not sure. We dont have marshmallow cream here so I dont know. Why not try and if it turns out good, then please leave a comment about the results. THX!

  216. Louise!!

    I used your recipe for the pink & purple baby shower cookies i just did this past week! It is soooo delish!! Thanks for your awesome website and all the great tips! Next up, I’m making your cake stand for an upcoming bday party with cupcakes. 😀

    Jan aka CookieJan on flickr

  217. Nope I was asking how to make it look like the knobs were one with the rest of the cake but you answered my question! Thanks!!! I’ll have to try that next time.

  218. I just made a batch of this, and all I can say is WOW! Easy to make, easy to work with, and tastes delicious. I do alot of baking, and always try to dissuade people from fondant cakes. They dont taste good, and it is not easy to work with. But, from now on,,I will tell them about MMF!
    I used cooking spray instead of Crisco, sprayed my suface, my spoon and my hands and worked the sugar in by hand. It only took a few minutes and was able to get the consistency right. I think it would be easy to put too much sugar in it using the mixer.
    I already covered a cake and some cupcakes with this, and it is soooo much easier to work with than the store bought fondant. I am sold on MMF!!!

  219. Navasha: Are you thinking of how you secure the knobs to the rest of the “cake”? I would take some mmf in the same color soften it with tiny drops of water until you get a pipeable consistency. Fill a piping bag and pipe around the knobs. Then take a damp paint brush and smooth out the piped line.

  220. I am making lego cakes to stack for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. They look nice but I am covering the knobs on the top of the lego pieces seperately. How do I connect them to the “body” and make them look like one solid piece instead of stacked pieces?

    Does that make sense?

  221. ana: It is always good to hold back on the icing sugar (1 pound) and then add the rest when you are going to use it. Crisco is the best thing to keep is kneadable. But too much Crisco is not good either, so you need to find the balance. The mmf will keep well for up to 1 month, some freezes it. I dont like to keep mine too long ahead.

    Jacqueline: You can color it before adding the icing sugar og after when its made.

    Katerina: Mmf tend to harden so it is good to hold back some of the icing sugar or it will get too dry and hard. For the oil I would use a neutral vegetable oil, not olive and not margarine.

    If the mmf is hard it is more easy to knead after a few secs in the mikrowave. Wrap any left over in plastic wrap and a plastic bag and then in an airthight container.

    jg: You can melt mm over a dobble boiler instead.

  222. hi. I’m planning to make this soon for a birthday cake!! What a great site!! I don’t have microwave, is there any other way to make it all melt?? Thanks very much.

  223. Dear Louise,

    Your site is extremeny helpful and so, so pretty!!
    I am writing about the mm fondant. I live in Greece and we do not have marshmallows, so I made some using a recipe from you tube – they were excellent and then proceeded to the rest of the recipe. My problem is this : when I finished kneading, I had a wonderfully soft and fluffy dough, but then I left it for an hour wrapped in cling film and it hardened so much to the point that I had to use 1/4 of margarine (no crisco or anything similar here either. We have plenty of vegetabl oils, olive oil for one, but none in compact form).Is this bad? Should I have warmed it in the microwave instead? Also, what can I do for the leftovers?Can I really place them in an airtight container and if yes for how long? Is it preferable to put it in the freezer in portions and thaw the quantity I need each time?
    Thanks to people like you, we embellish the lives of our loved ones!!!
    Best regards,

  224. Thank for sharing all your knowledge!! About the mmf do you have to color it when the mm is melted ot it can be done after all the steps, so I just color the amount that I want to use. Thanks a lot!!!!

  225. hi louise!! I tried my first mmf today and I have to tell you that I never though it would be so easy,, I flavored it with almond extract and I loved how it smelled and tasted.. Thank you so much!! I have a question though, I’m not using the mmf for another week, will it keep? And is it always necessary to keep putting crisco on it to make it smooth? Or did I maybe put to much sugar on it?after I finished putting the sugar on it seemed a little dry and I added some crisco to it, kneaded it and it became nice and smooth again.. But I’m concerned as to how much crisco is enough, and doest it affect the way the mmf holds when I’m ready to cover the cake??
    Again thanks for your help !!!!

  226. Well, I finally made marshmallow fondant this weekend.
    Only when I was making it I realized the fat (used coconut fat instead of Crisco) is not an ingredient, but used to grease work board and hands ! : )
    It really tastes very good. It is pure marshmallow and now regular sugarpaste/ fondant tastes awful to me ….
    BUT I found it a little bit difficult to work with. I covered the cake the day after and even warming it a bit in the microwave, it was like a big chewing gum, difficult to roll perfectly and smoothly as the sugarpaste.
    could it be something with my recipe or it is just the way marshmallow fondant is ?

  227. Andrea Kopp: No it dont give a big portion. I never go by the excact meassures anymore when I make mmf. I just melt as many mm as I like and add fat & icing sugar as I feel. Its hard to go wrong with this recipe.

  228. I read all the comments and finally found a coconut fat.
    It worked great and it really tastes sooooo good ! Just like regular marshmallow ! I am sure kids will love it !

    I made two recipes, but just think it did not make a lot of fondant out of it.
    Each recipe weights around 500gr only
    Is it the way it is or I should add some more sugar ?

    Thanks and I will post pictures of the final cake next week

  229. Krystal: you can add color before and after when you make it.

    ana: I always cover my cakes seperately and then stack them. Do you need to now more on what tools in basic that are good or???

  230. hi louise!! Your tutorial is awesome and seems very easy..
    My question is: when making a tiered cake covered with mmf do you cover the cake as one piece or do you cover them separetly and then stack them?? And what if any special tools do you need.. Thank you so much for all your help. Your work is amazing and you make it so easy for all of us to learn from..

  231. Hello Louise, I love the sound of your mmf, and i dont know if someone has already asked you this question but can you add the colour at the end of the recipe, because i have alot of different colours i need to use.

  232. Julie: It is hard to say how much icing sugar you should ad, you have to feel it. Try add only 1 pound of icing sugar and see if it takes more if so then ad 1/2 cup at a time. If it still is slightly sticky then wrap it up and let it rest untill the next day.

  233. I think I need more instruction. How much icing sugar I have to put in the first time and how long I have to wait? Why they don’t write it in the recipe? I look for many videos on youtube and nobody told me to wait.

    Thank you so much

  234. Chelsea: You can use this as PF I have not tried it though. But I have seen good results with it.

    Julie: Did you add all the icing sugar at once?? because the trick is to not add of it at once but wait until next day.

    Andrea: if you can’t get crisco then just use a neutral oil than butter and margarine. it works just as good.

  235. Well, it is time for me to give a try, but I definitely cannot find Crisco or similar in Switzerland !
    they just have regular butter and margarine ! Or I must be blind !
    I have no options but try to use butter…..
    I come back to say what happened !
    wish me luck
    i know i will need it ! hehe

  236. Thanks for your awesome tutorials, you do amazing work! I was wondering if there is a way to use this as a poured fondant? I am making some petit fours for our Daisy troops tea party and I was thinking they would probably like the taste of the marshmallow fondant better. Thanks!!

  237. dpotter: it depend weather it is the “normal” ganache or the whipped one?

    For normal i use equal parts of cream and chocolate. This can be used the same day.

    For the whipped one I use 1000 ml to 400 grams dark chopped chocolate. Whip it the next day.

    Jacqueline: No problems with a double batch.
    I would say that 3 batches would be enough for 8″ + 10″ if you dont roll it out too thick.

    Cookie: You can get gum T. and Tylo powder from most cake decorating supplie stores.

  238. Thanks so much for this great tutorial! I am making MMF for the first time for my niece’s birthday cake. I have a couple of questions that I couldn’t seem to find the answer for….

    Can I make a double batch?
    Also, how many batches will I need to cover a 10″ and an 8″ layer?

    Thanks so much!

  239. do you have a favourite recipe for chocolate ganache, or what is your favourite/recommended crumb layer recipe?

    love love love your cakes!!!!!!!!!

  240. missi: I dont have any print options at the moment. I have thought of it for a while. So rightnow I think that you just have to copy/paste the text to save it.

  241. Louise ~ First of all, I LOVE your blog! I check often to see what’s new. What is the simplest way to print recipes from here? I’m a recipe-aholic and love finding new things to try! Thank you for the fantastic ideas! I always smile when I read this blog!

  242. Hilary: I hope you will have fun with the MMF 🙂

    Dee: I have only heard it about the one from wilton, there are nice tasting ready fondants aswell. There are no problems with adding color to the mmf after its been made. I just like that if you are going to use a really dark color like red ect. then it is nice to color it before.
    Just warm it a bit to make it more pliable when kneading in the color.

    Darcie: The oily finish will go away when you roll it out.

  243. Thanks for this recipe. I was surprised at how well it went my first time making fondant! And it’s definitely more yummy than normal fondant. My only concern was it had an oily finish to it because of all the crisco on my hands. How can I get it more matte?

  244. Hi! Thank you so much for posting this! I have always loved to bake, but have never tried to make fondant. I had read that regular fondant tastes horrible, so I was excited to discover this recipe for MMF. I actually just made a batch tonight, but forgot to add in the food coloring. Do you think it will be too late to do so tomorrow night? I have already wrapped up my MMF and put it in the fridge. Thank you!

  245. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is so simple…I wish I would have found it sooner! It saved me a bunch of money and it tastes great!

  246. Julie: If you are looking for a way to obtain perfect smooth corners on cakes then I would recomend you to look at a dvd by Sharon Zambito:

    Her dvd’s are so helpful in any way.

    Dana: Do you mean after it is covered with mmf? if so just keep it in a cardbord cake box. The mmf will dry slightly but it will not go rock solid. The buttercream will still keep it soft on the inside.

    If you want to start ahead then make the most of the decorations thats what is most time consuming. You can let the decorations dry slightly and then store it in a airthight box.

    Amelia: well you can use a very very thin brushed layer of jam, like sieved apricot jam.

    SS: yes you can. I have heard that the strawberry flavoured ones are good.
    I have only tried a brand called “Rocky mountain” and they were nice.

  247. Hi,

    Wow! This blog is very impressive- and well done you for replying to everyone’s questions!
    I have a quick question… this is the first time I’ve come accross MMF and my husband is dairy-free, so it looks great! Do I have to put something between the MMF and the cake? Any ideas for what? I saw earlier you said jam wasn’t a good idea…
    Thanks so much.

  248. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this receipe, it’s great! My husband is dairy-free so this is the perfect icing for him! Just a question tho- any ideas for what i can put between the cake and the fondent? Obviously he can’t eat cream….
    Thanks so much

  249. Louise,
    Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I am planning ahead, but I will be making my son’s first birthday cake in June. I had planned on buying fondant, but after reading this and doing a little research, I think I am going to take the next four months and practice so I can make the MMF myself.
    My question is…I like the schedule you laid out for Katie on reply #136, about when to start the cake, but how should I cover the cake to prevent it from drying out? Our party will be Saturday afternoon, and I want to start the cake early so I am not rushed. Thank you in advance!!

  250. Tanya: I would start out with 1 tsp flavoring. Marshmallows often have vanilla flavor so try and taste it while its stil liquid.

    Dont worry it is so easy to make. Easy but sticky 🙂

  251. janice: I would start by adding the amount stated. If it seems dry wich will most likely happen when making cocoa mmf you can always add a little more.

    Strawberry jam sound fine the way you suggested.

  252. I was just wondering if I used some liquid flavoring in this recipe, how much should I use? What flavorings do you suggest? I have studied this tutorial for many, many nights, and think I have worked up enough confidence to try it this weekend! Thank you so much!

  253. how much of oil should i add in the fondant if i add cocoa powder? i followed your suggestion and came across plenty of vegan strawberry cakes. Thanks for the advise. Strawberries are expensive here maybe i can heat strawberry jam a bit and spread it as a filling and also stir this liquid in the buttercream to make strawberry buttercream? i thought maybe i could use cookie cutters for embossing. coz we get that here . i have with me some cutters. but pls do a tutorial on using impression mats. i have no idea where to start using the cookie cutters. i am gonna be making this marshmallow fondant soon. :):):) thanks a lot

  254. Becky: Yes, please be VERY CAREFUL when heating the mmf in the microwave. I hope your hand feel’s better know.

    tammy: Like you I dont like the taste of home made fondant but this mmf taste just like marshmallows so if you like those. I am sure that you will like this.

    janice: oil or Crisco will help make the mmf more soft and pliable if it seems dry. There should be enough to cover a 8″ round cake.

    For the eggless cakes have you tried to search for vegan cakes? Can you get frozen strawberries? if so then cook some strawberries to make a thick pure and fold some of it to the batter maybe?

    Your suggestion on a tutorial on impressions mats sounds good. Many are using scrapbooking stamps for embossing.

  255. do i have to add oil ( instead of crisco) in the fondant if i add cocoa powder? I also would like to know how big a cake would this recipe of yours cover. last of all, do you have a eggless strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream recipe ? i am unable to find a good one. i don’t get strawberries here, so what do i do for a strawberry cake? i am afraid i am asking plenty of questions. sorry for that. could you pls have a tutorial on how to use impression mats and dividers? actually, i am not getting such fancy tools here and don’t know what to use for a impression mat. any ideas? thanks a lot

  256. sorry to be asking this question, but is the taste of this fondant good? coz i made sugar paste before and it tasted awful, disgusting!!!!!!!!!:) i would love to make this fondant but am scared to. by the way, your tutorials are way too good. thanks a lot for sharing your ideas.

  257. be very careful if you stick it in the microwave. the first time i made this i warmed it up for only a few seconds, but with microwave hot spots one side got to warm, when i reached in to take it out i ended up burning my entire hand… ouch!

  258. Stephanie: have you tried to let it rest overnight to see if it the MMF will absorb the clumps of sugar? You could also try and warm it a few sec in the microwave and then knead it? Carefull you dont get burned with the warm MMF.

  259. HELP I followed the recipe to a T but it was another site and they did not say to sift the sugar and now I have little clumps I have been picking out. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much I am bookmarking this site since you detail it so much better 🙂 Thanks

  260. lulu: there are many marshmallow recipe’s if you try and google.

    Katie: You can use chocolate frosting if you like. When I make cakes to be eaten saturday I start wednesday or thuesday by baking the cake. Spilt and fill friday and if I have the time cover and decorate saturday.

    If not I split and fill the cake early friday. Cover and decorate late friday.

  261. Hi, thanks for this recipe! Iam making a Guitar Hero guitar cake for my son’s birthday party and have made the mmf, but now I’m just wondering when to make the cake? How far in advance is too early? Does the cake have to have bc frosting? I was think a white chocolate frosting to cut down on the sweetness.

  262. Kay: Well you have done it already for me 😉 thx

    Summer: Well that depends on what kind of store bought you are thinking of. Because you can get nice tasting fondant so you have to look for the right brand. But MMF taste sweet and marshmallow like. So I thinks it taste nice.

  263. You might want to consider adding a “how to clean up marshmallow fondant” to your post 😛

    I filled the bowl with hot water and threw the utensils in it. Walked away for ten minutes and it had all melted off. Things that couldn’t go in the dishwasher, however, I had to chisel off. Bummer 😛

  264. cake-a-licious. Did you rub it in crisco before you wraped it in plastic?? Or maybe you have added too much icing sugar? I always hold back a bit or it gets too dry.

  265. Hey there…wonderful tutorial on mmf and its a definite fav of mine although not to talented in using it as yet! What i wanted to know was…i made some mmf and had it stored in plastic wrap, den a plastic packet and again in a zip lock bag with no air what so ever and had left it for a few days! Once i opened i discovered a crusty layer on the outside and a very crumbly fondant. I live in very humid climate and wanted to know why this happens and would leaving it in the fridge perhaps prevent this! Thanx again for being so kind and sharing not only your recipes but ure talents,tips and expertise!

  266. Hi,
    Could I use marshmallow creme instead of melting marshmallows? I try to avoid microwaves, and it seems like I could heat the marshmallows over a double boiler, but if I can skip straight ahead to marshmallow creme that would be great.


  267. I just wanted to thank you so much for recipe. My husband and I love making and using the fondant. We have done several cakes and are so happy with it. I wanted to let you know about a new process we tried this last time. We have a Kitchen Aid stand up mixer. We used the bread hook to make the fondant this time. It made it so easy. We just used the crisco on the sides of the mixer and on the bread hook. Then we just added the melted marshmallows and the powdered sugar. Then we split up the fondant and added color to it. It saved us so much time. I thought you may want to add it to the website for people that have the stand mixer. It made it a breeze. Thanks!

  268. jessie: The most important to get a cake smoothe is to make sure that you dont over fill your cake with filling or it will most likely bulge on the sides. Also make sure to trim your cake to get it as straight as possible and then there is the crumbcoating with buttercream or chocolate ganache I can recomend you to get the dvd Flawless fondant by Sharon Zambito see here:
    Your cakes will never be the same……

  269. Hi Louise,
    I admire your work. I have made many cakes out of fondant but sometimes their will be minor mistakes. I have been lucky that I could hide them with details. I am trying to learn how I could make a very simple cake without any mistakes on it. Your cakes are simple and so smooth. You cannot notice the cake at all. What do I need to do to make it look so perfect.

  270. Hi dear ser plz help me how can i upload you a picture? i see a beautiful cake .can you help me how can i make it? i like send you that,s cake picture? how can do it? thanks a lot

  271. Anne: Thank you fro the recipe for the MM I will look forward to try them out.
    Try take about 500 grams and knead in 1 tsp of GT. Start with less it will harden thicken over time so it is always good to add less.

    I often throw out small pieces that have gone stone hard with Tylo or GT added.

  272. i have one more question louise, how much gum tragacanth to add in? i have nvr used this in my life and im gonna get sum. im from msia and we cant get tylo here… after a lot of searching i finally managed to find gum tragacanth.. but now that i have it, i have no idea how much to use! help! 🙂

  273. Hi Louise,

    thats good news! of cuz i’ll love to share my recipe with you.

    here it is;

    21g gelatin (unsweetend/unflavoured)
    1/2 cup cold water
    2 cups sugar
    2/3 cup corn syrup
    1/4 cup water
    1/8 tsp salt
    2tsp vannila essence

    1. Mix gelatin and cold water in mixer bowl. Leave to bloom for 10 mins.
    2. While that is blooming, mix sugar, corn syrup and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
    3. Let it boil till it reaches 250 F on a candy thermometer.
    4. Take it off the heat, and pour it into the gelatin mixture while running the machine. Pour in thin streams and not all at once. (start the mixer at low speed cuz the sugar may spash and sugar BURNS! i got burnt a couple of times LOL)
    5. Once all the sugar is in, whip at high speed and you will see the mixture doubling in portion. Nice thick white liquid! (apprx : 5 mins)
    6. At this stage, add in 1/8 tsp of salt and some vannila. you can add colouring in at this stage.
    7. Pour out into a sheet pan that has been sprayed with Pams and dusted with confectioners sugar. Let it sit overnight and turn it over the next day. Cut into 1 inch squares.

    *It sticks everywhr but washing is a breeze with marshies!

    Hope this is helpful. I would love to share my recipes with you especially when you have been so kind to share yours with all of us! God bless!

  274. Margaret Ban: Yes that should work or you can also try to melt them in a pot over low heat on the stove. when making Krispie treats the MM are melted over the stove.

  275. Travoshki: Could it be from over kneading?? if ther are small air bubbles when you have rolled out the mmf. Then use the smoother to remove the airbubbles before covering the cake.

    Anne: I guess that you can use your own homemade MM (yum) and I think that there should be no problems adding the icing sugar when the MM is liquid. If they are made then simply melt them in the microwave with water (look at the recipe for excact amount)

    I have always wanted to make my own MM maybe you would share your recipe??

  276. Hi Louise,

    I have been baking since i was 9yrs old and only recently have i decided to make it a business. Of cuz, ppl love pretty looking cakes and one good way to achieve those is by using fondant! I hate the taste of it and so i came across your site and MMF sounds perfect! You sure seem to be great at this! Thats why i am very sure you can help me.. 🙂

    My question is; I usually make my own homemade marshmallows – so can i just use that for the marshies rather than have to buy them ready made and melt it? And if i am able to use my own homemade marshies, can i just use it while its still liquidy or do i wait for it to set and then melt it with sum water? is there a science to this reason?

  277. Hello Louise,

    Firstly thank you for all your advise, I love reading all your tips!! I wonder if you can help me please, I have been using the MMF for a couple of months now, but with each batch, the MMF seems to be getting more and more air bubbles, really little ‘pin prick’ like holes? Do you have any tips on what I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks again & I look forward to hearing from you soon!!


  278. Khris: it is not important that you add it before microwave. You can add/knead it in after.

    Gina: One of my friends told me that with chocolate mmf it is best to make it the day that you are going to use it. It can be tricky because like you wrote it cracks and tear easily. Try to warm it good in the microwave careful it can be hot but very soft. Knead in some Crisco and roll out straight away.

    Some use the mixer but i like to do it by hand because it gives me more control over the mmf.

    Judee: If you are not going to use it straight away then its ok it the mmf is sticky you can always knead in more icing sugar the day its going to be used. Try to knead in enough so it dont feel sticky but not dry.

    Good luck!

  279. hi! I made this recipe and I was excited every minute!

    My fondant is now wrapped in cling wrap. I have a couple of questions though. I touch my fondant and it seems too soft. You mentioned to add more icing sugar. Can I add icing sugar after I take out from the cling wrap?
    Once I start covering my cupcake, should the fondant be sticky? I am not really sure how to work a fondant since I am a first timer! thanks again! i love every post you make in this site !

    God bless! =)

  280. Hi Louise, I found your site last week and tried your MMF this weekend. I tried to make two batches at once of the chocolate MMF with the cocoa powder, and failed miserably. When I tried to roll it out, it just kept cracking and breaking. I kept kneading in shortening, and it never made it any better. I microwaved it for 10 seconds, and that did help a lot, but it couldn’t save it. I thought I had finally got it to a workable place, and when I tried to cover the cake it tore in half, so I ended up with only part of my cake covered. Bummer!

    BUT, we ate it anyway and I have to say it is the most delicious cake I’ve ever made! The chocolate MMF tastes like heaven! Not at all like the Wilton garbage. Now I want to cover every cake I make with MMF, but I’m terrified to try it again. I wasted so much the first time.

    I used my kitchen aid Pro 600 with the dough hook… and it looks like another poster above did the same thing and had a hard time with it too. Maybe next time I’ll try it free-hand so I can guage whether it’s getting too dry or not.

    Anyway, thanks so much for posting this recipe. I may not get it to look good, but boy did it taste good!

  281. Suzanne: For embossing tools many things can be used. I know many use scrapbooking embossers. many cake suppliers also sell textured rolling pins and small embossing sticks that you can use on fondant. where are you located?? it makes it easier for me to guide you.
    For the glitter stuff I have bought some from a UK company called Edable Art. they make the most amazing shimmers and glitters like the ones you talk about. well they can be consumed in small amounts BUT will not be digested. But There are another great brand that makes flaky glitter but when you grind the flakes it gets more fine and glittery but not that glittery like the ones from Edable Art they are called Magic Sparkles.

    Jasmine: You should be able to do so. it just may take a little longer:-)

    Khris: If the MM still is lumpy when you stir try give them a few more sec in the MW that should do it.

  282. Hi,
    I would like very much to try out your mmf fondant..but after micowave (as shown in your pictures) the marshmallow became very big and i keeps stirring to make it smooth like yours…but is lumpy….may i know what goes wrong..

  283. Hi Louise, thanks for sharing your expertise with the world. My question is, can you make this in a double boiler over simmering water. I live in a tiny NYC apartment and don’t have room for a microwave. thanks!!

  284. This is a fantastic tutorial. I have used your advice to make beautiful decorations of mmf. There are some things I would like to do but cannot find the supplies. I see beautiful cupcake photos on Flickr with embossed fondant. I have searched local stores and the web and I do not like the embossers I find for sale as well as some of the ones I see on Flickr. Particularly the ones I see Zalita use. Also, I see cupcakes with very sparkly glitter – it looks almost as metallic as real micro glitter (the inedible kind) The only edible glitter I find is the flaky stuff – which is much larger and not as metallic sparkly looking. Any advice on how to find these items would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  285. Claire: Remember that mmf tends to go hard and sometimes goey but just heat it a few sec. in the microwave and then knead it and it will be fine again.

    Rei: You are so welcome and congratulation with the amazing princess castle you made. No they are not the same thing as gum paste contains tragacanth= dried natural gum. But you can add a bit of tragacanth or Tylo powder (cheaper) to the mmf and it will dry up faster. Though I dont think you can make fine flower sprays with the mmf here is gum paste much better.

  286. I love love this tutorial, I have made MMF before but I didn’t know how to store it.
    Thanks so much for this. I also love your other how to’s. I am making a bridal shower cake and I will be making the sugar bow and ribbon rose 🙂

  287. Machelle: Yes you should be able to use Gum-tex with the MMF.

    livi: I find that if my mmf covered cake is stored in the fridge it sweat more that fondant when it comes out. I have seen fondant melting in very warm weather but mmf should hold up just as good.

    kate: I am planning to make something soon but I am just busy right know. But pls keep an eye on the site:-)

    Tricia: If you roll out the the main color and add the other strips on top and roll it should blend in evenly. to be sure you could give the stripes a light brush of edible glue to be sure it stay on.

    Good Luck

  288. I need to make a drape of tartan icing for my son’s wedding cake. I bought premade colored fondant (Wilton brand), but have been told if I use a solid sheet of one color and put strips of the other colors on top of it, just rolling over it w/a rolling pin to blend will not stay together as a plaid on the cake. Should I cut a groove in the main sheet of icing first, or do you have any other suggestions/instructions? The wedding is in October, so I only have about 5 weeks to learn how to do this perfectly!

    Any tips will be appreciated!


  289. Louise, thanks so much for this tutorial!!!!! you’re so talented. keep it up 😉 i was wondering if you could make a tutorial on a girl cake topper. no prob if your too busy i understand. 🙂


  290. Hey! I was wondering how well MMF holds up in outdoor heat? I know fondant could withstand high heat but is MMF the same in that aspect? Thanks!

  291. Louisa I was out looking for the gum tag. and could not find it. I was wonder if the gum tex by Wiltons would be as good to use in the mmf?

  292. Machelle: I am only happy to help 🙂

    Nikki: Did you use all the icing sugar at one time? because that can (sometimes) make it very thick and hard. Or did you warm it up a few sec in the microwave before use?? that is the think with mmf it needs to be warmed at bit before it is soft and pliable.

    I have put a link to a Youtube podcast (not mine) but maybe it can help you find the stage where it goes wrong? pls scroll up in the comments here.


  293. Hi! Thanks for this recipe. I just have one question: I tried to do it and it ended up like some bubble-gum like paste… very beautiful but impossible to cut, what did I do wrong?

  294. Ok, thank you so very much for the info! I’m very grateful for your response.
    I’m so excited about making flowers you are such an inspiration!!

  295. Louise thank you so much for the mmf recipe! I tried it and it turned out great! I do have a couple of questions, adding the gum tag. will it harden the flowers, and can you use this fondant to make figures?

  296. Hi Louise,

    I tried to make the MMF for the second time today, and for the second time Im pretty sure it didn’t work. I found it impossible to knead all at once, and when I tried to use the hook on my kitchenaide, it broke into crumbly pieces and I ended up worse off than when I started. I added water and crisco and it still doesn’t seem ‘pliable’… What do you recommend? What am I doing wrong?

  297. Hi there, I tried this recipe out last night and it turned out great. I skipped the sifting process, though, so I got little bits of confectioners sugar all over my cake. However, The cake is very beautiful, for my first fondant covered cake!

  298. Nicole: Whatever kind of cake you choose to make is up to you. That said I always prefere scratch made cakes. So search online for great baking recipe sources, cake forums, books and I am sure that you will find a cake that you like and that will works great with the MMF.

  299. Hi Louise, I’ve tried the marshmallow fondant recipe a few times and after a few failed attempts, I think I’ve finally got it. But I’m wondering what type of cake recipe to use, do you have any suggestions? I’m not sure if the ready made mixes in a box are ok, but a homemade cake from scratch covered with MMF sounds so much better! Any information is greatly appreciated!

  300. Thanx for getting back to me so fast Louise..I was getting panicked as I wasn’t quite sure what to do…I thought it would probably work too if I made it a bit thinner..made it sticky…I’ll let ya know if it works first time making the MMF and only my second time using fondant period..:S..(iced lots of cakes)…so wish me luck…making a shower cake for tomorrow with the MMF so should have a good idea how it works (I hope) ..if it doesn’t work out I guess she’ll get good ole icing..hehe..anyhoo..thanx again Angel

  301. Angel: I have never used bc when I should cover dummy cakes. I use Tylo glue. But why not try with bc:-) It wont be eaten anyway lol!

  302. Hi Louise..I’m making a wedding cake and the bride wants two of the layers artificial…so would I put buttercream on the foam first before putting the fondant on it? I hear it helps to make the fondant slide around easier and attach better? thanx for your help..Angel

  303. Hey Louise,
    I have never tried fondant and I have been wanting to give it a try. when you roll fondant out how thin should it be when you put it on the cake?
    I want to make a whimsical cake this weekend an I would like to use the fondant.

  304. hi louise thank you for your reply. i need a recipe for marshmellow fluf would you have a recipe or know a wed site that i could get one please

    cheers susan

  305. hey Louise,

    Thanks for the recipe, i tried it on the weekend n it worked great!! I added some tylon power so i can make some flowers. This recipe dry slower so I got more time to play around with shaping of the flowers which I just love.

  306. if i wanted to use this recipe to cover a cupcake (but i want to use an embosser on the mmf), should i add the tylo powder or will the embosser work fine without it?

  307. Renata: When I make choc mmf I dont add alot of cocoa powder and I still need to knead in more icing sugar. Do you have Crisco on your hands all the time when kneading? Try add only 1/4 cup of cocoa and the icing sugar and see how it works just remember the crisco.

    It should not make a different if you melt it in a doble boiler. I hope it woek for you:-)

  308. Hi
    I tried making mmf for the second time today and I have to say it’s frustrating for me. This time after it was smooth I added my chocolate powder to it and then a little bit of the sugar and the whole thing was already “dry” looking and stiff. I did not even add 1/2 of the sugar! I don’t know why I haven’t been able to make it right. What am I doing wrong?

  309. susan: No mm fluf is for a piping kind of frosting. Do you need a recipe for marshmallow fondant?? if so then have you tried the one in this post?

  310. hi louise i am from australia and i have a recipe that calls for marshmellow fluf is this mmf the same and if not would you have a recipe that i can use cheers susan

  311. diana: No it wont affect it. I always knead it a bit with crisco just before use.

    nimi: Yes if you cover them seperately offcourse:-)

  312. hi, i just attempted to make the MMF,
    but i forgot to rub crisco over the fondant before i wrapped it,
    will this affect the fondant in anyway?
    i believe, i will be using it in roughly 3 – 5 days

  313. Sleepless: If you store any cake with either rolled fondant or MMF it will begin to sweat when you take it out of the fridge. Mostly when the weather is very warm. I always keep my decorated cakes in the fridge because I use mousse fillings sometimes I put the cake in a cardboard cake box and then in the fridge that can help so the cake wont start to sweat when I take it out.

    If you just have a buttercream filling I would not put it in the fridge just store it in a box away from direct heat and sunlight.

  314. christina: I dont know I just add until it have the dark color I want.

    nimi: My mmf also looks white to start with bu when I have knead it well it will get more whiter. But you could try add some white food color to the liquid mixture to see if that helps.

  315. hello louise, thanks for the help thru your site. im mailing u from Nigeria. pls how can i get my mmf to be real white. i used MR BBQ brand of marshmallow and it gave me a cream coloured there something i can add to make d mmf wjite, in case there no other brand.

  316. HI Louise,
    I made the MMF and it looks fine although I’m storing it for a few days. If I cover the cake in MMF, is it ok to store the cake overnight in the fridge? Its for my kids birthday and I dont think I have time to decorate the cake on the morning of the party.
    A Faithful reader from Brunei

  317. Cathy: That whats happend to me aswell with the melted chocolate. I am not sure that you can save the ruined batch of mmf 🙁
    You could maybe use it on some sugar cookies?

    There are many different brands of cocoa powders. But to get a nice dark colour you should use a good quality brand like Hersheys. The thing is not to end up having used a whole pack of cocoa powder to the mmf so try look for some darker cocoa powder.

    Good luck with the wedding cake project.

  318. Help! I tried a MMF recipe with melted chocolate and it keeps cracking. I made 2 batches of this and then tried one without the chocolate and used only the cocoa and the texture is much better. Is there any way to salvage the other fondant? I would hate to have worked that hard and end up wasting all of it. Also, I cannot seem to get a deep brown color. Any suggestions? I am making a wedding cake for a friend, and obviously I want it to be perfect. Thanks!!

  319. christina:
    The first time I made chocolate mmf I added some melted dark chocolate and it did crack & tear. Then after talkin gto one of my friends she said that she only used cocoa powder.

    I add the cocoa powder when the mmf mixture is melted like in the photo above. I add until it has the brown color I want and then I add the icing sugar.

  320. hi i was wondering, just to make sure. to make chocolate fondant you just add cocoa powder to the melted marshmellows? thats it? and i read on some of your other pictures and such that chocolate fondant is harder to make because it tears?
    so how exactly do you make it? thanks!

  321. Hi Kelly,

    I am glad that my recipe for MMF could help you make some tasty fondant to use in your decorating class. Dont you think it is great making something that taste great????
    I hope that the classes was great!


  322. Hi Louise,
    I took a cake decorating class at a local vocational school (5 wk course) and the week we were doing fondant the instructor told us to go buy the pre-made fondant and everyone did of course except me, I (being the odd ball) decided to make the MMF. I had never made it only read about it on the internet and it was easy!!!! I colored it as well… During class she wanted us to taste our fondant and everyone spit theirs out! Well, except me and when they all heard that I had made mine they wanted to try it and they loved it and wanted to know where I had learned to make it. Of course I shared the info but,, I will never forget them all trying to find a trash can quickly after eating the pre-made stuff.. It was soooo funny. Thanks for the chocolate tip though, I had never heard of it. I will make it tomorrow for another class in fondant. Thanks again,,,, Kelly

  323. Dear louise,
    can i top cupcakes with mmf? after doing that if i want to decorate with some flowers but hardener is not available in my area, what i can use so that the fondant will be harder and i can make flowers or other decor? i want to make this for 3 persons birthdays so would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Thank u for your inspiring work and helpful tutorials!

    Soo ying

  324. Hi Louise,
    I just made this mmf for a baby shower cake. I’m planning on doing a vanilla cake with strawberry mousse/creme filling covered with mmf. Since the filling uses heavy cream, I have to keep it in the fridge overnight. How long does it take for a cake to “dry”up from sweating? The shower is not until 3pm. If I take out the cake in the morning, will it be ok? Do you know of any strawberry buttercream recipe that is similar to a mouse?

  325. Iz: sorry this reply came out late. I would make two batch of the MMF just to be sure that there was enough to rool out.

  326. Hi- great recipe. Would that quantity cover a 20cm diameter, 10cm high cake? I need to use it for a birthday cake tomorrow but not sure if I have enough. Thanks!!

  327. i used this recipe and made some pink mmf and i loved it, i was just wondering now how and what would be needed to coat a cake with buttercream crumb first? thankyou so much for answering all our questions.

  328. cakehelp: It will get a nice cocoa flavour. The amount of cocoa powder depends on how dark you want the MMF to be. If you use a good cocoa powder you will still get the nice flavour.

  329. What a great tutorial and such a great site as well, I’m impressed! I have never tried MMF, but I am going to now. I like the idea of chocolate MMF, does it really taste like chocolate? Approximately how much cocoa powder should be used?

  330. maria: When I make mmf I wait untill the next day where I can knead it more white than it was.

    Sleepless: Thank you! You dont have to keep it in the fridge. Just double wrap it in cling film and put it in an air thight container (3 month) You can make it and use it the same day if you like. I like to make mine the day before because I find it better to let it rest and then the next day knead it well and see if it can take some more icing sugar.

  331. Hi Louise,

    am a big fan of your blog! I’m really excited to try and make the long will it keep in the fridge? can i make it the night before?


  332. Tammy: I would rather use buttercream or chocolate ganache to coat the cake before covering it with mmf.

    Sarah: I guess that you will cut out discs of the mmf to put on the CC? If you make 3 batches then you should have plenty for both the CC’s and the cake unless its a really large cake 😉 thats if you are making cake aswell?

  333. Hi Louise – I’ve been given the job of making a birthday cake and i’ve chosen to do cupcakes which i’m going to cover in MMF. I was just wondering though, how much does this recipe make? I am going to make about 50 cupcakes – how many batches of MMF would you recommend i make?

  334. hi louise ^_^

    ur blog is great 😀
    just a quick question though, so is it not a good idea to coat the cake first with whipped cream since it’s so soft and requires refrigeration?

    thanks =)

  335. samara: If you are going to cover a cake with mmf then you will need to crumb coat your cake with buttercream. I would not recomend to use jam because it can melt the mmf of rolled fondant. The mmf will harden slightly on the outside but still be soft on the inside.

    Unless you have a fragile filling that contains cream I would just store it outside. Not in direct sunlight and not in a very warm place. If you do put it in the fridge then remember that the mmf will likely sweat when it comes out again because of the tempreture change. It will “dry” up again but it can take some time though.

  336. If i were to cover a cake with this mmf would i need to coat it with anything first such as jam? and what kind of texture does it have as i am not sure if it should set or softish.

    Also is it best to store it in the fridge?


  337. tina: when we have hot and warm weather tends the fondant to sweat. Also if cakes have been refrigiated they can sweat when you take them out. The best to do is if you dont have any fragile filling such as a cream mousse. Use a nice buttercream and keep the cake in a cool place or use an electric fan to keep the cake dry is it starts to sweat. When you are travelling with the cake then keep it in a large cardbord cake box.

    I would bake two sheet cakes and sandwich them with buttercream. Then with a serated knife carve the middle of the cake in a V shape only down to the filling. You can see the shape here from Wilton
    When the cake is carved and crumb coated roll out your MMF and cover the cake.

  338. Oh I’m excited about this! I had no idea you could make something like this out of marshmallows. I’m not a fan of fondant because it’s not really edible but marshmallows I love to eat! I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  339. hi louise,

    thanx alot for your help and advice on cakes. I live in a humid place,am supposed to make a cake thats gonna be ‘travelling’ over night to another place,how do i make my icing stiff enough,and if i use fondant then how do i make it so that it doesnt melt? the cake i want to make is in shape of an open book representing a bible, i dont have a special tin for that, any tips on how to trim it to make a perfect book shape with a book mark? thanx in advance and God bless. tina

  340. Lisa: You dont have to melt the copha unless its very solid. Then you can melt it. It will be just as good.
    Try 1 tsp. of hardener for around 8 oz of MMF. I am glad that my site and cakes can help you making new things.

  341. Do i have to melt the copha to be able to use it?
    By the way Louise, I am in awe of how beautifully you decorate all your cakes and cupcakes. I’ve been baking for years, so am quite a good baker. I’ve only just recently gotten in to the decorating side of things, so am picking stuff up from your website!
    Quick question, how much of the hardener would I have to add to the MMF when making flowers?

  342. that’s great news, i was afraid to buy copha, because i wasn’t sure what it’s for. question again you think i can use that whenever a recipes calls for shortening? like in some cookies and cakes?

    I hope you can make tutorial on buttercream icings too.. i like the way you do tutorials, you make it look so easy to do and instructions with pictures are clear.. i hope i’m not asking too much..=)

    thanks again!

  343. Josh: If you cant find Crisco. Then I would use white coco fat. If thats not to find then a neutral vegetable oil can be used in small amounts. Dont use butter or margarine.

  344. HI louise! i want you to know you got a fan here in papua new guinea! it’s been months since i (luckily) stumbled upon your site. and still am an avid reader of your blog. question about mmf, i can’t find crisco here, can i use butter/margarine or vegetable oil instead? i want to try this out for my daughter’s 1st birthday next month.


  345. Louise, when adding the chocolate powder, do you reduce the amount of powdered sugar you add? I’ve made mmf in the past, but never chocolate. Can you make it using all chocolate powder?

  346. Marvellous! Thanks for sharing Louise… Fondant is underrated and is coming back into vogue thanks to you!!
    Looking forward to giving this a bash!
    I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my Cupcake Goddess Hall of Fame.

  347. Hi to all of you,

    The 2 pounds of icing sugar to 8 oz of mm is just to be sure that you have enough icing sugar. You may not use all of the 2 pounds.

    Amy NY: It is really easy to make 😉

    Bakerette: The first time I made the Choc MMF I also used both melted chocolate & cocoa and it cracked more so now I only use cocoa powder. You can add 1 tbsp of Crisco to the melted mixture before you add the cocoa. If is is too dry and crack then you will need to knead in more Crisco or a bit of water may also help.
    If you want to make flowers you will have to use gum.trag.

    Jo: You can use the MMF to cover your cakes with and make flowers ect. It will harden slightly on the cakes. The first icing that I heard of was rolled fondant. I dont know if it is american…? but I know many americans who uses it for their cakes. I have some danish friends who only use MMF and their cakes looks fantastic. I myself tend to both use rolled fondant and MMF. It depends on what kind of cake I am decorating. You can see here:

    Paula in Texas: I know that you have strawberry & chocolate mm ummmm.
    I am glad that you liked it 😀

  348. I have tried this technique and I want to assure you guys out there that it is as easy as Louise says it is!!! There are marshmallows that are already pink and have a strawberry scent and taste. I have to buy two bags because my daughter and I eat at least one of the bags!!! There are marshmallows that are already chocolate as well. I have found them in my local supermarket and even at Target and Walmart stores!! I hope this helps!!

    Louise thank you tremendously for all your great tutuorials!!

    Paula in Texas!

  349. Louise
    The marshmallow icing looks very interesting. What do you use it for? How does it set on the cake? Does it harden or stay soft? I have never heard of it before… at the icing classes and sugar craft classes i did a couple of years ago i dont think we had time to cover MMF… or is it american? Can you tell me a cake that you have a photo of in your gallery that you have used it on?
    many thanks

  350. Hi,
    Thanks for this, I was going to contact you right now about MMF but I saw your post!I tried making Chocolate MMF and failed miserably and I am not sure why. I followed the instructions and still the suff hardened so much. I just added melted chocolate to the sugarpaste…it worked ok but cracked a bit (you can see the chocolate ribbon on my blog). The recipe I used calls for 16oz mini marshmallows to 2 pounds of sugar. I just have a question, does it dry well by itself or do you need to add gum tragacanth to harden it up to use for flowers? Thanx a million..

  351. Thanks for this tutorial! I can’t wait to try it! I am always looking for new fondant recipes! You make it look so easy! 🙂


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