candy cane shard toppers 01

One of my favorite things about Christmas is candy canes and my favorite are the fruity ones.

Obviously, I use those candy canes in my seasonal baking and cake decorating too 🙂

This time, I decided to make shards of colorful candy canes and used those as cake toppers!

To make these shards, you will need the following supplies:
Different colors/flavors of candy canes
Foil paper
Cookie tray
Oil spray

These are the instructions:

Step 1:
Line a cookie tray with foil paper.
Spray some oil all over it.

candy cane shard toppers 1

Step 2:
Break some candy canes into smaller pieces (about 1 inch long).
Place them on the foil tray in a small circular cluster.

If you will be making different flavors of shards, then make different circular clusters for each flavor of candy cane.
Leave 4-5 inches space between the clusters because the candy canes will melt and spread out.

candy cane shard toppers 3

Step 3:
Bake these candy canes at 350 degrees for  about 8 minutes.
You will know it’s time to remove the tray from the oven when you see some bubbling around the sides of the candy cane cluster and the candy canes have melted and flattened.

I noticed that flavored candy canes melted faster than classic peppermint candy canes. Those took about 12 minutes.

candy cane shard toppers 4

Step 4:
Let the candy cane cluster cool down at room temperature for about 30 minutes.
Then, gently peel away the foil paper and remove the candy cane cluster.

candy cane shard toppers 5

Step 5:
Now, just break the cluster randomly into smaller shards.

candy cane shard toppers 6

Stick them on top of your frosted cake and you will end up with a gorgeous cake!

candy cane shard toppers 02

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone! 🙂