Do you want to build a snowman cupcake topper? Let me show you how it’s done……


This is what I used:
Work surface
Corn starch
Small rolling pin
2.5 inch circle cutter
Large edible white pearls
Fine tip black edible marker
X-acto knife
Small ball tool
Fondant in blue, white, orange and black
Wilton icing writer (or edible glue) not pictured


Step 1: Roll out the blue fondant and cut out circles for the background of your cupcake toppers. Set them aside.


Step 2: Roll out smooth, one-inch balls of white fondant for the faces.


Step 3: Using your hands, mold the balls into pear shapes.


Step 4: Using your small roller, flatten the top portion of the heads.


Step 5: Use your fingers to pinch in the top (forehead) area of the faces.


Step 6: Similarly, you must use your fingers to pinch and define the chin areas.


Step 7: Use a toothpick to outline where the smile will be on each face.


Step 8: Use the X-acto knife to trace the smile outline and carve it out slightly. Then use the ball tool to smooth the mouth area.


Step 9: After the mouths are carved out and smoothed they will look like this.


Step 10: We will use the edible pearls for eyes, but first we need to create eye sockets.


Step 11: Use the ball tool to indent eye sockets that are wider than the pearls. The character has black eye sockets, so they will be colored black after they harden for a few minutes.


Step 12: Now to work on the mouth detail…roll a small ball of black fondant and form it to the shape of the mouth cavity.


Step 13: Wet the back of the black shape and press it in place. Use th ball tool to smooth it out into the corners of the mouth cavity.


Step 14: After completing the mouth, use the edible black marker to gently color in the eye sockets and draw the thin eyebrows.


Step 15: Use a dab of icing writer as edible glue in each of the eye sockets and press the pearls into place.


Step 16: While the pearls dry firmly in place, move on to the nose. Roll a small ball of orange fondant for each nose.


Step 17: Roll it thinner on one end to resemble a carrot and carve small lines in it with the X-acto blade for detail.


Step 18: Attach the nose with a bit of water as glue. Attach the head to the blue base by wetting the back of it and placing it on the background. (Tip: I drew a few hairs on the background before attaching the face.)


Step 19: Roll a small snake of white fondant and cut out rectangle shapes for the teeth.


Step 20: Slightly wet the back of the teeth and attach them in place on the mouths. Use a toothpick to move them into place if needed


Allow your toppers to dry on a parchment-lined cookie sheet for a few days before using them. I hope they bring a smile to someone’s face!

Happy Caking!