car cupcake toppers

Cars….simple, cute and easy to make. You can make them any size and any colour. Give this tutorial a try!

Here is what I used:

3 colours of fondant (blue, white and black)
rolling pin
round circle cutter
gum glue
small square cutter
Zacto Knife
black edible marker (not shown in picture)

cute car 2 (1) (525x484)

Step 1:

Roll out the blue fondant to about 1/4 of an inch thick and using a large round cutter make a cut. Using the Zacto Knife cut the circle into 2/3s.

cute car 2 (2) (525x318)

cute car 2 (3) (525x341)

Step 2:

Roll out the white fondant quite thinly and using the small square cutter, make three cuts.  Alternatively, you could always use the Zacto Knife to make 3 squares. T

hen using the large circle cutter again, line up all three square and cut the tops off the squares with the round cutter. This will make the tops of the squares rounded.

cute car 2 (5) (286x525)

cute car 2 (6) (525x348)

cute car 2 (7) (525x349)

Step 3:

Roll out a piece of black fondant. Using the tip cut out two circles for the tires. Now, roll out a small piece of white fondant and using the tip, cut out to smaller circles for the centre of the tires. Using gum glue to attach the white centres to the black tires.

cute car 2 (8) (525x320)

cute car 2 (9) (525x465)

cute car 2 (10) (525x328)

cute car 2 (11) (525x315)

Step 4:

Using gum glue attach the white rounded squares “the windows” to the car. Now you can attach the tires by using gum glue.

cute car 2 (12) (525x349)

cute car 2 (13) (525x349)

Step 5:

Using a black edible marker, draw on a steering wheel in one of the “windows”.

cute car 2 (14) (525x350)

cute car 2 (15) (525x350)

Happy Caking!