dino cupcakes 01

A lot of little kids, especially boys, go through a phase where they are crazy about dinosaurs.

So, I made these cute cupcakes with little dino toppers which would be ideal for a dino themed birthday party.

You won’t be needing any cutters for this tutorial… Yay!

To make these cupcakes, you will need the following supplies:

Chocolate cupcakes
Green buttercream icing
Orange fondant
Purple fondant
Colorful flower candies
Black edible marker

Here are the instructions:

Step 1:
Roll out a small ball of orange fondant (about the size of a quarter).

dino cupcakes 4

Step 2:
Use your fingers to mold that orange ball into this odd looking shape.

dino cupcakes 9

Step 3:
Use a knife or a pizza cutter to make a small cut near the front of that odd piece.
This will be the mouth of the dino.

dino cupcakes 10

Step 4:
Roll out a thin strip of purple fondant.
Use a knife to cut out a zig-zag pattern.

dino cupcakes 8

Step 5:
Brush some water near the top of the dino’s body.
Stick the purple zig-zag piece here.

dino cupcakes 7

Step 6:
Use a black edible marker to draw eyes.

dino cupcakes 6

Step 7:
To make the dino’s feet, roll out two very tiny balls of orange fondant (one should be smaller than the other).
Press them into an oval shape and stick them near the side of the dino’s body.
Let this dinosaur dry overnight until it hardens.

dino cupcakes 5

Step 8:
Now, fill a piping bag with green icing and attach the grass tip.
Frost your cupcakes.
Place the fondant dino in the center and stick a few flower candies on the grass.
And now you have Dino Cupcakes!

dino cupcakes 03

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone! 🙂