football cupcake toppersFall is here. A chill has returned to the air and a popular sport has returned to our televisions. These easy Fall football cupcake toppers will liven up your game day treats!


This is what you need:
Work surface
Brown fondant
Plastic wrap
Rolling pin
Corn Starch
Football rubber stamp
X-acto knife
White “Dab n Color” (optional)
Tiny paint brush (optional)

football3.jpgStep 1: Roll out a small piece of brown fondant with your rolling pin.

football4.jpgStep 2: Cover the fondant with a piece of plastic wrap so the rubber stamp does not make direct contact with it.

football5.jpgStep 3: Press down very firmly on the stamp to get a sharp impression in the fondant.

football6.jpgStep 4: Remove the stamp to see the impression. It may take a few tries to find the right firmness.

football7.jpgStep 5: Use a sharp X-acto knife to cut around the perimeter of the football impression.

football8.jpgHere I’ve  made a dozen toppers very quickly. I placed them to dry on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.

football9.jpgStep 6: Use white Dab n Color and a tiny brush to color in the football laces and side details.

football10.jpgThis is how the topper looks with the white details painted in.

football11.jpgHere half of the toppers have been painted and half are still plain. I think they look great either way.

football cupcakes

Allow the toppers to dry for a few days if possible so they will hold their shape on your cupcakes.

Happy Caking!