Fall brings about a change in color and deeper tones. Do you want to learn to decorate a cake like a pro for the fall? When making a fall cake, there’s no better way to express autumn, than by using some flowers that display those pretty colors of fall! Today, I decided to decorate an 8″ torte with some mums and roses perfect for your fall birthday or party.

What you will need:

  • plastic pastry bags
  • decorating couplers
  • color gels
  • small offset spatula
  • rose nail
  • undecorated iced cake

Step 1: First I started with a 8″ torte, that I base iced with Italian buttercream.

8 inch torte

Step 2: Next, I rounded up some of my color gels. I choose to use lemon yellow, orange, burgundy, forest green and avocado green. I started to mix the colors into my Italian buttercream to get the color shades I wanted for this fall cake. You need to be careful how much burgundy you add to the icing though, because if you add too much, it will create a very very deep burgundy.

icing coloring

Step 3: The green was created by 2 parts avocado and 1 part forest green. I put a leaf tip on the green. #352

Step 4: For the orange, yellow and burgandy I used a petal tip. # 104

icing bags and tips

Step 5: I started with the bottom border, holding the orange bag with the petal tip, wide end facing down. Moving my hand from right to left, I pull the icing from the bag creating a ribbon like effect.

ribbon icing

Step 6: Next, I’m going to start the flowers. First flower will be a simple fall mum using the #104 tip. For this flower, you want to create your flower base. Doing this, I start by making a circle dap of icing on the bottom. Then a smaller one on top of that. Lastly, a smaller tighter one on the top for a total of 3 circles. To build up the base.

mum flower start

Step 7: Next starting from the top holding the tip with the wide end down. I started to move my tip in a small vertical motion, while going around in a circle around the small circle shape I made.

mum flower

Step 8: Next, after making the first row of petals. I moved slightly lower and added a second row of petals. This is a simple fall mum. finished mum flower

Step 9: Next flower I started, was a wild rose. To make this flower, you want to hold your tip sideways and form a flat circular base. I built this base up with two layers. 

rose flower

Step 10: While still holding the tip sideways, with the wide side towards me I start to pull and form the petals. You want five petals per layer of the flower. I made two layers of petals for these wild roses.

Step 11: After making each flower, I placed them on the left side of the cake. 

cake with flowers

Step 12: Once all flowers were placed, I used edible sugar pearls to create the center of the flowers for the wild roses.

cake flowers edible pearls

Step 13: Now just add the leaves, your writing, and a top border and you are finished! Take a moment and enjoy what you created!

 Thanks to Vickiann for creating this great fall flowers cake!

You can visit her Facebook to see more of her creations!

Happy Caking!