How to cover cupcakes with poured fondant

I have recived a lot of questions regarding the use of poured fondant icing on cupcakes. So in this tutorial I will try to show you how to cover cupcakes with poured fondant.

This is what I use:
White fondant
Abricot jam
Hot boiled water
Cupcakes (firm cupcakes works best)
Pastry brush
Tea spoon
Heatproff bowls
Optional: Flavourings and food colors.

Step 1:
Brush the cupcakes with a thin coat of hot abricot jam. Let it dry.

Step 2:
Place the fondant in a heatproff bowl and heat it gently in the microway oven for approx 1 min. It needs to be warm but dont let it boil. Give it a stir to get it smooth. It is important that you get the right consistency. If it gets too thick you will have difficulty to dip the cupcake properly and if it is too thin it will look transparent on the cupcake. Give it a few tries and you will find the right consistency. You can use boiled water, a tsp at a time, to thin it down. If it gets too cold gently reheat it in the microway oven a few sec.

Step 3:
Now take the cupcake and dip it upside down in the hot fondant. Carefully shake the excess fondant off. I like to dip my cupcakes so the fondant sticks to the paper cases.

Step 4:
Set the cupcakes aside and let them dry. If you like you can give them a second coat when the first one is dry.

Step 5:
Attach your choosen decoration on the cupcakes with dots of royal icing.

Note: Store the cupcakes in cake boxes. NOT in the refrigerator because that will dissolve the poured fondant. Also air thight containers can make the fondant melting.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn other cupcake decoration techniques.

You can also see my tutorial where you learn how to make poured fondant icing.

Happy Caking!



  1. Hey L :-))

    I have just recent found you and I’m over the moon IN-LOVE with everything you post!! Woo-Hoo!!!! So EXCITING!!!!
    My question is…..Is it possible to use my homemade marshmallow fondant in this poured fondant recipe?

    Thanks for all the info you pass on to everyone chica, ROCk On!!!

    Cake on!

  2. HI Louise, I so appreciate your website – its amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas and recipes πŸ™‚

  3. Do you have any other alternatives to apricot jam? Such as another flavour of jam or perhaps a total substitute to it? Thanks in advance!

    • The reason why the apricot jam is used is because it is neutral in taste and colorless too. If you want to color your fondant let’s say pink I cannot see why you could not use raspberry jam instead. I just always use the apricot jam.

  4. Have you ever used orange marmalade, raspberry preserves or blackberry jam? I have always been accustomed to buttercream, and I am worried that there won’t be enough flavor in the poured fondant and the finished cupcakes will turn out too dry without buttercream.

    Thanks so much, Your blog is amazing!

    • I have never used fillings for my cupcakes with poured fondant. The fondant can be flavored but I have never found them to dry without any filling. Cupcakes with poured fondant should be freshly baked (a moist cupcake recipe is good) and then brushed with the abricot jam for sealing and then dipped in the fondant. Some brush a little sugar syrup on the cupcakes before the abricot jam to add a little moisture. But I find that too sweet.

    •’s been a while since I last made cupcakes with poured fondant. I think I used about 500 grams of ready made poured fondant that I melted.

  5. Hi Louise,
    Those pink fondant covered cupcakes are gorgeous looking. I tried to make it today using Martha Stewart’s PF. Unfortunately it didnt come out that good. It kind of flowed by the side of cupcake. It doesn’t stick to the cupcake much. Can u tell me what I can do. I have a hand mixer and was wondering if I can use your recipe for PF with hand mixer. Thanks a lot!

    • If the icing flew down the sides it sounds like it was to thin. It needs to be thick but still with a pouring consistency. I would not use a hand mixer to make the pf from scratch.

  6. Hi Louise,
    Those pink fondant covered cupcakes looks so pretty. I tried it today and used martha stewarts poured fondant recepie and I had problems with it. when i dip my cupcakes into the fondant and take it out and keep it. It’s kind of flowing by the sides of cupcakes. I mean it doesn’t stick to the cupcake much. I have a hand mixer and was wondering if I can use your recipe of poured fondant.

  7. Are you microwaving home made fondant or store bought? I have store bought and I everytime I heat it in the microwave it just clumps together and then boils? Maybe it is too high temp? Do you reduce the microwave power?

    • I have only used one type of store bought fondant. It’s a UK brand called Regalice. It is important that you only melt on the lowest power and only for a few secs at a time. Take out and stir gently and then heat if needed.

  8. I was thinking of trying this with chocolate cupcakes and pale pink frosting. Do you think that would work, or would the chocolate cake show through the fondant? Thanks for the info…you’re cakes are beautiful!

  9. Beautiful work! Can this also be done with home made marshmallow fondant? Would I make it like normal then melt it down? Or does it have to be pre made fondat?
    Thank you!

    • The results with melting home made mmf is not the best I’m afraid. Also not all pre made brands works either so if you are interested in covering cupcakes with out to much fuss you should try and make this petit four icing. Works really good:
      The fondant that I use in the tutorial is not to be compared with rolled fondant but is more liquid. I have only tried to melt 1 pre made fondant and that was a UK brand.

    • Do you mean the flowers on the cupcakes or the green icing?

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  10. You can use orange jam. The reason why you should use abricot is because of the color and the neutral taste. You won’t really taste it when the cupcakes is covered with PF.

    • Just add the color after the fondant is melted. Just be careful as warm fondant takes more color fast. So use only a tiny amount of color at a time.

  11. I made decorated cupcakes for the first time this weekend and struggled trying to roll out fondant paste to fit – I wish I had known about liquid fondant. I found you a little bit too late but have now bookmarked this page for future reference. Thank you

  12. I am curious … why the need to glaze with apricot jam?
    Can I do without it?Β  Don’t want the cupcakes to be too sweet. πŸ™‚

  13. It’s so beautiful, but I can’t get it right.. even though i am being very carefully and doesn’t put the microwave on high, it just keep heating up and become a big clump of hot fondant.. do you know what I might be doing wrong? πŸ™‚

    • Ditte: Try and melt it over a double boiler. Remember to stir slowly now and then. Do you use “real fondant icing” or rolled fondant?

  14. Thank you. I was holding a tea party and had been getting sick of buttercream iced cupcakes. This tutorial and the recipe for for poured “fondant” made in the mixer were perfect. Everyone loved the cupcakes, and best of all it was so incredibly easy.

  15. hi!..really like your cuppies! do you mind including the ingredients on how to make the WHITE FONNDANT?…PLEASE????…thanks in advance!…really appreciate your help!….

  16. I am new to Fondant. I am making Halloween cupcakes. this will be my first time with fondant. Should I use the Solid and cut around the cupcake or try the dipping method? I also need Halloween colors, orange, yellow and black. How do I get these colors? And how Much fondant do I need to cover 60 Cupcakes with decorations?

  17. OOps left something out! Is it ok to leave out the buttercream frosting underneath? Hence the comment about not having enough space to store them in the fridge overnight.

    Once again thank you for this fantastic and informative site!

  18. Hello Louise!! I love your site! I have a question about using fondant disk’s to decorate cupcakes instead of the dipped version.

    I read your tutorial about applying the buttercream first. My question is this; is it possible to use the apricot jam and then apply the disk? I have to make a huge amount of cupcakes for my sons sweet 16 party , and as I live in Switzerland , we have rather small fridges , so I am not able to store them overnight.

    Or , would you suggest I use another method.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best Regards and once again thank you sooo much!

  19. Hi Louise, I love your cakes!
    I was wondering if you have any tips for me? I am trying to make flat cupcakes so when I pour on my fondant it is flat and level with the top of the cupcake case. I have found that when I do this, sometimes the icing is so heavy that it pushes the case away and they look rubbish! Also, if you have any tips for measuring out the mix into the case so I get a level cake with a little room for the icing on top?

    Please help! Thanks!

  20. hi i had a question, iam from holland and allot of things u use we dont have it here so it makes it diffecult fore me to make sum things like wat is corn sirup and how can i make easy icing fore decorating cookies i hope someone can help me thanks xxx

  21. I also have another question.. can I use box cake mix sold in stores for the cupcakes? Do you think they will still be domed?

  22. Hi Louise!! your cupcakes are soo beautifull. I just love them and I can’t wait to try to used the poured fondant. I live in the US so what brand of fondant would you recomment I use? I saw the fondant on but since they are located in the UK it might take a while to receive it by mail. Any other fondant Brands that you have tried? Or links to buy it?

  23. Thank you Thank you for this simple recipe! I was searching for a fondant to decorate one of my adult novelty cakes and I was really stressed out about it.
    So simple! Thanks again!
    So happy I found your website yay!

  24. just started trying out cake decorations and your site is an inspiration and a learning support! Thank you!
    I have a question regarding the cupcake coverage process: when should I mix in the color? Before melting the fondant or after?

  25. this is an awesome site you have! and you are one of the most generous bakers and cake decorators online. thank you so much for sharing your tested recipes, techniques, and ideas. i’m officially a fan now. love your decorations!

  26. I tried out this out last nite using your dome cupcake technique and melting the homemade MMF that I had in my fridge. Thanks for sharing your tips. I probably have to practise some more with the MMF to get the right consistency for dipping, but I’m happy with the results for now as a first timer.

  27. Karen: What brand are you using? The dry mix that I have (from the UK)is first mixed with a little water. It is important that you dont add all the water that the recipe says (I once did that and it was too thin afterwards). It should be mixed into a ball of “dough”. The “fondant dough” should be placed in a double boiler and then slowly melted. If it is stil too thick, thin it with a little sugar syrup at a time until you reach the right consistency. Thick but pourable.

    If your fondant icing is too transparent it may have been too thin/too much water added.

  28. I’m having the worse problem with the dry fondant mix. I’ve been practicing with the mix and some cupcakes for 2 weeks now and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So, I’ve gone by the instructions and it never comes out fully white just clear. so when I dip the cupcakes it’s not a solid color instead you can see the cupcake right through the PF. Is it because I don’t have anything underneath ’cause I didn’t put buttercream or that apricot jam (I wasn’t sure if that would give the cupcake a different flavor?) before I dipped the cupcakes. Please help!! πŸ™ Thanks!!

  29. Lauren: You can get them at many cake decorating stores:,%20Boxes,%20Doiles,%20Foil%20&%20Ruffle/Cake%20Boxes

    The reason to store them in this type of box is because the poured fondant can start to melt if you store it in a air thight box. I alway prefere the cupcake fresh, but if you brush the cupcakes with sugar syrup beside the brush with abricot jam they can be stored for 2-3 max. Fresh is best πŸ™‚

  30. Hi I left a comment before about the kinds of fondant you can use to melt and you gave me a list of fondants that can be used to make into PF. You said Ateco, CK, and Global Sugar Art. I went to Ateco’s website and I was just wondering…could I just order any fondant from there? Or is this something specific I should be looking for? And I went to Global Sugar Art’s website and I just wanted to know if I could use this: as PF? You can also e-mail me. Thank you so much! You are a big help!

  31. hey louise. i did see your petit fours and they are beautiful…i tried that fondant, but found it too sweet for my taste….i ended up using a lemon chiffon cake,froze it so it would cut easier, and then used a double boiler to warm down some homemade rolled fondant, thinned it with some warm heavy cream, and a little water..i also added a touch of almond extract….anyways, worked out really well, wasn’t as shiny…but a nice clean canvas to decorate on……next i move on to buttercream….can’t wait to try your recipe!!

  32. Bob: Have you seen my petit fours? I was inspired by MS but I did not try her petit four glaze though.

    Almond Art: Yep, it can be confusing with all the different names in the cake world. I am used to sugarpaste and flowerpaste ect. But since most of my readers are from the US I try to use their naming Wished that it could be one name for all πŸ™‚

    Dolceanita: Good to hear.

  33. I just tried the poured fondant recipe…by the time the sugar was all melted it the temperature was already a little bit above 94. I was expecting to have to wait a while…I hope i am doing it right…anyway i dipped already my first few cupcakes and so far it looks great…

  34. Just to clear things up, the confusion about the difference between our “White Fondant” and fondant is due to an english/american naming.

    Fondant or rolled fondant is an american term for what we english know as sugarpaste.
    The english meaning of fondant is the stuff you’d get on iced buns, fingers or doughnuts.

    Hope that helps.

    ps. Loving the site louise. =D

  35. Wow!. just found this site and it’s about time time too, i gotta make 300 petitfours for a gettogether and have been researching and testing like crazy……still havent found a good PF but will try the wilton quick pour next…..i did try melted white chocolate….actually it was the vanilla flavored candy chips that you melt down….worked Really well because it was way less sweet, but the coating sets harder and sometimes cracks and makes a mess when eating…

  36. Yan: I have not tried Wilton fondant. But some fondant brands are better to melt and some not. The best way to melt is oner a double boiler. If it is done in MW you need to do it very carefull and only for a few sec. at a time stirring in between.

    Mirtha: Normally I would not have a frosting under the poured fondant. Just the PF, if the wilton did turn out clear it can be due to heating it too much or the fact that wilton fondant do not work for melting?

    Karen: I did not use wilton in the tutorial but a brand from the UK. The best is of course to use a fondant that is meant to be used like PF. Brands like Ateco, CK and Global Sugar Art have PF products.

  37. hi! i just wanted to know if in your tutorial you used wilton ready made fondant? If not, what can I use? thanks! I love your journal ^_^

  38. Hi, I tried melting the Wilton but it never worked, it turned clear and all sticky, I tried using the regular fondant to cover the cupcake but think I made it to thin because in about 4 hrs it dripped all over the cc, I used a frosting of cream cheese, butter and chocolate, what icing should I use to cover with regular fondant? thanks, Love your journal

    From Tijuana, Mexico

  39. Hi
    I need to know can wilton fondant be melt? Today i tried to melt it using the normal cooking type and it burn and turn black. I am not sure if that is the way. I dont ve microwave. Only baking oven. Can advise me on tat pls…

  40. Thank you Louise, and apologize for the double post I’m still learning to post in your site (blushing)…sorry but I didn’t input my name in the first question so the anonymous is me too. Like I said, I have a big babyshower for my daughter so, I’m going to risk it and freeze the cupcakes. I will report later to let you know, ok?
    Thank you again Louise I LOVE your site and i’m here everyday! not only are you very talented but so nice and kind.
    God bless you! πŸ™‚

  41. poppypixie: since it always thicken a little when melted I mould use about 18 oz.

    Anonymous/Rosie?: You can freeze the cupcakes, the only problem may be that when thawing the paper case can loosen from cupcake itself. Cookies are better for freezing.

  42. Hi Louise, I posted a question earlier but I think it didn’t go throug…
    First of all thank you for your awesome site!!! and the questions is can I freeze ‘undecorated’ cupcakes? before I apply the fondant or decorations?
    Thank you again!!

  43. Hi Louise, first of all thank you for your awesome tutorials!!! and for some readon I find myself coming to your site very often πŸ™‚
    I’ve read through this whole thread and couldn’t find anything about freezing cupcakes. I am doing a babyshower for my daughter and I’m making cookies, cupcakes, all the food etc. Sooo, I want to bake ahead of time so, the question is: can I freeze the cupcakes before I apply fondant and decorations? would that be a good idea? I just know I will be running out of time if I do everything 2 days before.
    Ok thank you again!!

  44. This is a great tutorial, I’m going to use this icing technique for my sister’s baby shower – how much rolled fondant/sugarpaste would I need? I’m making about 20 cupcakes.

  45. I just realized that I could possibly use this poured fondant idea as a covering for my cakepops. Hmmm…I’ll let you know how they turn out…thanks for getting the creative juices flowing.

  46. Whitney B: I have tried using mmf and my result was not good. But I have seen others using mmf with better results.

    HANAN:I cover my cupcakes/cake bites twice. The layer of PF is about 3-4 mm thick. If it is too hot it will lose its shine and become matt.

  47. Hi Louise
    thank you very much , i had no problems making it, but when aplying it over cake bites was not thick enough although i have not added any water i was just keeping reheating it every now and then, but your cupcakes cover looks thick like if you are using rooled fondant!! what do you suggest?? also mine was a littel bit like pearl shining, but yours are matt? i like it matt beter.

  48. Hi there,

    I love your blog so much! Everything you make is so beautiful and your tutorials make it all so easy for me.

    I want to cover some cupcakes in poured fondant, and I was wondering if I could use your MMF recipe to do that? Do you think mixing melted marshmellow with some icing sugar and a bit of hot water, then dipping the cupcakes into it would work out well?

    Thank you!

  49. sarah.a: For the wrappers i dont know if there are any tutorials on them out there on the net. Try and search for them. Those you are linking to are all laser cut and I think that they would be very time consuming to make. You could however if you find a tutorial use scrapbooking punches.

    Im sure that there are online candy sites to find and Amazon must have a book or two on that subject πŸ™‚

  50. too_cute_cakes: I dont know all fondant brands πŸ™ and some are good for melting and others not good. If you dont want to make it from scratch, then you could try and see if you can get it in a powdered version, where you mix it with water, heat and dip/pour it.

    Try and search for “poured fondant icing mix canada” a few sites/brands that sells it pops up.

  51. Hello
    I love your site
    I have a quick question. Can the pre-made rolled fondant (brand is called Liberty Virgin Ice got it at the Bulk Barn, in Canada) be melted in the microwave and made into poured fondant or is poured fondant different? I tryed using rolled and melting it and it made the cake tops crumble and the fondant smelt HORRIBLE! once out of the microwave, I am new at this and want to start out right πŸ™‚ Thanks

  52. Hi Louise! Am thinking of using rolled fondant to have star shapes for my sisters birthday and to get edible markers to write messages on them. But it’s a surprise to be placed on a cake I bought which will only be delivered in a week. Can I premake these fondant stars n write on them a week earlier? How should I store them? Thank you! Appreciate your help!

  53. Caris: I would make the cats out of fondant.

    tracie: Well sometime you can be lucky to get a good result just by heating up rolled fondant. But vary from brand to brand. At the moment I am really into the poured fondant instant version. Where you make it with fondant powder.

  54. I’m just about to bake one hundred cupcakes to fundraise for the SPCA – your site saved me a lot of heartache! Thank you!

    I’ll definitely be trying this out tomorrow. If I wanted to make 3D cats, for example, to put on top of one of these cupcakes, would you suggest the cats are made out of fondant or royal icing?

    Thanks Louise!

  55. Fairy Sweet: I have not had luck with all brands of fondant myself. I would try and use the instant poured fondant mix that Global sugar art sell. They even have a small tutorial in one of their previous newsletters. Instand mix works perfect too.

  56. Hi Louise, I tried to use the Wilton Fondant this weekend and it did not work out so well. It actually gets really globby or too transparent. Any tips?

    By the way your site is amazing and soooo helpful! Thanks!!

  57. Iclbloedel: If it gets lumpy just pour it through a sieve. Im not sure what causes the lumpy bits but it have happend to me aswell.

  58. Eloise: eggs & sugar first, and then the rest πŸ™‚ They do need to rise to the top as that makes it easier to get a nice coat.

  59. Turned out lovely, just need to fill the baking cases a bit more perhaps as the sides didn’t rise to the top which i presume is necessary for PF? Thanks so much for the tip!

  60. Ah ok yes I saw that recipe earlier in the thread but wasn’t sure if you used the same one! So you just change the method of that recip to mix the eggs and sugar first then add the remaining ingredients?

  61. izeen: you can use it on chocolate cupcakes as well thin of poured fondant as a sugar glaze, well thats what it taste like. But your right I have mostely seen it used on vanilla cc. The apricot jam is only for sealing the cc you cant taste it afterwards. But a sugar syrup is ok too.

    Eloise: I get so many asking about how I got that dome and to be honest it is all about luck I can bake 12 cc and often only 5-6 are any good for poured fondant. Also it is the PF that makes the dome in the end. I use this recipe and add 1-2 tbsp of extra flour as well. The batter must not be too thin or too thick. and you should fill the paper cups 3/4
    I cant promisse that it will give you good domed cc because even I do not have the luck everytime.

  62. Hi Louise, Could you maybe post your recipe for these PERFECTLY domed cakes?! I am really interested in the method you describe above for beating the eggs and the sugar instead, just want to get the proportions right too. Thanks so much.

  63. hi! just stumbled upon your website! very lovely tutorial πŸ˜‰

    i have a question tho. am planning to make chocolate cupcakes but want to use poured fondant on the top. is this advisable? i can’t seem to find anywhere that does this. as apricot jam doesn’t quite go with chocolate, is vanilla sugar syrup an ok substitute?

  64. Nora: You are right that it does looks the same. But I think if using RI I would just pour/spread the thinned icing over the cupcake instead. Great tip on the baking. Thanks!

  65. Can this cupcake be done with royal icing? The consistency looks the same. Please advise.
    For those who want nicely shaped even cupcakes or cakes: try lowering the heat on your oven and bake at a lower speed. It takes a little longer, but well worth it!

  66. hehe..thank you louise..will still be waiting for it. btw, love your new blog pink and all girly..muaks

  67. adrianne: Nooo πŸ˜‰ I will do it soon, promise!!

    andrea: hmm… no I have no clue what they are? do you think that they maybe are covered with a sugar glaze? similar to poured fondant?

  68. I have bought heart shaped cookies with a red icing (looks like the icing has been poured or dipped) each Valentine’s from a local bakery. They are delicious but they are getting too expensive to buy for a classroom full. I was thinking about experimenting this summer to see if I can get a taste close to the ones I buy. The cookie taste likes a shortbread. Do you think they are dipped in poured fondant? If not, what kind of icing might it be? I know that I am probably asking the impossible of you never having eaten/seen the cookies–just know you will have a better idea than me!

  69. Hello Louise.
    Just in case you have forgotten.
    I am still waiting for the nice dome cupcake recipe that you used for this tutorial =)

    Thank you so much Louise.
    Have a nice day!

  70. Hi, can you tell me why you heat the icing up and also, i head you can use egg whites instead of water, is this better? thanks

  71. Gina: You cant use poured fondant unless it is warm and liquid. I would not use egg white. Water or sugar syrup is what is best to thin the poured fondant with.

  72. Hi,
    Thank u for your lovely blog.

    How do you get your cupcakes to rise and stay risen in a beautiful dome.
    I could never achieve that in my cupcakes.
    Please share your expertise with me.

  73. I have not tried it with buttercream frosting, I’m not too sure of how it will taste, but it’s worth the try. I appreciate your advice πŸ™‚ thanks.

  74. Natlie: Well that was a good question. When ever I make icecreamcakes and that is not often I would decorate it with whipped cream just before serving. Have you tried with buttercream frosting? not sure that I would like that combo. But thats the best I can come up with.

    Fondant would look great but it will be so sticky because of the condensation.

  75. Louise I love your website, very helpful. I know it is not good to freeze rolled or poured fondant. I have been trying to find a way to ice an ice cream cake to have the same clean, smooth consistency as fondant on the outside. Any tips??

  76. Emily: You can use the same type of flavoring that you would use for buttercreams ect. But you can also use clear liqueur.

    For the color of the fondant use your color sparingly because the heat from the fondant “obtain” more color.

    If the cupcake is very crumbly I would brush with apricot (remember to let it dry before you dip) but it work as well without.

  77. What can you use to flavor the fondant?

    I would like to make the fondant a light canary yellow, how many drops should I add to the fondant to achieve this?

    Will brushing the top with apricot jam keep crumbs from falling off of the cupcake and into the fondant?

    Thanks!!! ;o)

  78. Thank you for the tutorial
    It looks like much easy-er way to ice cupcakes.
    can you use any type of icing to do that?

    you explain and show it in all in a very easy way to understand.


  79. Annie: fondant is sweet and I dont think that you can chance on that.

    adrianne: so many have asked the same, and I will try and look at it after Easter.

  80. Hello Louise,

    I did the PF, it was really neat. Thanks for the idea and the tutorial.
    But my cakes did not have a nice dome like yours, they were flat so it’s not that pretty.
    If you don’t mind, can you pls share the cupcake recipe that you used for this PF tutorial? I hope to get those domes =)
    Thanks in advance.

  81. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for the tutorial!!
    My children complained the fondant is too sweet eventhough i cut down the sugar from cake, is there any other ingredients that can substitute icing sugar??
    Thanks you very much

  82. Pamela: You mena the filling will be sour cream or cream cheese? Or is it mixed in the batter?

    I would say that depending on how long will they sit outside? and is it very warm ect?

    You can not store poured fondant cc cold. It will ruin the icing and melt. Thats why I only use PF on cc without fillings.

    1. I think it would be better to melt it over a double boiler rather than in the oven.

    2. I have not tried to pipe PF it is too liquid

    3. I prefere to make it the same day I am going to use it.

  83. Hello Louise..You have a wonderful site and thank you for generously sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. There are a few things I hope that you can advise me on.
    1) I would like to ask if I can melt the fondant icing (Bakels – Pettinice) in my oven? I don’t have a microwave oven. If yes, how can I do it (temperature, time and which rack to put)? Bakels is the only RTR I can find here other than the Wilton’s fondant powder packet.
    2) If I pipe out the poured fondant, do you think it will hold it’s shape?
    3) Can I keep the poured fondant itself in the fridge prior to use?

    Thanks in advance.

  84. Thank you for your reply
    I will try and let you know..
    A Question Please
    I am going to do a lemon cupcake and one reciepe calls for sour cream inside and the other calls for cream cheese.
    If I use the pd you said to leave cupcakes at room tempeture
    Are you able to leave cupcakes with a dairy product out in room temp??
    Thank You for any advise

  85. Pamela:

    I think you would go into trouble like you mentioned yourself with crumbs in the pf.
    But why not try and see if it works? I think it would be good brushing the top with apricot and let it dry. maybe this will hold the cut off part??

    If this dont work then you have to mix in the LC in the batter before baking.

    Let me know how it goes.

  86. Louise
    Thank you so much for your reply
    I do have a oven .. that was from someone else
    I want to make cupcakes for a wedding and love the pf look it looks very upscale
    But I also want to have a filling on the inside.
    The only way that I know how to do that is to cut the top off and a portion of the inside out and insert the filling and put top back on.
    If in dip in fd won’t it leave me with a crumb issue on sides of top????
    I was doing a domed top.
    I guess my only oppition would be to spoon something in batter.
    Thank you for any suggestions

    Thank You for any comments and your time
    It is very appricated
    PS My client wanted a lemon cupcake with lemon curd center and loved the pf top????
    I was going to do a nice pale yellow pf but did not know how to get lemon curd in the center ?????

  87. Pamela: Do you mean fill it with something before the poured fondant? No, PF works best on a “whole” cupcake. Then thing that you can do is soak/brush a nice flavouring like a sugar syrup on it before you dipp it in the PF.

    ginny: Thank you, but how do you manage to cook without a oven?

  88. looks yummie Louise!…

    thanks for having this site… i keep coming back to it for inspiration to brighten my day. Alas! can’t bake anything yet……oven broke down..and been ovenless for over 3 years now….. πŸ™

  89. Hi
    I wanted to ask???
    The icing is the best part of the cupcake
    Eating a cupcake with no icing is like a cake with no icinig
    So I was wondering how would you enhance it in another way to get some icing and flavor
    I love the look of the poured fondant but you have to sacrifice the icing
    Have you tried to enfuse it some how in the middle???
    Any advise
    Many Thanks

  90. Thanks Heaps Lousie!
    I was also wondering, because im from Australia do you have any websites or places that I can buy products from?
    thanks again and love all of your work(:
    take care

  91. cupcakes4life: well normal fondant also called rolled fondant icing, sugar paste or just icing is the dough you use to cover cakes, cupcakes ect with.

    The white fondant mentioned here is a sticky white fondant (poured fondant) It just says “white fondant” on the package. You can only get that specific white fondant from almond

  92. mommai: Do you mean the sugar syrup to thin down the poured fondant?? I find it hard to not use a bit of sugar syrup when I use the poured fondant because it tend to thicken over time so you need to stir in the sugar syrup to make it more thin.

    You can man your own sugar syrup:

    deemah: I dont have a post on rolled fondant , but I hope to add one. Until that Google: rolled fondant recipe

  93. Ursula, i am also from the UK but i found a Sculptured Blossom and Veiner Cutter set at Earl Craft n Cake…

    its in Australia but they shipped it over and the total cost including shipping came to around Β£16 when it was converted. Its so cute, I hope this helps.
    Also, not sure where your from in the uk but im from the north east of england and other than Design a Cake, which is good and quite big, there are some smaller local shops… ‘Cake Dec Centre’ in Whitley Bay and ‘Cakes, Classes and Cutters’ in Gosforth

  94. hi louise! great site… it is very informative, keep it up!
    i’m about to try this technique, i have a question though, if i omit the glaze what would happen to the finish product? and you mention about the sugar glaze, how can i make one? thanks in advance =)

  95. Grace Tan: I have not had a good result using MMF. I would use the fondant made from icing sugar.

    Mary Levee: That is good to hear. For the problem with the subscribtion try send me an email contact(at)cakejournal(dot)com

  96. I have tried your method with my homemade fondant, which has a much better flavor than the store purchased ones. Thank you so very much. I saw where someone used ready-made icing, added more 10X sugar, and melted it on top of the stove prior to pouring. They were very pleased. I am a purist, so I have not tried ready-made icing. Maybe some of the people out there know about this method.

    Also, I can not get your subscription service to accept my email address… keeps saying it is invalid. What can I do?

  97. Hi, thanks for the tutorial.

    I have one question, can i use MMF Fondant or the normal fondant made just from icing sugar. Is there any way to make it tastier?

  98. Cupcake Fan: I know that this problem has been discussed over and over again on flickr’s Cupcake take the cake group. I once tried it with vanilla cupcakes. Have you tried to add maybe just a tbsp of extra flour to the mixture?? It sometimes helps the problem.
    But try visit the group I was talking about and Im sure that you find the answer.

  99. Could someone please be so kind as to explain why my chocolate cupcakes pull away from the paper cases within a few hours of baking and cooling. The recipe is exactly the same as the vanilla version except that you use less flour and add cocoa in its place. Its really becoming an irritation as I have to keep re-baking my chocolate cupcakes. Thanks

  100. Claire126: Yes you can flavour fondant icing if you mean for the poured kind. To flavour rolled fondant/sugar paste you will have to make it yourself.

    You simply just stir your flavourings in.

    susan: hmm i not sure that poured fondant would work for this. I think I would use rolled fondant instead.

  101. hi louise i am also a newbee so could you please tell me how to cover a giant cup cake its the family one do you think i could dip the bottom in the pouring fondent and may be a butter cream for the top. the almond art in australia and what eles could use cheers susan

  102. Thanks Louise. I’m going to try that next time.

    I’ve just had a go at the poured fondant, and it’s great. Once I perfect my cupcakes they will look even better. I never imagined that it would be such a straightforward technique to use. I’ve always thought that these kind of things were beyond my skills, but now I know, I can start to perfect it.

    Can you flavour fondant icing? If so how?

    Thanks again Louise, your a star.

  103. Claire126: To seal crumbs when crumbcoating. Start off with lightly brushing off loose crumbs. Then do the first crumbcoating with crumbs all over in the bc. Put the cake in the freezer and let it sit for 8-10 min. Then do the second CC and you will see that you have less crumbs in the bc. Sometimes it takes 2-3 layers thinly of course of CC. Remember to put it in the freezer between the CC. Finally smooth the whole cake with a palette dipped in hot water.

  104. Just another question, if I’m using buttercream under ready rolled icing, how do I stop the crumbs from getting into the bc?

    And any tips on making sure that finished cake is smooth and flat?



  105. I just wanted to know the difference really. I want to try both the poured fondant for cupcakes and I’ve already tried the ready rolled icing for cakes.

    I can’t wait to try the poured icing. I’m going to get a batch of cupcakes done this morning when my little boy is having his nap. All I want to do these days is bake!

    Many thanks


  106. Claire126: ok just so I dont mix thing up here. Is it because you want to cover cupcakes with poured fondant icing or just want to cover cakes with rolled icing???

    Most icings for rolling out and cover cakes with is either called: fondant icing, ready rolled fondant and sometimes just sugarpaste. It can be very confusing with so many names for the same product. I mayself also get confused:-)

    Regalice is the name for Renshaws ready rolled icing. Wich can also be melted so you can use it on cupcakes. Like a poured fondant.

    all other kinds of icings except the “white fondant” from AlmondArt is most used to roll out and then cover your cakes with.

    But so far I have only tried regalice & “white fondant” to make poured fondant cupcakes with. But other brands might work aswell to melt.

    Dont know if this are the answers you are looking for??

  107. Hi Louise,

    I know, it’s really confusing.

    I bought some regal ice some Tescos (by supermarket) and their own brand fondant icing, and they both say they can be rolled, this is what is sparking my confusion??

    I’ve also bought some ready rolled “fondant” icing too. So I’m doubly confused.

    (by the way I’m in the UK)


  108. Haili: Thanks. I use the guide on Wilton’s cupcake site for the swirls. But you also need a large tip plain or star to make a great swirl.

    Claire126: Welcome to my site:-)
    Yes it can get quite confusing with all the fondant names and what goes with what.
    But let me try explain:

    White fondant ready made (from is used to cover cupcakes and fondant fancies and can be used a filling for chocolates. This can not be rolled out as it is too sticky for that.

    Regal icing (from Renshaw) is a ready made rolled fondant to cover cakes with. It can be melted and then you can dipp cupcakes init.

  109. Hiya,

    I’m new to the site and also new to cake decorating, going to start a new collage course on Tuesday, can’t wait.

    What is the difference between fondant icing and regal icing? They both look the same, as in they are ready to roll, is it the finished product that is different?

    Kind regards


  110. I just came across your blog and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Your tutorials are just fab! Truly an artist you are. I cannot believe the fairy on the cupcake. It is unbelievably fantastic. I’m also marveling at your perfect swirls. Would you be able to show how you get such a perfect swirl?


  111. Catherine: The fondant I am reffering to is a brand called “white fondant” from Almond art. This is not the entirely same thing as sugar paste. But you can use Regalice icing instead of the white fondant.

    neesha: Poured fondant just taste sweet like icing and rolled fondant. It is not crunchy to bite into. It just melt in your mouth when you eat it.

  112. i am a HUGE fan of your cupcakes, been so for a long time and I am finally going to give the poured fondant a go. Can you tell me what it tastes like? does it melt in the mouth? is it crunchy when you bite into it?


  113. Louise, I have read all the posts on fondant. I have probably missed one but when you suggest melting the fondant- is the fondant you are referring to known as Sugarpaste in the U.K?

  114. Rachel: I would say when made from scratch 1 month. Another good tip is to use Regalice it works perfect.

    nenu: Thank you:-) I fill the paper cups 3/4 up.

  115. Hello! First I want to congratulate you on your beautiful website, awesome cakes and very helpful tutorials. I am so happy I found your website and I enjoy very much every mail I receive. I’m new to cake decorating and I love it. I want to ask you, how much batter do you put on the pan to make such a nice dome on the cupcakes? thank you so much for your advice.

  116. Stephanie: your welcome:-)

    Nikki: I would say for a month when its home made and keep it well wrapped in plastic in a air thight container in a cool place. It will get sticky and sometimes liquid.
    When brushin the cupcakes with jam I think abricot is the best it is very neutral in taste and you wont see it like if you used red jam. Remember to sieve the jam so you only have the “gelly jam”. You could also brush with sugar syrup.

    This fondant used in the photos is a store bought one. I have not had great sucess with MMF turned into poured fondant.

  117. I love your website! I adore all your creations!! =) Im really learning a lot. I was just wondering, how long can I keep unused fondants for? Do I keep them in the fridge? or freezer? Aside from jams what can I use to cover the cupcakes before dipping it in the poured fondant? Thanks

  118. Wow, this is great, just the EXACT technique I needed to know. I always wondered how that ‘smooth poured’ look was done…your instructions are very detailed and simple. Thanks for sharing

  119. Hi Louise,

    Thanks so much for the recipe! They came out in a lovely dome shape, but wonder if i didnt add enough Baking Powder (tho i followed the recipe) as they were not very fluffy.

    Thanks again and will keep trying,


  120. rani: you get a beautiful result with domed cupcakes. But you can also use it on flat cupcakes maybe spread it on with a knife?
    It depends on what kind of texture the ready rolled icing has. I is not all brands that work best.

    I only have recipes from my cupcake books. But this one makes a nice dome at least for me:

  121. Hi Louise, fantastic tutorial, thank you so much! Quick question – I asume high risen domed fairy cakes are better for this? My cakes do rise, but are often flat on the top?!

    Also, do you have a cup cake recipe please?

    Thanks again!

  122. Lori: The poured fondant dont hold well in very humidity places because it boiled sugar and can start to melt and get sticky like candy. The rolled fondant can also start to sweat in warm humid weather. But offcourse it is always good to test it out at first.

  123. So glad I came across your site! I will be making wedding cupcakes for my son’s wedding which will be in early October, and I love the look of the poured fondant in your pictures. I have never used fondant – rolled or poured – but wondered if this might hold up better than buttercream in our warm to hot Southern California fall weather. It will be a garden wedding, so no air-conditioning!

  124. Khristy: Thank you so much for the link to the lovely photos of your shabby bridal cupcakes. Also I am glad to hear that you had good results with the MMF made pourable. because I did not have that great luck when I tried.

    So it can work then with MMF made into poured fondant.

  125. I was inspired by your tutorial, and I gave the MMF a try and had pretty good results. I took a chunk of my refrigerated MMF and melted it down in the microwave in 10 and 20 second increments with a tsp of water, stirring after each increment. When it seemed to be at a decent melted level, I added more water (out of the tap) until it was the right dipping consistency. I then dipped the cupcakes as you directed. They turned out beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful tutorial!!! This was my first go at MFF and decorating my cupcakes.[email protected]/2626678102/

  126. Hi- Can you freeze these?

    I’m making 200 cupcakes for my wedding…and I’m wondering if I can freeze the fondant after I’ve dipped the cupcakes..

    Thanks for your help πŸ™‚

  127. Great tip and BTW I used regular “rolling” fondant that my wife made, and they turned out quite nice actually!!!

    Just to let you know.

    Thanks again and regards from Mexico

  128. brooke: I would not use poured fondant to decorated the skirt. Rolled fondant is much better. Try look at my barbie doll cake with a rolled fondant covered skirt. You can find it in my cake gallery/kids cakes.

  129. Okay. Love all the websites for this fondant stuff. I am going to make a barbie cake with the skirt as the cake. I wanted the dress to be done with the fondant. Would pouring the fondant work better than rolling it? What would you suggest. Thanks!

  130. Do you have a cupcake recipe that will work well with the poured fondant? I tried several recipes but my cupcakes fall apart. Thanks πŸ™‚

  131. Louise, I apologize if I’m missing this — is there an actual recipe for poured fondant in this blog? I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks very much.

  132. Hi Louise,

    I tried your cupcake method, of melting the butter and adding it to the beaten eggs and sugar, it works a treat!!!!
    I’ve just made 200 beautifully domed cupcakes, thanks so much for the advice.

  133. Louise, thank you very much for answering me. I want to do the cupcakes like in the tutorial. I have the recipe of the rolled fondant , but my doubt is if the rolled fondant can be melted as the pured fondant. Thank you very much for your attention. I am going to test with Wilton’s rolled fondant and if it serves, I will write to you to say it to you. I will try to do it later with your recipe. Congratulations for all your creations!!! Regards from Mexico


  134. Fabbys: I have not tried the Wilton fondant and I know little about it sorry! Do you plan to make poured fondant cupcakes or do you want to place a round disc of rolled fondant on top of the cupcakes??

    I would say that if you are using the “fondant disc” decoration I would say that around 3 batches of fondant should be more than enough. I have found this recipe for you:

  135. Hello, I am writing from Mexico. The cupcakes are beautiful! Might you say to me if I can use Wilton’s fondant and for doing 240 cupcakes how many fondant I need? Here in Mexico it is difficult to find good fondant. Might you give me the recipe? Thank you very much and congratulations!!

  136. SUCCESS. I’m such an idiot. For weeks I’ve been trying this out but I’ve been using COLD water to thin out my fondant. Like my husband says, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! I finally did it with boiled water … And it looks AMAZING. I did it with an egg yellow, very light; looks divine. Thanks!!

  137. Lilybird: if I am not mistaken the recipe that Cupcakeit is refering too is the one from Baking 911. I tried to look at their forum but some of the forums are for premium members so I cant see the whole recipe because I am not a premium member.

  138. I would like to try the recipe for poured fondant that Cupcakeit has posted on this thread. The only directions are to bring it up to 94 degrees and be sure it is smooth. Is it at this point that you would dip the tops of the cupcakes in it? Can you store the remainder of the recipe for future use and if so, do you just need to heat it up again?? This seems so different than the recipe on the “chef” link posted elsewhere on the sight.
    Thanks for your help.

  139. Sonia: I have tried to melt some MMF and it is not good to use. Poured fondant is made with only sugar, water & glucose syrup. If you can get some ready made rolled fondant you should be able to use that so you dont need to first made the PF.

  140. Hi,
    Awesome tutorial..very helpful for someone like me who i just starting to get into cake decorating. Can you use this method to cover the cupcakes with MMF also ? Is there a shorter method or do I need to first make the MMF and then melt it to cover the cupcakes.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance !

  141. tiamaria892: Thanks πŸ˜€

    Apsara: I can highly recomend They make the best flower paste and sell Sugar Flair paste colors.

    Lilybird: You add the flavorings first then color when the icing is ready/finished. Only pay attention to add just a tiny dot of color because it can quickly get to dark.

    And yes offcourse I will write the colors next time thanks for the idea. Btw the color I used for these cupcakes is a color called “Spruce Green” and is from Sugar Flair a UK brand. If you can get americolor where you are then I would guess Avocado is the closest color.

  142. Hi again Louise,
    I forgot the most important questions I wanted to ask. Could you tell us exactly what brand and color you used for this beautiful cupcake. I am new to all this and I just can’t seem to match the colors, and they are just so perfect. All the things you do are just exactly in the color range that I like. Maybe you could include the colors you use when you post something new. Thanks so much.

  143. Regarding the recipe for poured fondant. Do you add the color and flavorings before you start to cook the fondant? Thanks so much for this great website.

  144. I love your website. Great work. I am very new to cake decorating. Can you please let me know how you made the leaves in the above cup cakes.

    Also can you let me know a good place to buy flower paste, Edible paste colours and flower dust in the UK.

    Thanks a lot

  145. Hi Louise, I didn’t actually know that is how you cover the cupcakes with the melted fondant. Now I know!!! hehe
    I just wanted to say that I love the colours of the cupcakes above!
    Maria (from C & M)

  146. Hi Judee Ann,

    It is very simple to make your fondant / royal icing darker, as it will become darker the next day. Food colors tends to evolve in a way that make the color darker over time.

  147. Hi Louise,

    Do you know if it’s possible to emboss the fondant after letting it dry for a bit? Or will it crack over? I imagine it would have to be just thick enough! I will try myself but I wanted to know your thoughts on this! Thanks!

  148. You have such nice tutorials. you’re really talented.. i want to ask if you’re going to make royal icing or fondant icing, how you make the colors more darker? πŸ™‚ thanks!

  149. Poured fondant recipe

    2 lbs good quality powdered sugar
    2/3 cup water
    3 TBSP corn syrup (light)

    extract/food coloring to your liking, if you want white in color, use clear vanilla or almond.

    heat sugar, water, corn syrup to about 94*F…it needs to be smooth, and the consistency of sweetened condensed milk or so…once you have made it a couple of times you will get it.

    this taste great, is way cheaper, kind of like the differences between MMF and store bought. I have never used MMF to make this, as this is a perfect and cheap recipe. hope this helps those who are still looking for poured fondant.

  150. Poured fondant is like a sugar glaze that hardens on top of the cupcake. To keep and seal moisture I brush them with abricot jam. Some also soak their CC with a sugar suryp. You cant cover cupcakes with poured fondant on top of BC.

    Normally i would not keep any CC in the refrigerater as it will dry them out. But when you use poured fondant they can keep longer though I would not keep any CC more than 2 days. They are best freshly made.

    You should be able to fedex them them to your sister.
    it is always good to do a sample to see how good they taste after 1 day, 2days , 4 days I do that.

    Good luck


  151. Hi
    Could you let me know how these cupcakes are to last if they can not be refrigerated? I want to fedex them to my sister.
    Also, why is there no buttercream under the fondant, like normal fondant? Can it be done?

  152. When I make cupcakes with poured fondant icing I use a special white fondant. It it not like a store bought rolled fondant icing as this is much more sticky.

    I use the abricot jam to seal in the moisture in the cupcake. you can flavour your icing the way you like it.

  153. What does the rolled fondant taste like? Whenever I’ve used it, it smells like it wouldn’t taste good. Do you put an extract in it or is that why you use the apricot?

  154. Unfortunately, I cannot switch the fan off in my oven but I will try the extra flour – I am baking cupcakes today. Thanks again Louise and well done on getting your cupcakes into the national press – they are so pretty, you desrve to be in there!

  155. Hi Ursula,

    When I use my oven I never use the fan when baking. About the recipe try add 2 tbsp of ekstra flour to the one you use. offcourse without making the dough dry. Its not every time I get them domed like that and it is the poured fondant that gives the high domed look. Well it does for me as I dip my cupcakes twice.

    Anonymous: what I was talking about was that some rolled fondant brands can be used to make poured fondant. I have tried the english brand: Regal Ice to make poured fondant. I simply just meltet it in the microwave oven. What I found was that the texture needs to be like “home made” rolled fondant if you have tried that?

    Depending on where you are located the “white fondant” from is really good and soo easy to work with. I know Squires Kitchen also have a poured fondant in a powder form I have not tried that though.

  156. Above you said “I have however tried to just use reg. fondant that you can roll out and cover cakes with. But it’s not all there works.”
    I didn’t understand your comment. Does rolled fondant work? Thanks for your response and great ideas!

  157. Hi Louise,
    Last question – I promise! Do you have a recipe for the cupcakes? Also, I have an electric fan oven and I am having problems with cracks appearing on the domes (if I get domes!)of the cakes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  158. Hi Ursula,

    I went to Birmingham last year and will go again this year. I remember that I saw that flower veiner on one of the stands. I remember it was white. So I think you can be lucky to find it:-)


  159. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for the advice. They are great sites and I will be ordering some new moulds and cutters from them, however, I am after the blossom set from Sunflower Art in particular but I cannot find it in the UK. Any tips please? I may be going to the sugar craft fair in Birmingham in a fortnight – so maybe someone will have it there?!

  160. Hi Ursula,

    I have two links on two different fondants. But If you are in the UK I would buy it from it is the best. Its called “white fondant” and it cost Β£1.25 for 500gr.

    You can melt/heat the fondant in a double boiler.

    Great sites for cutters ect. Try search: AlmondArt, Design A Cake, A piece of cake just to name a few.


  161. Hi,
    Love your website! Is there a recipe to make the fondant rather than buy it? Also, I don’t have a microwave so could I melt it some other way? Am in the UK and would love any info on UK suppliers of cutters/flower moulds too. Your decorations are wonderful – so pretty!

  162. The fondant I use on the photos is a store bought one from and is called: white fondant.
    I have however tried to just use reg. fondant that you can roll out and cover cakes with. But its not all there works.

  163. I must be missing something. Do you use the regular fondant that you can roll out or is there a fondant called poured fondant? Thanks!

  164. Hi Yan,

    My cupcakes have a minor crack but it is not that much though. When I make cupcakes I have found out that the beating butter and sugar dont work for me. I beat eggs and sugar creamy. Add melted cooled butter. Then I add the flour/b.powder by hand with the milk there have been slightly heated. Then I add chocolate chips, fruit or what ever I like to the batter.

    I have tried SO many cupcake recipes and the problem is always with the vanilla cupcakes??. Chocolate always turn out great.

    Try it and let me know how it went:)

  165. Hi Louise,

    how do you get your cupcakes to look so round and without cracks? Out of a batch of 24 cupcakes, most of mine would end up with cracks, and made my poured fondant look really ugly due to the uneven surface.

  166. Thank you Paula:)

    Do you mean when the cakes are brushed with apricot before you add the poured fondant??

    I guess it is because apricot have a neutral taste. And it dont have any seeds or peels. I dont think it would work if you used strawberry insteed. Well I have not tried but apricot is also very light so it cant be seen through the fondant.

    I hope this was the answer to your question.


  167. This sooo very awesome!!!! I bought a store bought poured fondant as well a few weeks ago and was trying to use it to make little petifores that look like small wrapped gifts. I thought they looked great but the fondant could have been a little thinner and I should have used maybe like an angel food cake for a firmer cake. Anyhow, I’ve researched this extensively and in all of them I find that everyone uses “Apricot” as a base. Why is this? Why not some other flavor?

    You’re the best!!


    Paula in Texas!

  168. Hi Moonlight,

    No it is not MMF. I use a sugar fondant that is store bought. But I will try to see if I can make a good home made one that is “easy” for all to make….

  169. i love the instructions but just one quick question…is that marshmallow fondant that you are using? if not, then what kind are you using to make it melt like that? thanks crystal

  170. Thank you for this tutorial! You have been great explaining this and helping by answering questions. – kat


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