A custom-made name plaque adds a personal charm to your cakes. With a few basic tools, you can make endless variations of this professional-looking name plaque. Change the fondant color, plaque cutter, and accent decorations to customize this plaque for any special occasion.



This is what you’ll need: (Click on links for details)
Work surface
Rolling pin
Corn starch
Fondant in the colors of your choice
Joelyn Plaque cutter
Alphabet set lower case Tappits
Alphabet and Numbers set upper case Tappits
Wilton Number/ Letter Press Set
Martha Stewart Garden silicone mold set



Step 1: Choose the background color of your choice for your name plaque. Dust your work surface with corn starch and roll out your fondant. Don’t roll it too thin or it will be hard to work with and handle.


Step 2: Use your plaque cutter to cut out the background shape. I purchased mine online at Not Just Cakes by Annie. Their shop carries a large selection of shapes.


Step 3: For the central name on my message plaque, I used the letters from the Wilton Letter Press set. My particular set is discontinued, but I linked to the newer version in the product list at the top of this post. Simply line up the letters in the center of the plaque and press each one gently until it makes an impression.


Step 4: When you lift the letters, the name looks like this. If any impressions are too faint, you can line the letter press back up on each letter and apply firmer pressure to correct the impression.


Step 5: To add interest, I added a second color and font type to this name plaque with one of my favorite tools, Tappits! Roll out a thin piece of white fondant or gumpaste and use the included guide to cut a long strip.


Step 6: Allow the white strip of fondant to dry for a couple of minutes, then one by one, press each Tappit letter you need. Freeze the Tappit with the fondant in it for a minute, then firmly tap it on your counter to release the letter. If you have trouble using your Tappits, there are many helpful tutorials online with hints.


Step 7: A quick and beautiful way to add small accents (flowers, bows, butterflies, birds) to any plaque decoration is with small silicone molds. This one is made by Martha Stewart but you can find many brands at your local craft store.


Step 8: Press a small ball of cornstarch-dusted fondant into the butterfly mold. Remove the excess until the back is flat, freeze for a minute if needed, and release the butterfly decoration by bending the mold.


Allow the Tappits letters and numbers to dry for a few hours or overnight. Carefully attach them by applying a small amount of water to the back of each one and placing it on the plaque with gentle pressure. Attach the butterfly accents on the same way. Your name plaque can dry on a parchment-lined cookie sheet if you want it flat like mine. If you want to apply it to the front of a cake, you can dry it on a curved surface, like a cake dummy that has been cut in half and stood on its side. Attach it to the cake with a small amount of buttercream.

Happy Caking!