I thought that a little tutorial on how you can make some very easy whimsical toadstools would be in place. They are a perfect match for the little flower fairy tutorial or on a woodland themed cake.

This is what I use:
Gum paste
Food gel colors (I like to make pink toadstools, but they can be whatever color you like)
Edible glue (water or egg white can be used too)
Ball tool
Small brush
Cornstarch (to prevent sticky hands while working with the gum paste)

Step 1:
Take some white gum paste and roll it into a smooth ball. Then roll into a teardrop shape with a more pointy end (the toadstool “foot”). Make them in different sizes. Set a side to dry while you make the “hat”

Step 2:
Next make the “hat”. Again start with a smooth ball and then shape it into pointy whimsy bell shape.
Tip! It looks good if you make different shaped toadstools. Some pointy and some flat!

Step 3:
Take the ball tool and make a hole at the bottom of the Toadstool “hat”

Step 4:
Brush a little edible glue in the hole and place the “hat” on to of the “foot”

Step 5:
If you like you can glue on some small white dots on the “hat”. Let the toadstool dry over night before use.

Happy Caking!