How to make a teddy bear cake topper part 2

Here is the part 2, which is a follow-up of part 1 on how to make a teddy bear cake topper.

Step 1:
Take a piece of fondant and roll it into a “rough” ball. This is, just to see if the proportions between head and body looks OK. Add more or less fondant until you are happy with the size. Knead a little Tylo powder into the fondant and roll it into a smooth ball. Brush a little glue on the cocktail stick and place the head on the teddy.

Step 2:
Make a stitch from the back of the head to the front. Take a small piece of fondant and roll it into oval shape. Make sure that it’s not too big for the teddy’s head. Flatten it and glue it on with a little Tylo glue.

Step 3:
Make an indentation at the front where the nose will be. Use the other end of the quilting tool for this. Roll a tiny teardrop shaped ball of black fondant and glue it on.

Step 4:
Use the same end of the quilting tool to make the mouth.

Step 5:
With a pointy tool make “dimples” on the teddy’s cheeks.

Step 6:
Roll 2 small balls of fondant and form them into teardrops. Press with a ball tool and then pinch the ears. Remove a tiny bit of fondant from the ears. Make a hole with the pointy tool on each side on the head for the ears.

Step 7:
Brush a little bit of glue in the holes and attach the ears. Now it’s time to add a pair of eyes. Again use the pointy tool and make the holes for the eyes. The eyes should be placed close to the nose. Roll tiny balls of black fondant for the eyes. Brush a little glue and attach the eyes.

Step 8:
Mix a little bit of white petal powder with a few drops of clear alcohol (or lemon extract) Take a super fine brush and paint a little bit of white on the eyes and nose. Let the teddy dry and he is ready to be placed on a cake.

Note: Remember that there have been inserted a cocktail stick in the teddy’s body. Make sure that you remove the cocktail stick if it should be eaten.

Happy Caking!



  1. Dear Louise,
    I love cooking and baking, but still am a beginner for these frosting and decorating stuff. You see, this one is a wonder to me, practically a miracle!
    I would be delighted if you could help me by guiding me with some of your tutorials for beginners.

    • I would say that most of my tutorials are not very complicated to start off with. Try the race car, turtle, train + many more. You can find them + many more in the tutorial section 🙂

  2. Couldn’t believe the mediocre tutorials I was finding. My LONG search ended when I stumbled upon yours. You are so good and refreshing to my eyes. THANKS A TRILLION.

  3. You are an artist, God Bless your hands. Do you know how to make an elephant, I need to make my daughter in law her baby shower cake and the theme are elephants. Can you help me??

    • I don’t have a tutorial for a elephant sorry. Try and search for baby shower cakes with elephants. I am pretty sure some will come up.

  4. Hi Louise :

    Only to say thanks to you , your help on your site is very significant source to me here in Puerto Rico. Ican write english well , but any way thanks .

    Aida Alsina

  5. Hi Louise I am trying to source a good quality fondant online but they all seem to be in the states and p&p is very expensive.
    Any advice for anywhere in europe.
    Thank you so much for all your brillian tutorials.


  6. thanks for this tutorial…
    this is very cute, i will definately try this as i have been trying to learn how to work with fondant

  7. Thanks so much for posting this! I have been searching the Internet for a good tutorial as I am making my daughters 1st birthday cake- the theme is teddy bears’ picnic! So this is perfect!!! Thank you!!! Beautiful work xxx


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