bow cookies 1

My sister recently asked me to make cookies for her and she wanted so many things on them… bows, patterns, dots and lots of color.

Putting all those features together on a single cookie was challenging but fun too!

She loved these whimsical and colorful cookies and I did a tutorial so that you can make them too.

To make these cookies, you will need the following supplies:

Pink fondant
White fondant
Blue fondant
Round scalloped cutter
Rolling pin
Round scalloped chocolate sugar cookies
Yellow royal icing
Wilton tip# 3

And here are the instructions:

Step 1:
Mix your pink, white and blue fondant roughly until you end up with a big marbled ball.
Then, roll it out and you will end up with colorful marbled fondant.

bow cookies 10

Step 2:
Use a round scalloped cutter to cut out a piece.

bow cookies 9

Step 3:
Brush some royal icing or corn syrup on your chocolate cookie.
Stick the fondant piece on top of the cookie and press gently so that it sticks properly.

bow cookies 8

Step 4:
Fill a piping bag with yellow royal icing and attach Tip#3.
Hold your bag at a 45 degree angle and make horizontal lines on your cookie.
Make sure the lines are evenly spaced.

If you find it difficult to make these lines freehandedly, draw the lines with an edible marker first and then trace over them with royal icing.

bow cookies 7

Step 5:
Now, pipe vertical lines and you will end up with little squares.

bow cookies 6

Step 6:
Make little dots in each square.
Keep these cookies aside until the the royal icing dries.

bow cookies 5

Step 7:
Use the leftover marbled fondant to cut out a long rectangular piece.
Cut it in half, as shown by the dotted lines.

bow cookies 11

Step 8:
Also, cut out two triangular pieces and a small square piece.

bow cookies 3

Step 9:
Use royal icing or corn syrup to stick the triangle pieces along the side of the cookie.
Stick the little square piece in the center.
Then, if you like… you can cut out two very thin strips of marbled fondant and stick those below the bow.

bow cookies 2

And you are done!

bow cookies 0

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone! 🙂