I know these Kit Kat Candy Cakes are all over the internet, but every time I make one, I’m always surprised at how many people have never seen them! So today, I thought I’d do a tutorial showing you how easy it is to make one of these impressive cakes!

Kit Kat Candy Cake

For today’s cake, I thought it would be fun to make it a little Goldfish Pond, but you could also fill it completely with candy – see my son’s Kit Kat M&M’s cake here – or decorate it for a pool or beach themed party! The possibilities are endless.

How to Make a Kit Kat Cake

What You Need to Make a Kit Kat Cake

  • A round cake – I used a 7″ for this tutorial but any size will do!
  • Kit Kats (formula below to figure out how many you’ll need);
  • Frosting;
  • Other candy for decorations;
  • Ribbon.

Making an Easy Kit Kat Cake Tutorial

  • Start with your two layers of cake filled. I used a 7″ round cake and filled it with vanilla buttercream.
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 01
  • Frost the cake. Make sure to get plenty of fresh buttercream around the sides! That’s what will help the Kit Kats to stick!
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 02
  • Add Kit Kats all around the sides. They’re easier to work with if you break them into sections of 2 sticks. I have to tell you… you’re probably going to need more Kit Kats than you think!
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 05
  • Add a good pile of frosting in the center and spread it out. If you’re going to be covering it with candy (such as this M&M’s filled one), then you can add as much or as little as you want because you’ll cover it up.
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 04
  • Since I was going to make a little Goldfish Pond cake, I made sure to get a good spread of blue buttercream for water!
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 03
  • I added little Goldfish and a ribbon and called it a day! After it was baked, this cake took less than an hour to put together but it’s so cute and so versatile!
How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 06

How Many Kit Kats Are in a Kit Kat Cake?

Here’s a formula to figure out how many: Size of your round cake (in inches) multiplied by 3.14 divided by 2.5 (the width of a full-size Kit Kat).

Here are the numbers from my cake: it was 7 inches round. I did 7 x 3.14 = 21.98. Then 21.98/2.5 = 8.79.  Round that number up… so I needed 9 Kit Kat candy bars. I actually only used 8 plus one stick from another, but that’s why you should round UP!

Would you have guessed that you needed 9 Kit Kats? It’s a lot huh!

Happy Caking!

Now you know everything there is to know about making your own Kit Kat cake! However you’ll choose to decorate it, we’re sure it will come out amazing.

So, get out there, buy some Kit Kats, and get caking! Whether you’re making it for your child’s birthday or for a quiet afternoon with some friends, we hope you’ll enjoy this candy cake as much as we do.

Have you ever made a Kit Kat Candy Cake? Finally, leave us a comment down below and let us know how your cake came out. We always look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Caking!


How to Make a Kit Kat Candy Cake 08