Special people in your life may be your mother and father, maybe your fiancé or children, or maybe your in-laws. Everyone is special to you in some sort of way and we are here to make sure you get those special people the most awesome cake to plow into on their special day.

Cakes are not too entirely difficult to make, but if you’re a guy and don’t want to try, then there are many places you can go and order one specific to what you wish for and ask them to do. The only thing you need to do is make sure you know WHO it’s for and WHAT you want on it, or they will do something that you probably won’t like.

There’s a special something to be said about the men who know their fiancé well enough to make them the perfect cake. Keep reading to see 14 awesome cakes for really super awesome people.

Cakes For Mom

Cakes for moms are important because they tend to care about things like this more than most people. They like the little things like a cake whereas many other people don’t care and just care about the taste. Depending on their personality you’ll want to get a different cake but here are some cakes that are awesome for moms to get in front of for a picture or a party. She may have just graduated college or she may have just had a birthday that day, the occasion doesn’t matter because the cake is cake and everyone loves really awesome cakes.

You don’t always have to go above and beyond on the icing. Try her favorite cake instead, or at least do it as best as you can. Mom like homemade cake and when you make it completely from scratch she will appreciate it so much more than one that is bought at a grocery store.

Ask her months in advance what her favorite cake is or favorite flavor of cake, such as blueberry, strawberry, and other important kinds. This one in specific is an apple cake and it looks so delicious you can almost smell it.


If you want to go the more abstract and crazy route, something like the image above is going to be very funny to place in front of your mother on her 50th. There are many more ideas like this on Pinterest, just be sure that she will not find it rude.

This is a typical mom. When is mom not doing laundry?! Almost never with a house full of kids and clothes. This will make mom laugh like crazy and it is a way of showing your appreciation for the work she does including the laundry. This may be a little tough to make, so you will probably have to have someone make it, such as a cake boss or a bakery like that.

Special People: Cakes For Dad

Let’s be real here… dads do not care one single bit about their cake on their birthday or any special occasion. What they care about is the taste, not the looks! But if you get them an awesome cake that tastes good when they’re least expecting it, it will make their whole year.

This cake represents one of their favorite “dad” foods. Whenever you ask them what they want for dinner they always seem to want steak. Steak is also one of the luxury foods in today’s world and can be seen as one of the most awesome cakes for one of the most special people.

Dad will have a cow when they see this cake! Check out the cupcakes like summer cupcakes, lemon vanilla cupcakes, and mini cupcakes if it is a little easier than making this cake for you.

This is just made with gummy packages from the grocery store and icing! Easy as pie! Try it out today and use it for either fathers day or his birthday and he will love you forever.

One last superhero dad cake for the win. This awesome cake ranks among the top for dads for any occasion. Check out the awesome cakes on Pinterest as well.

Special People: Cakes for Your Girlfriend

Now this one might be a little tricky. Girlfriends are…quite the entertainment, quite the range of emotions, and kind of crazy sometimes. You have to make sure it’s not stupid! You can do it… you can do this, you can get the girl the perfect awesome cake.

On the other side, girlfriends are precious and will do anything for you because they love you so much.

If she’s a girly girl, who loves her makeup almost as much as she loves you, she is going to love this cake and love you even more for getting her this cake.

Pink is always a safe way to go when it comes to girls, and they will always appreciate anything you do for them regardless of how stupid it might be. The only way they will ever be upset is if you just shove their face in the icing.

Looking for a little way to heartthrob her? Give her a romantic cake saying how much you love her and she will die of happiness. The way to a girl’s heart is love and… FOOD!

They love food so having both in one is the perfect combination. You should probably cut the cake for her too and give her a break from feeding you so much. Feed her for a change, make her feel like a princess. This awesome cake certainly will!

Special People - princess cake

Think she feels like a princess yet? Now she will! Look at this beautiful and awesome pink cake for her. Even if the picture says 7 years old, any girlfriend would love to receive this cake on her birthday. Birthday Cakes are classic and need to be specially made for that special person. So why not go big, or go home?

Awesome Wedding Cakes for Special People

Do you want awesome? Here’s awesome. This wedding cake not only lights up but is also Disney-themed. These cakes can be ordered at Disney. From Disney, if you chose to either get married down there or close to it.

Check out this awesome superhero cake. You nerds and avengers lovers will geek out over this cake, and many other superhero themed cakes.

There are many different ways to incorporate superheroes into your wedding. This one will steal the spotlight and wow people when they look at the cake on their way in or during the wedding. Be different, learn how to love being the weird one.

This will for sure give your guests a laugh and they’ll say out loud “That’s awesome!”. The people leaning off the cake and onto the other cake have hidden meanings, more than just a funny cake. It can be thought of as falling into a new life, except together.

One may have jumped from the middle and the other may have jumped from the top. The reason they have done this is that they trust the foundation. They lay at the bottom for them to fall on. Trust the foundation they have built for their marriage.

The couple is falling together because they want to be together. Leave the other life in the past because now they are together.

Special People - 5 tiered cake
Special People - old couple
Special People

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How cute is this wedding topper! People will adore this idea and love the meaning behind it. Adventures will always be one of the greatest things to do with the love of your life. Getting married is the first step to growing old together. Level up your wedding cakes by adding some wedding cupcakes!