This is a super easy technique to create sugar mold cupcake toppers that would work in any color and with a huge variety of molds. Because mini lips are so hard to resist, we decided to make these sugary little accents for mini Valentine’s Day cupcakes but could have easily made a top for any occasion. A chocolate mold with small cavities works best, so that your finished sugar molds aren’t too heavy and don’t easily break. Make sure your sugar is damp and moist, but not soggy for the best results.

You Will Need:

4 oz. Container of Sanding sugar ( 1/2 cup)


Chocolate Mold with Small Cavities


Start by placing your sanding sugar in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until it’s more finely ground like granulated sugar, 10 long pulses or so.

_MG_6788 _MG_6808

Place the sugar in a bowl and add 1/2 tsp of water. Stir thoroughly until the sugar is uniformly moist. Press your finger into the mixture to see if it holds an impression. If necessary, add a few more droplets of water to moisten.

_MG_6831 _MG_6869

Fill the cavities of your mold with an ample amount of sugar. Then, use your finger to firmly press the sugar into the mold.

_MG_6881 _MG_6889

Next, use a spatula to skim off any excess sugar so that your molds are evenly filled.


Place a piece of wax paper over the mold. Then, place the bottom of a sheet tray on top. Grasp all three layers and flip the mold over, keeping it in place.



Gently remove the mold and lightly tap on any cavities that haven’t released. Some of the sugar molds may break, but don’t sweat it, just scoop up the broken sugar and place it back into your bowl.

Repeat this process with any remaining sugar, but be sure to wipe out your chocolate mold with a dry paper towel before starting on your second batch.


Let the molds dry for minimum of 5 hours or as long as necessary until they are thoroughly dry. Store in an airtight container.