manly Handyman tools cupcakes

Father’s day is right around the corner.

So, I made these manly cupcakes topped off with little tools for all the “handymen” dads out there 🙂

I used candy/chocolate molds to make these tools. But, instead of chocolate, I used gum paste. The main reason I didn’t use chocolate is because I haven’t had the best luck with painting fine details on chocolate pieces. Painting on gum paste is much easier for me.

I don’t recommend using fondant to make these tools since it takes very long to dry and harden. I have used both, gum paste and 50/50 successfully.

manly tools cupcakes 7

Anyways, let’s get started…

To make these tools, you will need the following supplies:

CK Tool box chocolate mold (Item number: 90-14668)
Yellow gum paste or 50/50
CK Nu-Silver luster dust
Vodka or clear vanilla extract
Sharp knife or Exacto knife
Wax paper
Black edible marker

These are the steps:

Step 1:
Start off by rubbing some shortening into the candy mold cavities.
You can use powdered sugar, if you like.

manly tools cupcakes 1

Step 2:
Place gum paste or 50/50 into the cavity.
Push it down with your fingers until the entire cavity is filled up.

manly tools cupcakes 2

Step 3:
Now, flip the mold onto a sheet of wax paper and tap it out.
I have noticed that it t takes a bit of wiggling and even bending the corner of the mold slightly to get the piece out properly.

manly tools cupcakes 3

Step 4:
You will end up with something like this…

manly tools cupcakes 4

Step 5:
Use a sharp knife/ Exacto knife to cut out all the excess gum paste.
Use your fingers to smooth out the sides to give your tool a more “refined” look.
Let these tool pieces dry for about 24 hours at room temperature, until they harden. This makes it easier to draw all the details.

manly tools cupcakes 5

Step 6:
Once your tool pieces are dry and hard, start drawing all the details.
Use a fine tip black edible marker (or even edible paint and a fine paintbrush) to draw out all the black details.
To add the silver details, mix some clear vanilla extract or vodka with silver luster dust and use this mixture to paint all the silver portions of your tools.

manly tools cupcakes 6

Allow all this paint work to dry overnight and then top them on top of your cupcakes!

manly tools cupcake

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!