I have a few favourite tools that I always have ready whenever I make gum paste decorations. I like to call them my gum paste helpers:

A: The “egg foam trays”, are always good to have. They are great when making Hydrangea’s and 5 petal flowers.

B: My cornstarch container. I use this for gum paste decorations such as pearls and other types of decorations that is round in the shape. This way can I prevent a “flat” backside on the decorations.

C: For roses, lillies and other types of flowers these Celformers (from Celcakes) are good to have. I also use them when making heads for my figurines. You can even make them yourself with a glass and foil. Cheap and easy!

D: Small plastic palette trays for small cut out flowers.

There are one gum paste helper that I dont have but would soo love to have. One of those “trees” with lots of dowels, where you can hang your wired flowers and dry your bow loops on. I have thought of maybe make it myself with a little help from my DH. I just need to work at little more on how I (he) should make one 😉

Here are some simple DIY tips on how to make some “gum paste helpers” yourself:

1: Ziplock bags in different sizes and filled with dried beans or rice. Perfect to mold in shape. These are especially great if you need to dry larger items, like long leafs ect. Remember to give the bag a light dusting of cornstarch to prevent the gum paste from sticking to the ziplock bag.

2: Appel foam trays or other types of fruit trays from your local grocery (well cleaned of course) are also good to use when drying wired flower petals.

3: A long wooden dowel or broomstick placed between a pair of chairs, are a good place to hang your wired flowers or bow loops to dry in perfect shape.

You are welcome to share if you have a good tip on what you use.

Happy Caking!