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I have made more Minnie Mouse bows over the years than I could ever count and I’m always asked how I do them and today I want to share with you how to make a Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Bow Topper.

It does take a few steps but they’re not hard to make and in the end – everybody loves them! So let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White gum paste
  • Pink fondant (or gum paste)
  • Small Rolling Pin and mat
  • Shortening
  • Water or sugar glue
  • small paint brush
  • Small pastry wheel
  • Xacto knife or scalpel
  • Ribbon Cutter
  • Mini Circle Cutter or punch/plunger
  • Two bubble tea straws or dowel rods (not pictured)
  • 1

    Step 1

    Roll out the white gum paste and then cut it into a rectangle using your pastry wheel and a ruler (if you need to). The size can vary depending on how big of a bow you need, but for this bow, it was 9″ long by 3″ wide.


    Step 2

    Now it’s time to add polka dots!! I like to use shortening to adhere the dots to the gum paste. I brush down the entire surface with a very thin layer, then use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. Shortening is not as messy as sugar glue or water, but those would work too if you prefer.


    Step 3

    Roll out your pink fondant or gum paste, then cut out lots of tiny circles and lay them on your gum paste. I tried to keep mine pretty evenly spaced but they don’t need to be in a perfect pattern.I love using a circle plunger/cutter because it makes the polka dots so easy, but you could also use a mini circle cutter or even the end of a frosting tip to cut the circles. Also, you can make them as big or as small as you want. These were just under half an inch.


    Step 4

    Once the dots are in place, flip the white over and cut it into a rectangle. You can make the bow as big or small as you want but mine was 9″ long and 3 wide.


    Step 5

    Now using water or sugar glue, paint then ends of the rectangle, then fold and pinch the ends together for what will be the center of the bow.


    Step 6

    Flip the bow over then fold the ends together. (oops – one of my dots popped off!)


    Step 7

    Now use your fingers to pinch the back of the bow down to match the front. The gum paste should still be pliable so you can manipulate it without cracking. Once you have it shaped, flip it back over.


    Step 8

    Using some of the gum paste you trimmed when you cut the rectangle, cut out 2 smaller rectangles to add the knot at the center of the bow. These need to be around 3″ long and about half an inch wide. I cut two, then layer them together and wrap them around the center of the bow:


    Step 9

    Use a little sugar glue to secure the knot on the back then use bubble tea straws or dowel rods to shape the loops while it dries. I like to put straws through the loops, then stand it up to dry because that’s how it’ll be on the cake.


    Step 10

    Let the bow dry overnight or at least 12 hours, then slide the straws out and it’s ready to go! I use melted white chocolate to secure mine to the cake!!

    And you’re all set – a super cute Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Cake Topper Bow! If you’d like to know how to make the Minnie ears, I also have a tutorial for that here on Rose Bakes.

    If you have any questions, leave me a comment!Happy Caking!!Rose