How to make Minecraft Creeper Cake Pops

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Minecraft is a popular video game about breaking and building with blocks. Players can make structures to protect against nocturnal monsters like creepers. They can also work together to build creative worlds.Today we are exploring the creative world of baking Minecraft cake. 

It’s not just any plain Minecraft cake, these are Minecraft cake pops! It’s is a top birthday party theme at the moment, so this tutorial will teach you how to make quick, easy creeper cake pops for your get together. These Minecraft Cake Pops will definitely be a hit at your Minecraft themed party! These Minecraft Cake Pops will definitely be a hit at your Minecraft themed party!

This cake pop tutorial is so easy, and if you’re not exactly a Minecraft enthusiast, you can use the same methods we did in the recipe to achieve a desired cake pop design. You can cut out a different template (you’ll see in a moment what I’m referring to) to suit your desired end result for the cake pop.

There are two secrets that make these cake pops quick and easy. One of them is the Wilton Bite-Size Brownie Squares Silicone Mold. This mold has two dozen 1.5” squares which are perfect for forming cake pops! I found it in the baking aisle of my local craft store.

For detailed instructions to make successful cake pops, refer to my previous post: Cake Pops 101: Tips & Tricks. After you bake the cake and roll the balls, press them into the cavities of the Wilton mold. Refrigerate them in the mold for at least two hours, up to overnight. I highly stress using chilled cake balls for the cake pops. 

It’s nearly impossible to make any type of cake pop without have the cake balls chilled. They’ll fall right off the stick when dipping them in the chocolate, no matter how thin the chocolate is.

To decorate the cake pops, you will need:

  • Chilled cake squares
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Green candy color
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Candy melts (I use Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping & Enrobing Formula)
  • Wilton Black Color Mist Spray
  • Cake pop holder or foam block
  • Creeper face template


Step 1

This brings me to the second secret of these quick cake pops: the creeper face template. Find a piece of thin cardboard, draw a creeper face on it, and use an Xacto knife to cut it out. This will help speed the decorating process greatly!


Step 2

Once your cake pops are chilled turn them out onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet. The bottom of the squares will have a smooth surface so they should face up. Place them in the freezer to continue firming while you prepare the chocolate.


Step 3

Follow the package instructions to melt your chocolate. The brand I like is a very thin dipping chocolate. It melts to a silky smooth consistency for easy dipping. Chilling the cake balls and using this chocolate ensure that I never have a cake ball fall off the stick.


Step 4

Use a toothpick to add some candy color to the melted chocolate and stir until green.


Step 5

Dip your lollipop stick into the melted chocolate about one inch. Then, push the chocolate-covered end of the stick into the middle of the cake square. The chocolate on the lollipop stick will function like glue, ensuring the cake pop doesn’t fall off the stick. 

If you dip the stick in chocolate and make sure they’re chilled you shouldn’t run into this problem,The biggest problem people run into when making cake pops is that the cake ball tends to fall off the stick when dipping them in chocolate. If you dip the stick in chocolate and make sure they’re chilled when dipping them in the chocolate, you shouldn’t run into this problem. If you are experiencing this issue, try sticking your cake balls in the freezer for a little longer.If your Minecraft cake pops are falling off the stick, another issue you might be having is that your chocolate is too thick and won’t coat the cake pop entirely. You can add edible wax to the chocolate to thin it out. The wax doesn’t take any of the flavors away and it doesn’t add anything flavor either. The edible wax will just make the chocolate coating thinner and even.Dip your cake pop straight down into the chocolate until it is submerged and the melted chocolate touches the stick. Hold it sideways over the bowl as it drips.


Step 6

Work quickly taking the squares one at a time from the freezer to the melted chocolate. Again, you want to make sure the cake pops are chilled when you are about to dip them in the chocolate. If they’re warm or room temperature, this step will be very hard for you to do. Place each pop upright in the cake pop holder while they dry. If a cake pop cracks, you can re-dip it to hide the crack.


Step 7

Now to add the creeper faces! I spread out a garbage bag on my counter to protect it. It’s also a good idea to protect your hands with cooking-safe, plastic gloves. Hold the template flat on the surface of the chocolate-dipped cake pop and evenly spray the black color mist.


Step 8

When you lift the template, the face pattern remains.

Continue these steps, occasionally blotting your template dry with a clean paper towel.

When the faces are done, you can fix any mistakes with a clean Q-tip and vodka. It effectively cleans off any color mist mistakes and quickly evaporates.


Step 9

I tied black polka dotted ribbon to each stick to dress them up. I stored these pops in a lined cardboard cake box overnight and served them the next day. The faces stay slightly tacky to the touch so I don’t recommend stacking them. When serving the Minecraft cake pops, you can use a cake pop stand to display them nicely. You can purchase a round cake pop stand or a square cake pop display.

Occasions for Minecraft Cake Pops

These Minecraft Cake Pops are perfect treats for the following occasions:

  • Kid’s Birthday Party
  • End-of-the-year school party
  • Bachelor Party (if you’re REALLY into Minecraft)

I hope the Minecraft enthusiasts at your next party enjoy these treats!Happy caking!Renée


  1. Yummy! Was it your own idea? I’ll cook this cake-pops for my little fan of minecraft)

    And are you tried to make a minecraft costume? It is very interesting! You can easily find manuals on the Internet, and you can take ideas

  2. Hello! I’m going to try these and also use the chocolate you recommend. I have a Wilton Melting Pot that I normally use with my Wilton candy melts. It’s just a silicone pot that sits in a warmer. Do you think it would be ok to use the chocolate you recommend with my melting pot? Thanks on advance!

  3. Hello wondering if you put the cake box in the freezer or left them out after they were made. We live in very warm weather so would it be best to keep them chilled until its time to hand out?

  4. Hi, I live in Alaska where it is very expensive to ship the Chocoley products. Do you recommend any other dipping chocolates?

  5. My nephew is right into Minecraft,so these are on the menu for us to make during the upcoming school holidays. I have already done up the shopping list of what we will need to make them. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I made these and I just wanted to share my experience. I do not recommend attempting to use Wilton Candy Melts or Almond bark. These do not melt thin enough, even if you add oil or shortening. Also, you must use an oil based colorant, which may not be easy to find. It was not available in any store. Finally, if you use Candy melts or almond bark, you cannot use the color mist spray, it will not work on an oil based candy. Also, I recommend filling the brownie cups all the way up, otherwise the candy sticks are almost too thin to support the candy coated cake ball. Having said all that, I consider this attempt a success and I don’t think the kids in my son’s class we care that they aren’t perfect.

    • Hi Mel. Thanks for sharing your experience. With this project, like most baking projects, it is the little details that count. If you read the cake Pops 101: Tips & Tricks post that I link back to, it covers all of the point you made. I would never recommend Wilton chocolate. That’s why I recommend a specific brand that melts very thin in the post. It makes all the difference. The post I link back to also explains about using oil based colors and why. These are readily available at any craft store that has a baking aisle (Michaels, AC Moore, Walmart, etc). They are also available online. The Wilton color mist worked great on the brand of chocolate that I recommend which was colored with oil based colors. I noted how to store them to avoid smudging. And yes, of course you should fill the mold cavities completely as I showed in my photos so you have enough surface area to get a good hold with your lollipop stick. Thanks for reiterating all of these points. The details really make a difference! 🙂

  7. Annette, she mentioned she uses Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping & Enrobing Formula and colors the chocolate to whatever color she needs 🙂

    These are super cute AND easy. Love the idea 🙂

    • Thanks Trisha. Yes, there is a link to the Chocoley chocolate that I use right in the blog post. I love how thin it melts. I hope it works well for you, too 🙂

  8. Thank you for the great tutorial, Renee. Can you please share which brand of melting chocolate you use? I’m having a difficult time finding a good quality chocolate that melts thinly and easily. Thank you again! 🙂

    • Thanks Annette! I like Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping & Enrobing Formula because it melts very thin. I buy it online.


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