I am back with the second design for a sweet and easy Easter cake. I have used a fondant covered cake board this time. Instead of a styrofoam fondant covered cake dummy this time. I hope, that you can visualize the design on a “real cake”? The lettering is the same as I used in the Easter cake part 1 tutorial. A smaller sized cake (6″/8″) can be used, but there may not be enough space for the “Happy Easter” lettering on the cake. Also you may need to use a smaller egg cutter too. Use the colors, that you like the best, for this project.

This is what I use:
10″ Fondant covered cake
Clear pipin gel + brush
Ribbon for the cake
Fmm Funky Alphabet & Numbers + Funky Alphabet lower case set. Other types of lettering can be used instead
Petunia flower cutter (You can also use a 5 petal flower, Primrose and Daisy instead of the Petunia flower if you like
Optional: 5 petal flower veiner
Strip cutter 180x5mm (Jem) or Multi ribbon cutter (FMM)
Rolled fondant (white)
Gum paste (white)
Food gel colors
Large egg cookie cutter about 5″ high
Edible glue + brush
Small rolling pin
Small knife
Cornstarch for dusting
Small paint palette
Edible sugar pearls

Step 1:
Attach a ribbon around the cake. Please see my ribbon tutorial on how to attach the ribbon on the cake.

Step 2:
Next dust your work board with cornstarch and roll out (in the size of a dinner plate) some of the white gum paste very thinly. Set a side and let it dry for 15 minutes. Dust the gum paste with cornstarch and cut out strips of fondant wide enough to cut out the Funky letters. Take one strip at a time. Press down the tappits and remove any excess gum paste. The letters should release easy if you tap the cutter on to your work board. A needle can be helpful, if it won’t release. Cut out 2 letters of each in case of breakage. Set a side to dry.

Step 3:
Roll out some white fondant and cut out the egg with the egg cookie cutter. Set a side while you color the fondant for the fondant strips. Roll it out thinly on a cornstarch dusted work board. Use a strip cutter and cut out fondant strips for the egg.

Step 4:
Brush a little glue on the back of the fondant strips and place them slightly curved on the Easter egg. Glue a fondant flower in the middle of the egg.

Step 5:
Cut off excess fondant with a small knife. Brush a little glue in the center of the flower and add a few sugar pearls to the flower.

Step 6:
Brush with glue and place the fondant egg in the center of the cake.

Step 6:
Place the funky letters on the cake: When they are in the right place turn one letter at a time and brush with a tiny amount of edible glue. Turn over and attach to the cake.

Happy Caking!